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  1. Hey Tinks home at last, make sure you are well spoiled. Love Nev  

  2. Simek was good, especially on overlap to get the cross into the box
  3. Taking cup to players house. So plastic Hate that club
  4. Sometimes you have to play dirty in football, its a business to owners but do it the right way and not let little local businesses who put money in suffer. Btw Ken bates is a conker No I didn't say conker, I said c u n t
  5. Do you work for premier league and EFL
  6. Mental health is a real bstd at times and suffer from it myself. You can feel like you won the world cup 1 minute, then feel like the bottom of your world has fell apart the next
  7. Was it his brother what got arrested for killing someone by dangerous driving.
  8. Them 2 goals against Manchester United at home.lovely
  9. Don't know why EFL should listen to a club who's fans have got more fingers than the club has points.
  10. Can't remember the crash, but we certainly had a good player for 800k I think it was from forest
  11. Last 1 I heard was hosted by julian Warren of sky sports news now.grant holt has just put Wednesday a head at Brighton. Think it was last game of season and we went down
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