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  1. Some heavy traffic in chesterfield Player exodus started early
  2. Glenn Loovens

    I'd go along with that as we've had some good service from him Sadly time to go and a better replacement in the summer
  3. Fernando Forestieri

    She's on top wine shelf and security tagged. Definitely not smart price
  4. Glenn Loovens

    Not good enough anymore
  5. Fernando Forestieri

    Seen his wife a few times in there.
  6. Pigs moaning about last minute goals. I'd love to see how many they have got over the last 2 seasons because last season they always got the last minute obligatory penalty
  7. Fernando Forestieri

    Got to keep him in the summer as he makes us tick and missed him big time.
  8. One for the ladies

    Don't suppose you have a total naked pic of him
  9. I'd rather retire than play for that lot
  10. Giddings said they would a couple of weeks back.
  11. Michael hefele

    But better than loovens and dishes boot out when needed
  12. Michael hefele

    Some good replys and thank you Next target Daniel ayala
  13. Keiran Lee has had a babby

    That's him out for season with sleepless nights.