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  1. I don't like to slag players off, but Butterfield is truly an awful footballer

    Sadly i cant afford £455 at the moment but I would have stretched myself to get a season ticket if it was £330, very reasonable price.
  3. Barnsley 1 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Great omdt thank you! Got a bad feeling about today, so going 0-3 Rhodes x3
  4. The Stars combined sheffield team

    No FF, what a load of rubbish
  5. What sort of loser asks for a refund?

    May have already been said but I wonder if those asking for a refund also object to the hiring of Katrien Meire. She states that fans of the club are 'Customers', to which we disagree, we don't choose Wednesday, we are Wednesday. So if your asking for a refund your basically saying you agree with Katrien and you should be treated like a customer, not happy with your product, get a refund. Just my thoughts.
  6. He saying this so when Forestieri is sold he has another excuse
  7. Sam Hutchinson

    I've heard this, he's been fit for a few weeks as well. Fallen out with Carlos over tactics
  8. Carlos- 3 major mistakes

    This Square pegs in round holes
  9. Totally outclassed, Huddersfield deserve this
  10. Will be watching all the way from New Zealand, got the morning off work. Would love to be there.
  11. This. But not going to happen
  12. An apology

    I'm glad the team don't give up as easy as some of the fans