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  1. After we sack him who do we go after next? Or the one after that? Bit of a pattern going on at this club. Maybe, just maybe, a bigger name at the club needs to be changed.
  2. I hope the fov is wider than the original, totally unplayable for me. Feel nauseous when playing so had to stop.
  3. Doesn't matter who is managing the first team, so long as DC is our owner, we won't go anywhere.
  4. Again, bigger picture, there's only one person responsible for this club. Until he has gone we won't see any improvements.
  5. They signed the 23 y/o hard man Ben White future England captain...
  6. Football fans are fickle, DC signs a few free transfers as we have just been relegated to league 1 and most the squad has left, younger prospects have not had their contracts renewed so leave on a free. Yet people start thinking DC has 'turned a corner', open your eyes Wednesday fans. This cancer needs to be removed.
  7. First 45 of a new season with half a new team. Patience needed (not that anyone has any). Bit toothless going forward and a few too many tippy tappy passes but we look fresh and keen. Think we are in for an interesting season.
  8. Not horrific prices, still too much for League 1 football. Still won't spend a penny until Chansiri has gone.
  9. Yet the Scotland game was too mentally tough for them...
  10. I know what you mean, and it's only going to get bigger. It just makes the competition lack quality until the last 8. All the 'lesser' teams (no disrespect intended) just put 11 men being the ball, makes for dull games IMO. Either way we are terrible so couldn't really care to be honest.
  11. There's already enough terrible teams involved so less is better surely? 4 groups of 4 - TOP 2 GO THROUGH QF SF FINAL
  12. Good thing I would say, means we can have a more attack minded LB
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