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  1. hes only started 2 or 3 games hasnt he? scored 1 goal. What ppl expecting? to be best on pitch and scoring every game?
  2. Our best football under Carlos was when nuhui played. Forestieri was on wing and Hooper up front. Then I remember we dropped him and put forestieri up front and our performances dipped. Started playing more negative and hoping to Nick a goal
  3. Attacking football? Only against Notts county. You watched them in premier league? 1 shot was it against Leicester?
  4. It shows too that the best spell we've had under Carlos, was when big dave was up top with Hooper and ff played on left
  5. Was I seeing things last night? He was in real madrid kit holding the champions league trophy with Ronaldo. Or maybe I'd drank too much
  6. Wasn't kenwyn released or has he signed for someone else now?
  7. Anyone of any coaches going from s20/s13 or surrounding areas? 1 adult n 1 child
  8. Got 2 tickets in block 530, which was sold out yesterday😁
  9. I think you click on my name and it says send a message
  10. Really hope so, I've a feeling they'll be loads with 10 or 20pts waiting to pounce
  11. Anyone got a spare id numbers with at least 20 points? I've 60 on mine, but only 10 on my son's even though he been to same games. I'm worried it'll be gone before the 10pt deadline
  12. Used your link farlego. https://t.livingsocial.com/deals/1289552?ref=share-deal_pur_proc_email-copy_box-web-deals&rpi=175885248&rui=144824703
  13. No Hirst or Waddle both injured I heard. Palmer still looked about 20 and quite clumsey. Matt Hamshaw was probably the best I thought.
  14. http://t.livingsocial.com/deals/603800?ref=email-jp&rpi=104205734&rui=144824703 Pretty please :-)
  15. I think u shouldve posted it in the bvllshit thread then no 1 wouldve thought anything of it
  16. Miss south Yorkshire in a Wednesday kit n tracksuit is what my spidey sensors are telling me
  17. Is he the 1 who's always screaming every time jj gets the ball? Because I'm 1 of the 12
  18. Got a £1e/w accumalator on chelsea,qpr,owls and chessie lookss a bit iffy now but just sshort of 1.5k if it comess in
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