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  1. Wonder how many moaning about the prices get their clothes from their Mrs
  2. He was a pig But now he's alright Repeat x12132
  3. I got it last year for a quid a month, bargain
  4. Sold out the others which are now coloured out. They opened the last 2 areas on either side. I think
  5. It always used to kick off at Derby in the 90s and no one has mentioned Old Trafford yet in the infamous Cup game
  6. Mate got smashed in the face in a chippy at Preston that year
  7. I bought a 3 year one, one season with a quarter of matches missing, one season with all matches missing and one season in league one. Doesn't go down as my best ever purchase
  8. Same i couldn't afford Germany as well straight away at the time so was going to go to the next one, still waiting
  9. Remember standing outside that bar near the ground as fruit gum after fruit gum passed by, loads lining the road singing at the coaches. Great times
  10. Feels like 30 years at the moment an all
  11. Got back Saturday morning, quick shower and then off to anfield
  12. We got the ferry from Hull and train down via Brussels, what a few days
  13. Err that's my flag and 2nd in, never seen that photo before
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