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  1. Was it Over the Line?

    The ref pointed to his watch to indicate it didn't go in. Either that or checking his apple watch that the money had gone in to his account
  2. Rate jos so far?

    He's no Alan Pardew or Chris Coleman
  3. Swansea replay ticket allocation

    An Owlstalk coach would be in flames by the time it hits woodall
  4. A manager who is willing to listen and get feedback to improve the situation. No ego just improvement brilliant stuff
  5. 5 minutes

    How long was Jones down for a Barnsley and we had 3 mins. No trainers on and we get 5 mins. Bizarre.
  6. Clare and Thorniley

    Noticed as soon as Thorniley came on he starting shouting at players around him, real confidence from a young lad, love it
  7. An old mini cooper with the wood panelling, a sense of wonderment at the size of the north stand and throwing snowballs at Pat Jennings. All memories from my first match which came flooding back when my dad said you can go on the train to watch a match on your own. Was 11 by then and the rest is all misery. Can't imagine letting my kid travel 20 miles by train at 11 but that was the 80s for you
  8. Todays red cards

    Notice the black arm bands for Paul Alcock and Wednesday get 2 sent off. Coincidence or deliberate?
  9. New PA bloke.

    Bit where he says back come YOUR Sheffield Wednesday grates
  10. David Pleat

    I heard the commentary and he named every bird under the sun except Owls and Sam Fox
  11. When did owls become pigs

    Im surprised nether club fans have taken the term and used it as a positive and owned the term.
  12. Christ how much to buy that size £8500?
  13. Marco Matias Goal Celebration

    In fairness that was a highlight in watching together over the last 30 years
  14. Marco Matias Goal Celebration

    My mate turned to me and said I didnt know we were playing Real Madrid