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  1. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    All of them. especially the winners.
  2. Bet some are already on his family tree looking for the slightest link.
  3. Jordan Rhodes

    Time to shine on Sunday even if it's from the bench. You've had that much hammer from scrubbers about the penalty incident and no goals.go out on Sunday and ram it down their pig throats with the winner.
  4. If that happens then I'll find the biggest bottle of wine I can for Sunday night.
  5. You not telling me that them who think we'll hammer them isn't ott a little. I think it will be a tight game settled by the odd goal
  6. Nope. I'm just not going ott that it's an easy game like some are thinking.
  7. Hope team don't on Sunday or we could be in trouble.
  8. You sure.bit strange if we did as we always kick to kop in 2nd half.
  9. When was last time Wednesday won t o s s and kicked towards kop in 1st half.he does talk some crap at times does btb
  10. Mick mullered him.gage hid under table
  11. Well said Mick and gagegob bricked it.Giddings had to get him up from under table to answer.
  12. Come on Mick let him have it.
  13. Nice cup of tea and chocolate biscuits at ready. Mick go rip thicko gage a new 1