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  1. Don't you have an opinion on who should be captain ?
  2. Not sure that's a good example don't you ever question a managers team selection ?
  3. Go on then, seeing as you have the answer, what have we offered him and what have Huddersfield offered him ?
  4. Can't argue with that, can see the reasoning behind it, was also one who I would consider.
  5. Good point, can't really think of anyone better really, maybe if Hector joins he could do the role. Who would you choose Matt ?
  6. As part of the deal to get Westwood to sign I would offer him the team captain role. It might just clinch the deal. He seams like a big enough character to be effective in the role and has Loads of experience, not scared to hand out a roasting when needed but also seen him put an arm around the shoulder and a pat on the back which can be just as effective. Harsh on Tom Lees, but I do think Toms style is not suited to the role, he also seems to play better when he only has his own game to think about.
  7. I watched the Spurs game last night and Potichino made a brave decision at half time, he took of Wanyama and brought on the much lamented Llorente and went more direct. After being second best in the first half suddenly Spurs were on the front foot. Liorrente was causing problems and Moura was finding space that wasn't there in the first half. The reason I mention this is to show that sometimes a total change of tactic can change a game and the reason why I would always like the option of Nuhiu coming off the bench. Don't think the big man should be starting for us but used correctly as a sub he can be a game changer.
  8. Lee Chapmans goal scoring record is better than David Hirsts yet we had a Wednesdayite in our workplace who made the noise of a braying donkey every time you mentioned his name.
  9. Agree that Thorniley looks very promising, problem is that unless Lees has an organiser at the side of him which I don't think Thorniley is yet Lees looks like a fish out of water.
  10. I was thinking, I mean he was thinking maybe a roll end from carpet right, not bothered what colour it is.
  11. My friend was wondering how much a hair transplant costs ?
  12. Maybe he was planning on doing some scouting at the French second division team La Chambre.
  13. Gary Hooper was a good player, but I wouldn't put him in the great for us category. For me Michael Antonio was a far better striker more suited to modern football. I think the telling thing is that with both Lee and Hooper of a similar age and both coming back from long term injury, Steve Bruce has offered Lee a contract but not Hooper.
  14. Don't think Hooper will get a move to the MLS, the wages on average are much less than the championship. Only the very top players who can raise the profile of th club get the big bucks. As high as some rate Hooper he is not a big enough name to draw fans in. Not many if any aging, coming back from injury ex championship players in the MLS.
  15. Spot on correct decision on all of those players.
  16. I think the lads doing this are excitable 16 to 20 year olds. Would rather see this show of bravado than some of things I witnessed when following Wednesday when I was that age.
  17. Agree with all of this, last year at this time would have snatched someone's hand off if they took him of our wage bill. This year he has been very good and looks really fit. However History makes me think he plays right on the edge and could break down at any time. So reluctantly I would move him on, 40k per week is a very useful budget.
  18. Don't think there will be many clubs lining up good offers for players just coming back from injury like Lee same for Hooper. Clubs may offer them short term deals to asess them like Ipswich have done with Alan Judge, taken him for half a season, he has proved his fitness and has earned a longer contract.
  19. I would like to think a 1 year deal would probably suit both parties. A chance for Kieran to prove his fitness and get a longer/better deal. If the long standing hip injury has cleared up he could go on for a few years as he looks like he keeps himself very fit. Box to box players like Lee are very hard to come by.
  20. Don't think he is good enough to lead the line every week, but he is the perfect sub as he is changes the dynamic of the attack when coming on as sub. Would rather see Atdhe coming off the bench, than Rhodes or Winnal which is where they will be if they stay next season.
  21. The main issue I have with Carlos was there was no forward thinking, it was all about winning now and no thought for the future. The reason we are now right up the creek. Mourinihio is very similar, no time for young talent like De Bruyne and Lakaku he has to have the finished article to work with.
  22. Sterland for me, he couldn't drag us through games on his own. Along with Stuart Pearce the toughest fullback I have seen.
  23. Westwood from Hodge and Pressman for me, other than the season when Carlos was sacked he has been superb.
  24. If you can, watch the chance again. Hooper was ahead of the defender and a poor first touch and lack of pace denied him the chance yesterday. We have scored 1 in 3 in his starts recently, Fletcher looks isolated and lost playing alongside.
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