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  1. Voted Fletcher been fantastic for weeks+keeps big Dave out of the team
  2. How long has Palmer been with us, how many good games. We made that mistake with Nuhiu don't do it again
  3. I am the same as you last year of my 3 year season ticket and bought a 5 year one that starts next season confused.
  4. Me too I really don't understand this or am I just being thick
  5. Can I have mine and my son's back aprox £3,000 that I handed over for free to MM .I have had a season ticket for well over 40 years my son for nearly 30 years. Paid years ago to have our names on our seats. Now in the last year of my 3 year season ticket and bought last summer a 5 year ticket. Shall I buy some more shares ?????? or do I give enough to my club ?????
  6. Has Remmy gone now know he stayed on after Jos went
  7. Got one for the next 5 seasons oh dear
  8. First names on the team sheet should be FF and BB. What has Reach really done a couple of wonder goals recently. For me cant tackle cant beat a man and neshes 50 50s too much. Cash in on him if we can get good money.
  9. Nuhiu as been constantly poor for us apart from his purple patch last season. Should have been shipped out last season not given a new contract he is embarrassing to watch. He moves like a tug boat pulling a liner into dock
  10. Best player we have. If I was manager he would be who I built the team around to suit his play.
  11. Reach is not fit to lace FFs boots a couple of wonder goals doesn't do it for me sorry. I would get rid of the usual suspects not Winnall yet maybe in the summer also I would sell big Dave as soon as possible. Back to normal after his cameo stuff at the end of last season.
  12. Old guy I know 75 year old went down last week to get 2 tickets for his son and grandson who live in Australia and are coming home for the first time in years. He had proof of his address in Sheffield but because he wasn't on the data base he couldn't get them. Luckily a friend who is got him 2. But is not now going himself.Either way we lost 2 pay on the gate fans. I don't think he looks like an hooligan at 75.
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