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  1. use floola, i use it with windows 7 but they have a mac version too.
  2. The Nexus S is made by Samsung, it's basically a Galaxy S with Android 2.3 and has NFC (like an oyster card) built in. The main advantage is that it's stock Android like dave said so you will always get the updates before everyone else.
  3. £32.99 with code XMASMEGADEAL at Blockbusters website (taken from Hotukdeals) :Dark smilie:
  4. I bought this last week, for £3 it does the job, silicone case and screen protector. Click me
  5. Mine needs charging every 2 days with roughly 10 text, 20 minutes calls, half hour wifi web browsing each day, it still lasts a full day though even if I cane Asphalt5 and air traffic control when I'm bored at work. I have screen brightness on second to lowest, wifi and bluetooth off, 2G connection and background data turned off. This really is a great phone, cost me £320 from O2, much cheaper than the iphone.
  6. You're not only one mate, although I look at her and just sees Hiro's bird! You can't help but wet yourself laughing at ep 7 with the football players doing the single ladies dance at a football game (well american football)!
  7. It's a good film but nowhere near Scarface as I've seen it been compared in a review somewhere.
  8. ATI 4670, can't go wrong for £52. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/181962
  9. ez2005


    Oh dear......just got a called from my credit card company, someone with a foreign accent tried to access my account with my details but no password so they put my card account on hold.Don't know if it's related but got astraweb and newsbin on 12th Dec, payment out on 14th, dodgy call on 15th......Anyway getting a new card now so it's all good, I know some of you have had great experience with those sites but do be cautious!
  10. it'd be quicker if you just open it up and see mate, or if you're not comfortable with that then try looking on the techguys website, might help as i'm sure pcworld owns the e.i system brand.
  11. there's nothing better than charging into a group of zombies swinging a frying pan "pong pong pong"
  12. tried getting a beta key just now, all gone is it much better than first one?
  13. Is series 3 finished now after the calendar one?
  14. Hi all, I'm currently using a 3650 and I've been looking at the 4850 for £120 and the 4870 for £200. I normally play Counterstrike Source / CS Zombie Escape, Left 4 dead and just bought Bioshock on steam. I have a 19" wide-mon and run my games on 1024x794 resolution, which one shall I buy? Thanks!
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