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  1. If dc has got it right and hopefully he he has,we'll giving the fk off to EFL and what they deserve .
  2. I just hope DC and his legal team have got this right and nail EFL to the wall
  3. Then transferred to northern general hospital, apparently they still there as a relic.
  4. I know But just worried about how they could destroy a great season
  5. He has definitely, it's what EFL might do to us I'm worried about and totally destroy the season and team morale.
  6. Not writing him off but dawson has the shirt to lose or injured
  7. Fabulous win today, just wish we didn't have this FFP hanging over us.hopefully dc has got his legal eagles to shut the EFL up.
  8. No way back for Westwood unless dawson gets injured, he's certainly getting better game by game.
  9. Hopefully the rebirth of Jordan Rhodes today
  10. Traffic is bad in Nottingham apparently been some major Rhodes work today
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