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  1. Tbh I don't think he needs to be ratted to post crap, most of non alcohol posts are crap.
  2. Idiot and you only just qualified for that honor. Thread didn't quite go how you wanted it to did it.
  3. Pelupessy is that poor he makes potter look like zidane.
  4. Yep,shut it down and delete We laughed at enough already by scrubbers
  5. And here he come mr stalker. When I post about a player coming it happens Do 1
  6. Thread wants deleting as it just gives them dirty scrubbers more to laugh at us.
  7. For lock stock and barrel. 100 million +
  8. Read between lines she's saying. 99% not a true rumour Rumour could have turned into fact its true he wants club Ok I'm straw clutching but it's all we have right now
  9. 60 million for stadium Millinium stadium only cost 110 million and it's nearly brand new.and better
  10. That is certain. But how did he pass the fit and proper ownership test by the EFL
  11. If he forces us to do a Coventry then he'll get nothing .
  12. I really do hope there's something in this takeover. Its clear DC has given up on his toy
  13. Time to go, the club is in disarray and he's on a rollercoaster in Disneyland. Great leadership that
  14. Lees palmer and odubajo I'd make available for transfer
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