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  1. Swarbricks Punishment

    And me your brief
  2. Swarbricks Punishment

    Say what you mean love Just say what you mean

    Looks like the op found wilder in his room too.
  4. Swarbricks Punishment

    Bellend is not in the filters
  5. All of them with a fully fit squad and Fernando with his head in right place
  6. Trouble in the park

    When I saw thread title I thought bleedin ell it's August already and shirts not arrived
  7. Swarbricks Punishment

    Not if they please Aston villa
  8. Swarbricks Punishment

    Coote was another removed from the list of referees Must have gave Brown paper bag back
  9. Swarbricks Punishment

    Don't as it's as bent as a butcher's hook
  10. Swarbricks Punishment

    They eventually caught Darren deadman and another for bungs. Hopefully they will catch more and clean the game up
  11. Swarbricks Punishment

    And hms Wednesday destroyer ready to to sink it with immediate effect
  12. Have they done that graph on our away shirt.
  13. Snodgrass tweet

    Can I refer him to the football phone in.
  14. Hope he rings back up Monday
  15. Letter sent to FA

    As soon as they see where it's from it will get read and replied to They will be crapping it that if they don't then the next letter could contain a white substance