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  1. How reliable is Nixon, he said in paper today Bruce would like Wednesday to lower asking price for joao Fernando and Rhodes so they can sell.
  2. If he offers vast experience then why have they let him go..
  3. Mental health issues are a tw@t,I'm on meds for it and it's a day to day struggle so my heart goes out to people whos in same boat as me x
  4. When prince wins his court date they won't have a pot to p1ss in
  5. To shut pigs down and build a Tesco on land. Unless an act of God does it for free
  6. Might be the case if this so called got more money than God wins his battle for pigs
  7. Which tbf was a mistake Ipswich wish they hadn't made in sacking him.
  8. If it was katrien what got him then you have to say well done.
  9. After getting home and seeing Brighton have sacked their manager I think Bruce could have been on their list of replacements.
  10. Would you turn real Madrid down All players go for money and to look after themself and family
  11. We did bid 3 million but sir Alex had face on and refused it because we said no to 4 million for Hirst
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