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  1. Back to today... Reports (sky) suggest Sterling/Foden to start with Kane. Probably 3 at the back (5 really) Maguire back in for Scotland game. Really looking forward to this but fully prepared to be disappointed, just give it all England. World in Motion on repeat and the beers are starting to flow! What's everyone's plans today?
  2. France winners. England out in quarters due to a Stones slip up. Southgate to play Rashford and Sterling. Grealish and Foden on the bench.
  3. Apparently one of the offensive tweets was from Jimmy Anderson, he said Stuart broad looked like a 15 year old lesbian, about 10 years ago. I think he wrote it because Stuart Broad looked like a 15 year old lesbian. I heard all the 15 year old lesbians are marching on Lords tonight.
  4. If your happy coming 2nd then you shouldn't be a sportsman.
  5. Yeah I'm just playing devils advocate, Reach is a championship player (at best), unfortunately we were dumb enough to pay him
  6. Antonio wasn't good enough for the premier League either...
  7. Downloaded the patch tonight, incredible the difference 60fps makes. Looking forward to playing it through again.
  8. This. Reset needed. Even if it means staying in L1 for a few seasons.
  9. BFV is ww2 but it's a pretty shocking game imo
  10. Wreckfest is brilliant, ps5 version out June as well, 4k, 60fps etc really looking forward to it, brings back all the destruction derby feels
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