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  1. Thanks for the update guys, hope it's up and running ok for start of season.
  2. Hi there, has anyone else had problems trying to use official club app on I phone since website update? I keep getting connection failed error Any hints or tips on how to rectify this Thanks
  3. This game is my first ever memory of going to S6. I have a vivid memory of the kop giving the qpr keeper a massive cheer when he eventually saved a shot.
  4. I'm sure Megson said in an interview that JJ would be back in full training as of yesterday.
  5. I'd be surprised if Mellor joined us now after all the issues throughout the summer. He was my first choice after his relative success last year. I don't think he will change his demands. Think we should start looking at alternative options. Think Waghorn would be a quality addition if he would come.
  6. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12876_7121396,00.html Anyone know much about this fella? Could be a possibility with milan's links to the foxes.
  7. I agree, some will say that putting in a young inexperienced goalkeeper at a time when the team is low on confidence could be a train wreck waiting to happen. But it may well instil some passion. From what I can remember of the MK Dons away match, I thought Jameson did himself proud and maybe should have been given the opportunity to play the following match.
  8. Yes they are running one out of the 'baggin' for the MK Dons trip.
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