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  1. It's depressing how uninterested I am with Chansiri FC.
  2. My biggest gripe with society. My ex would be on her phone all the time, once took it off her and hid it. Nobber 31 btw
  3. Yeah I know, a poll of confidence, I would like him to sell to be honest, but the grass isn't always greener
  4. It was just an idea to get the general mood of owlstalkers, after reading more comments, I agree I don't think its necessary.
  5. I don't like to slag players off, but Butterfield is truly an awful footballer
  6. Sadly i cant afford £455 at the moment but I would have stretched myself to get a season ticket if it was £330, very reasonable price.
  7. Great omdt thank you! Got a bad feeling about today, so going 0-3 Rhodes x3
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