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  1. Feels like 30 years at the moment an all
  2. Got back Saturday morning, quick shower and then off to anfield
  3. We got the ferry from Hull and train down via Brussels, what a few days
  4. Err that's my flag and 2nd in, never seen that photo before
  5. Saw him in Wakey on Friday night, was superb
  6. Last time we played them in a pre season we lost Carlton for 3 matches for getting a red
  7. Im on that train to Wakefield as well and as someone else said you could walk it in that time
  8. If we are talking random ones, in 91 had 2 beer monster types with scruffy clothes from Port Vale in the old lower south towards the away end. They were both about 50 plus and could hardly stand up.
  9. Making his account private probably says all you need to know. The type of article which only gets written after retirement or moving clubs. Amazing the stories coming out when we turn a corner, makes you wonder!
  10. I may be making this up but I think you can choose certain fixtures so if you want to start or end at home you dont get to choose bank holidays
  11. Keep the Rev and Milburn what have we got to do with chuffing simple minds
  12. So Bruce a no but an employed premiership manager yes, ok
  13. I wonder who the events manager at the Uni supports?
  14. Such sad news my condolences to you and your family
  15. Will go on to get promotion, its the Wednesday way
  16. Am I a massive fan of his but he stood in front in the north stand last night and literally didnt move more than 10 m for about 5 mins. He just didn't want the ball.
  17. He did ok so for this league he was fantastic
  18. I picked up an Offical poppy and Wednesday badge from Sainsburys before the match on Saturday (they also had one with some pork on an all)
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