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  1. @ANDY and @darklord ive had my flupenpixel upped 2ml and amazing just what a little more can do.im going to call it a night now a head off to bed and love you all..but in the words of big arnie.
  2. and hope you are all well .I hope non of you have to go through what I've been through this year. Hopefully see you all soon in new year and stay safe xx
  3. This week just gets better and better. Covid19 vaccine and monk gone.
  4. Monk needs to go he ain't got a clue. 5 jobs in 5 years says it all. Sack him
  5. Warnock would get us out of this and want to push on.dont care if he's a blade .
  6. Moses. The only thing he parts is our defence for other team Pelupessy. Jeez he is crap and should have gone in summer
  7. Its like early 2000s again with Kim Olsen up front etc
  8. its time to address the situation of the management and your own involvement with the club. Monk is a poor manager and needs to go immediately as its failing and badly. You did well dc to start with and Wembley was great but from there its been going down hill and fast.if you don't want be involved anymore then fine we thank you for trying and having a go at it. Please don't let this once proud club slip into league one as its a long way back from that league.
  9. Some good questions asked by Mike.chansiri needs to be actively looking for a new owner and I hope he is.
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