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  1. Tbh I don't think he knows what to do. Bullen got a few good results but we've seen it before from him. Come on DC sort it out as it needs doing asap. Cowley bros ,not yet they still learning
  2. Sod football, get well soon love that's all what matters x
  3. All been on I think except salbutamol kid.hopefully his vile inhaler has choked him.
  4. Great, that's half of the show done by this pig who talks too much. Bet his wife puts a mannequin in chair when she goes to bed for something he he can talk to
  5. Would love us to have a new away end as I'm sick to back teeth of us being bashed for it. Hillsborough is not a dump,shes old and still classy and better than a pop up bowl stadium.
  6. How much do you think it will cost to make the away better, could Wednesday get a grant to help with building costs. Has anyone a picture of how it would have looked if England got the world cup we bidded for please.
  7. Think more owlstalk readers is flowing nicely.
  8. Harris ripps shirt off in playoff final with wawaw on under shirt. Warnock hugs him then realises he's Cardiff boss
  9. If you want Harris back its 30 million we start at
  10. Good 9ts points from 4 games some sterner tests to come yet as the 3 we beaten will end up in bottom 8 You can only beat what's in front of you though and it's a good start and keep it going. Let's keep our feet on the floor and keep the feel good factor going
  11. Harris,what a free transfer he could turn out to be
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