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  1. Sadly not, we are stuck. I'm struggling to see a positive future for us sadly
  2. The only common factor for the last 5 years is Mr Chansiri
  3. Have we improved off the pitch? We had a new pitch and the ground has been tidied somewhat but have the training facilities improved? What about youth development? Scouting? Do we have a direction/ethos, or any kind of long term plan?
  4. We are all looking too short sighted, it doesn't matter who our manager is. We started on -12 points. We have been a joke for years.
  5. Oh sorry I forgot how well we are doing
  6. Change manager... Fail Change manager... Fail Change manager... Fail I don't think changing the manager is working. Look at the bigger picture.
  7. Has anyone got a list of these illegal streaming sites? I want to block them, make sure im doing the right thing.
  8. Chansiri supporters are deluded. We (sorry there is no 'we' anymore) are going nowhere except backwards.
  9. 12 point deduction was the kick up the @$$ DC and the club needed. Still a long way to go.
  10. The club isn't 'ours', we are fans of a product owned by a foreign business man who really doesn't have a clue or care about us. Why would I give any money at all? I have as much passion for swfc at the moment as I do for Amazon or Ray-Bans. (Actually I'm probably more a fan of Ray-Ban) I am, however, really looking forward to the ODI series against Australia starting today.
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