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  1. Really hope Boro fail now what sort of owner runs with tale about other clubs. Get ready Gibson the rest of champ clubs don't like tell tales you t o s s e r
  2. Aww gives Daleblue a hug Don't worry love I know someone who will torpedo her boat in monaco the fleecing cow
  3. I don't know why and have no inside info,but something just makes me think we will have more money to spend than we thing we have.
  4. 1st signing Westwood then hector. Just corrected my post
  5. I'd be fine with that. 1st signing should be Westwood then hector.
  6. All I'm saying is that Bruce must see something that's not going to be a permanent niggle.hopefully
  7. I'd trust Bruce with an injured player all day long over jos and Carlos.
  8. Wednesday villa and derby representatives on hearing about Gibson.
  9. Wonder if Wednesday villa and derby are on a table separate like naughty boys.
  10. Throws a cushion at A12 owl I know I know
  11. Pigs get auto Wednesday sneak in playoffs and win them Long shot but the scrubbers would be gutted beyond belief, Wilder asking mayor again for chains to wear Nar they for playoff winners If that happened the scrubbers would class this season as failure.
  12. I'm with you and don't want them scrubbers at s2 anywhere near the prem.
  13. Chelsea don't need him and hoping we can grab him for an undisclosed fee.
  14. Out of contract in summer at Chelsea.
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