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  1. On the kop at he Santos game with my mate .Pele shot went over the bar straight into my hands. My claim to fame.
  2. s.armo

    Big Atdhe haters

    I don't hate him just don't rate him that's all
  3. I agreed 100% with them awful manager
  4. s.armo


    Never rated him to be honest but he has been a revelation this last few weeks. Can he keep this up is the question. Look at Leon Clarke with the pigs scoring goals for fun earlier in the season then dried up except for a deflection against Cardiff the other night. He is back to his normal crap self. Could this happen with Nuhiu who knows but he has never produced this form in all the time he has been here is it a flash in the pan or is it Jos managing him differently
  5. s.armo

    RIP Steve Lee

    RIP Steve top bloke worked with him and knew him 45 years or more condolences to all of his family
  6. From watching the 66 cup final though I had been with my dad to a few games before that. That day I cried and been hooked ever since. Had a season ticket in the early 70s then went working abroad,but had one since 78/79 season and got one for another 6 years WTID.
  7. Got a year to go and now bought a 5 year one
  8. s.armo

    This Survey

    Just got back off holiday season ticket holder where did the survey get sent to. I haven't had anything.
  9. s.armo


    A bit too nesh for me too
  10. Which manager signed JJ
  11. s.armo


    I think that if you were a neutral and read the correct facts you would support the miners. Not the coppers from down south taking wee wee earning a fortune and showing their wage slips to the pickets. The local police were on the miners side friends and living along side of the miners. Don't forget she had just closed and decimated the steel industry around here Done by her yank friend who she then quickly moved to close down the pits
  12. s.armo


    How old were you lot when this was happening It's ok saying the miners were sold a massive lie the Notts scabs were sold a massive lie from Thatcher I think you have read the wrong books or the Mail to get your views
  13. s.armo


    As a left wing socialist and a wednesday ite. I remember those days. You say the miners should have retrained for new jobs...where Thatcher had just closed all the steel works in this area. Where should all the shop owners pub landlords and other people working in other jobs in the mining areas go.Oh they should have moved out of the areas you may say. But the value of their homes fell with there being no work in the areas. Anyway 3 points from the scabs will do nicely fingers crossed.
  14. Agreed pal we had crap players but we didn't nesh tackles, keep passing backwards,enough to send you to sleep.
  15. I agree it's crap boring football shocking Carlos has got to go,but you should have been around in the 70s Still went home and away every week that was bad.