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  1. You look after yourself love you have to.my other half was brilliant and came to Halifax any chance he could. 1 song i played every night was waterfront by simple minds.got me to sleep and remember our team.
  2. Are you OK now love ....ill be strong as got to get back in the groove and probably upset a few
  3. I'll be here and stronger than before. I've never fought a battle like this but the tide seems to be turning. Lorazapam is a pain in ass though as it makes you want to sleep all time. Did big mick McCarthy get job while I've been away.
  4. hopefully back soon and know its wrong section, section i know that word very well now.i hope your all keeping well and looking after yourself and family. I'm on knockout meds like lorazapam etc but I want to be back posting soon. Great win for team and well done Wednesday x
  5. EFL are a bag of dog crap and not fit for purpose.
  6. probably not.but its bollx its taking this long
  7. its been over a month now .wigans got sorted day after. Think I'll be ranting soon
  8. Wish sky would go bust. Fk bale fk grealish
  9. Been a long difficult time but I'm back. Thank you love x
  10. We may be down at the moment but certainly not out.the fightback started today hopefully.
  11. well done Wednesday you certainly made this girl smile today. Great result against a team who will be up there come end of season
  12. Thank you love and much appreciated but know you know me love
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