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  1. 7 hours ago, S25OWL said:

    Has to be the old den in 91 - concrete blocks thrown at the buses from the railway bridge - what a game 4-4 but when we went 4-3 up the barrage of coins, spitting and abuse at us in the triangle was unbelievable - never been happier for them to get a 4th and draw - otherwise I think it might have been fear of our lives getting out there 😱




    I'm on the fence for the fourth. Had a Millwall fan come up to the fence and flashed a massive knife at that match. 


    Man U in 94 was bedlam and

    Derby when the Police charged on horses 

  2. 4 hours ago, alanharper said:


    3121 - I was there! It wasn't a bad away following, about half the crowd must have been on the away terrace. 


    Midweek game around 1991/92, awful game and we lost Think they "beat" that and got 1 or 2 even lower attendances though. 

    I went as well and I think we took over 1k and yep overtaken by the Everton match I think

  3. 1 hour ago, Animis said:


    That was the day they threw the TV off the flats onto the escort on the way to the ground - the daft Geordies...


    Derby 89/90 - full on riot - SYP mounted police charging our fans outside.

    WBA - after our late show - their fans on the bus back to Handsworth

    Preston 91/92 cup match outside the ground, essentially their fans charging up the street outside smacking anyone walking down

    Mate got smashed in the face in a chippy at Preston that year

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