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  1. Wish sky would go bust. Fk bale fk grealish
  2. Been a long difficult time but I'm back. Thank you love x
  3. We may be down at the moment but certainly not out.the fightback started today hopefully.
  4. well done Wednesday you certainly made this girl smile today. Great result against a team who will be up there come end of season
  5. Thank you love and much appreciated but know you know me love
  6. Not bothered about them going. Hutch won't be fit enough to play and Fernando will refuse to get on coach...
  7. Any idea on when the outcome of our appeal will be announced. Been away for 4 months so not really clued up.
  8. hopefully not long now till sense of humour returns and back to being me
  9. Thank you love and your words are very much appreciated x Yes I've been to Hell, can you blame them for not wanting a gobby cow like me
  10. Thank you everyone for the messages and I'll to reply to each of you tomorrow. I'm going to turn in for night as the amount of meds I'm on make me sleepy at the moment.
  11. Thank you Neil and it has been hell at times.hopefully the road ahead is going to be a lot better, I'll probably still have blips but fingers crossed not like the one I've just had x
  12. Thank you wily and I hope to stay back x
  13. Thank you its good to be back and something to focus on. X
  14. firstly can I thank everyone for your support and wishes throughout a very difficult and dark time. Its been difficult and have thought about ending my life to get away from the pain.i was i Halifax hospital to start the process of recovery and the process of the process of recovery. I'm on numerous meds now and injection I'm not 100% yet and I don't think I ever will be as ive suffered this for years. Its baby steps at the moment but glad to be back and with my friends again on here.once again I can't thank you all enough for being there for me. All my love Joanne xx
  15. Simek was good, especially on overlap to get the cross into the box
  16. Taking cup to players house. So plastic Hate that club
  17. Sometimes you have to play dirty in football, its a business to owners but do it the right way and not let little local businesses who put money in suffer. Btw Ken bates is a conker No I didn't say conker, I said c u n t
  18. Do you work for premier league and EFL
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