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  1. I didn't want to quote just you, but wanted to quote Kivo as well, the two posters I've read on here who saw everything that's happening now. We lifted up our football knickers for a bit of cash and now we're accepting all the diseases that came with that proposition. And I was one of them. It was fine to go to Wembley. We were on our way, on our way. And now we're shuffling around and heading head right straight into League 1, like the Greek flipping tragedy we are. Careful for what we wished for, because we've been left so far behind our horrible neighbours are taking the wee wee out of us so much at the minute I have to turn my phone off at 4pm every Saturday . If this were Dave Allen we'd be wetting ourselves in angry aggression, but no, we're happy with Chansiri, and don't offend him, for heaven's sake, he's just doing it for us. By charging us £55. And making it so expensive to go I can't afford it. And changing the stripes. And the badge . We're in a world of pain. We've been hit before but this feels different.
  2. Is that the same John Sheridan who used to get boo'd by our fans when he missed a penalty and some of the subsequent games as well? Weird that isn't it. Players making a mistake, fans getting on their back, then become legends. Maybe one day the fans will learn their lesson.
  3. Every club are investing in temporary solutions. That's the stat, it's not just us. We aren't allowed to invest any money, but you're suggesting in those circumstances we should be spending more on long term investments. Crazy. And there's no irony in my post. You're clearly ranting about stuff you don't really understand.
  4. Give over. A manager with a bigger reputation than the club itself. Our reputation for most alive today is based on a brief period between 1990 and 1994 when we were amazing. I've got a nephew who's 20 this year and never seen us in the premiership. Maybe if the fans weren't so entitled now and lowered expectations that we might play football like we did 29 years ago then we might get behind the team and who knows what might happen. Basically, we're the football fan version of Boomers. Ok?
  5. Haha! That really ruined me though, I'd been calling to play it out and how disgusting Millwall were for ignoring possible concussion, and then in an instant I was shouting at Bannan to go, ignore the injury, it's only his head, don't worry about it...
  6. Every team loans players now. They're even paying loan fees for temporary players which takes this argument far down a mental cul-de-sac.
  7. Fair point, this might not have been started, but then most of the threads here wouldn't either. The referee was absolute haddock though. Point for me was where our player went down with a head injury, he let Millwall play on, we got the ball and he then thought about blowing the whistle before Forestieri saved him by kicking it out.
  8. That's not the thread title though is it.
  9. Absolute nonsense. Out of 23 deals yesterday where the championship club was the recipient of the player, 18 were loan deals. The other five were free or undisclosed. Don't let that stand in the way though, you rant away, it's not as if we're already in a precarious spending position.
  10. I only open opened this to complain about your title grammar, but it turns out after reading your post everything is good here. Carry on.
  11. People will say it's too early. People will say it's premature. Losers. Let's keep this going.
  12. You know what? What a brilliant post to bring out the worst in everyone. Bye.
  13. Well no, people get annoyed when it's illegal
  14. As long as we can euthanise him and not euthanize him.
  15. You tell me what you think freedom of speech is, and I'll tell you why you're wrong.
  16. Would you rather be Steve Bruces nose for a year, or Steve Bruce's pants for life?
  17. Let's be right here, folk throwing random accusations around. However. Even if it wasn't our club, if it was another chairman standing up to that fghking oily c7nt of a person, I'd back them to the hilt. This is a man who employs people on zero hour contacts to work in his stores. I'm so proud that Chansiri is standing up to him.
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