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  1. He might want to sell us on the outcome of that. The chansiri family are loaded with money but he's a bit naive. Milan run us well and wish he had money DC has got
  2. Is worst case scenario 12pt deduction. It should be a fine as it's the paying fans who suffer too The EFL don't give a fk and killed bury and they'll probably do it again to a club
  3. Good old Wednesday fk ing it up right till the end.
  4. Some good players out there in squads who not getting game time . Vydra still only 27 years old
  5. Has someone hacked sob account as he's never like this.or was it him what missed out on hendos in other thread and still angry
  6. Apparently the bottle couldn't leave via the leppings lane end.
  7. 1 got a pie and took last hendos. Went nasty then.
  8. Going away with Scotland can't do any player any good. He's a bit naive at times but needs to learn.
  9. I don't think we have either, but that type of player would be good who scores.
  10. We can't really ask him to play up front to make up for his errors can we
  11. Get warhurst back he frightened defenders to death.
  12. Our strikers can learn a lot when James Beattie comes in.
  13. Be nice if we can offload Rhodes and winnall as it looks like their time is finished at Wednesday, be a big saving on wages too.
  14. I think monk will be looking for 1 to come in but question is who. Do we go for a loan from a premier league club, or buy someone from this league who is proven Difficult decision ahead for monk
  15. Needs to be wired up to electric chair with inhaler stuck up his arse
  16. Same old Wednesday snatching defeat from jaws of victory to33ers
  17. I gave them up before even tried them.
  18. Put stay of the drugs too in diary.
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