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  1. Yes the tax will come from the big corporations who have their accounts off shore to avoid paying tax .And as for the tories raising the higher tax bracket from £50,000 to £80,000 that is a loss of 9.5 billion less into our coffers. I think there are enough businesses leaving Britain because of Brexit Why do Europeans have a different outlook to us? their public transport makes ours look 3rd world all their employees are union members. Sick pay,maternity pay.working hours and many other benefits gained over the years by unions Yes we are polar opposites
  2. I would love to take the services back that was privatised by Thatcher starting with the Railways then water gas electric ect. Coming back from Blackburn our train should have been 18 04 but was cancelled so we got back into Sheffield 22 45 nearly 5 hours to travel 63 miles disgusting .Traveling by train IN Europe is so much better and cheaper.Why do you think Unions don't care less about Britain I find that a interesting theory. As a former Branch Secretary in the TGWU we did care about our members and building a better Britain
  3. And your reason for saying Corbyn hates Britain I am left wing just like him but I am British/English and have tattoos to prove it. I am also a Republican and would never sing the national anthem for anyone.
  4. won 7-2 away against Burnley in 2003 3-1 at ht scored 4 in the second half
  5. His form as been poor this season needs putting on the bench for me
  6. The leader of the council is Julie Doors who is a wednesday fan not a bloke and is on nothing like the salary you talk about.
  7. And that is why he is a coach not a manager
  8. Reach doesn't have a tackle in him and in my opinion would be lucky to keep his place after what I saw at Reading and against the Dingles
  9. First saw Thin Lizzy early 70s city hall backing Slade
  10. If we had sold FF after the first 2 seasons we fans would have gone barmy. He is still the best player we have got as he showed with his goal against Norwich. Bruce rates him very highly . I would build the team around him only player we have who gets you off your seat.
  11. Best player we have ,hope SB gets him firing again. I wouldn't sell anyone to them snortbeast I remember Terry Curran going there broke my heart.
  12. What about young lads or lasses going with mates will they have card I doubt it. I was going with mates from about 11 years old or even younger.We will certainly lose money. Card and cash should be taken.
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