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  1. I'd made 2 separate orders but only received one
  2. There can't be another club with such a musical talent as Wednesday and we don't make nearly enough of it
  3. I'm on the fence for the fourth. Had a Millwall fan come up to the fence and flashed a massive knife at that match. Man U in 94 was bedlam and Derby when the Police charged on horses
  4. Was stood back watching that happen at the time and there was genuine hope. Not cringeworthy for me thought it was brilliant at the time.
  5. Number 9 could fetch £100 plus easily
  6. From the current 92 done 73, done over 125 in total, was mightily feed up at missing Shrewsbury again
  7. Back in the day it was the only chant from the North Stand. If I remember right a bloke in the middle used to stand up and sing it, think he had a tache
  8. I went as well and I think we took over 1k and yep overtaken by the Everton match I think
  9. Wonder how many moaning about the prices get their clothes from their Mrs
  10. He was a pig But now he's alright Repeat x12132
  11. I got it last year for a quid a month, bargain
  12. Sold out the others which are now coloured out. They opened the last 2 areas on either side. I think
  13. It always used to kick off at Derby in the 90s and no one has mentioned Old Trafford yet in the infamous Cup game
  14. Mate got smashed in the face in a chippy at Preston that year
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