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  1. s.armo


    Twice the player than Nuhiu will ever be. For me it's who plays along side him
  2. s.armo


    Couldn't get it going until 52 minutes then a good picture on the ipad but just crowd noise never again pile of crap and that's not only ifollow but our performance
  3. s.armo

    Embargo and the new keeper

    Ask the same question about big dave and Pudil
  4. s.armo


    Played well sat and last night clever player will only get better if he gets game time instead of big bad Dave
  5. s.armo


    No idea how many are sold tickets are sold in the students union
  6. s.armo


    I think last season pigs were £7 99 with food or drink ours were £15 match ticket only as a neutral which is more value.
  7. s.armo


    I work at the University of Sheffield and we do cheap tickets for students .The trouble is ours are twice the price than the pigs and they do ticket plus food or drink. We are missing a good casual support here.
  8. No reductions for over 60s only over 65s. Pigs give reduction for over 60s
  9. s.armo

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    What the feck has Abdi got to do with this conversation. If he was in a normal job he would have been to occupational health and on his past record dismissed by now.
  10. s.armo

    No wonder Radio Sheffield don't like us

    I wouldn't take a 10% cut in my wages ,will the BBC give us a 10% reduction on our tv licence I doubt it tell em to shove it Wednesday. Well done
  11. s.armo

    Adam Reach

    I agree with Guru if we were offered good money he can be replaced.
  12. s.armo

    Saturday forward line

    Dave as been awful in the friendly's I have pre season back to his old self.
  13. s.armo

    Saturday forward line

    Fletcher Joao Forestieri behind in a free role
  14. s.armo

    Let's back Fernando

    Best player we have by a country mile while he wears a Wednesday shirt I will back him 100% what ever he does
  15. On the kop at he Santos game with my mate .Pele shot went over the bar straight into my hands. My claim to fame.