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  1. NormOwl

    70's Owls T-shirt

    Really like both of them
  2. Isn't part of being a club that they are all together from kids to senior players, learning and developing as one
  3. NormOwl

    Bannan - with and without

    He doesn't always have the best of games but he always makes us tick. Keep him fit and he wont be far off next season
  4. NormOwl

    who went to this game?

    I went to that one
  5. NormOwl


    If fit, big if, 3 center halfs in Fred Tom and Sam would be some line up
  6. Why arent kids allowed in pre match? Cheers
  7. Change the stripe on the third kit to purple and I'm in
  8. Didn't they reduce our allocation last time due to fans not sitting down. Pretty sure that end holds 4,000 away fans unless we have been moved again
  9. It will be fun at Normanton station, me verus 600
  10. Barry Bannan has just called all this cant play rubbish as errr rubbish
  11. NormOwl

    Swansea tickets

    3 days ago they said 730
  12. NormOwl

    Was it Over the Line?

    The ref pointed to his watch to indicate it didn't go in. Either that or checking his apple watch that the money had gone in to his account
  13. NormOwl

    Rate jos so far?

    He's no Alan Pardew or Chris Coleman
  14. NormOwl

    Swansea replay ticket allocation

    An Owlstalk coach would be in flames by the time it hits woodall