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  1. During his spell with us he has 30 goals in 76 games, one very 2.5 games is very good. However we have to be realistic and to expect him to come back firing on all cylinders after such a long lay off is unrealistic. Cant really just throw him back into the first team.
  2. Brilliant bet Roland Neilson is well chuffed with that portrait
  3. In which case I still would like them to go into admin as I got hit on the head with a light bulb thrown by one of their sneaky fans at their old ground.
  4. Cheers Bought from one of the stalls in town at the Xmas market 2 years ago. Was only £10. The stall was there again this year but they hadn't got any of these as my brother wanted one. Did get a nice retro Pulp at the Limit club one though. Must get my wife to iron my T Shirts they look a right mess in those photos.
  5. Can't help but think there is a bit of Karma going on here, if I remember correctly a few years ago when Bolton were in the prem their chairman ( Gartside or something) was one of the main protagonists in trying to get all promotion and relegation from the premiership stopped.
  6. I have a few Wednesday ones also a couple of nice Sheffield football ones.
  7. Certainly didn't look like a deflection, the delivery looked perfect splitting the defenders and the keeper.
  8. Agree with a lot of the Reda comments, the way he scored the goal was very Reda like. But I never saw Reda put across on a plate like he did for Fletcher yesterday. That ball in was perfect. Only down side I can see is strangely for such a powerful bloke his throw inns look really weedy and look like foul throws, but Reda was exactly the same.
  9. Hooper, Fletcher, FF, Joao and Winnal WHEN FIT are all ahead of Nuhiu in the starting line up. But I don't think there is a team in the championship who would not have him as their 6th choice striker, Nuhiu is unorthodox and different that's why he is so good to have as an alternative to come off the bench. Answer me this question with all of the injured players not available, who else would you choose ?
  10. You missed your last line off. "But No matter how well he plays I have to have a sly dig."
  11. Joey cost us 400k and that's about right. He doesn't read the game well enough for a holding midfielder,. Joey puts plenty of tackles in but he doesn't intercept passes and fill in the spaces like Hutchinson does. He is also weak when tracking back and very rarely picks up the free man.
  12. A very good performance by Nuhiu today don't forget he is probably our 6th choice forward. Better player when coming off the bench and I would always have him as one of my subs as he can be a game changer.
  13. The biggest influence on our home attendance at the moment is the amount of away supporters who attend. Our home support consists of season ticket holders and a max of 2k potds Blackburn won't bring many but Villa and Forest will so bigger gates for those. Impression I get is that quite a few potd fans feel disenfranchised and have chosen to select their games rather than turn up every week.
  14. Bet if Fletcher could vote he would say Nuhiu
  15. Would love to see how Norwich, Leeds and United would go on with 4 of their best 5 strikers injured. I think they might just struggle a bit.
  16. We are absolutely strapped for and I emphasise the point FIT strikers. Winnal is clearly miles off the pace but can probably do a job for maybe 45 minutes. Fletcher is by far our most dangerous fit striker at the moment. Playing him off Nuhiu gives him a break from the battering he gets each week and he has shown he can play the second striker role, a bit like Conner Wickham at times did when on loan. Boyd has been a huge dissapointment as his 2 goals for us testify. Mattias you may have a case for, he runs in behind looking for the flick on but it makes us very one dimensional. He doesn't appear to have the tricks, pace or directness that Aaron's has.
  17. FF as he has been for most of the last 2.5 seasons is unavailable or not in the right mood. If all were fit Nuhiu is probably our 6th choice striker behind Hooper, Fletcher, FF, Joao and Winnal, you need to take hate filled Nuhiu glasses off and give it a rest.
  18. With the players available I am happy with the line up. Winnal to come on if needed.
  19. I think us fans and in particular SB will have learned a lot from the last 3 games. Most fans now realise that even with an experienced manager in place, the majority of these players are not good enough to challenge for promotion. Due to the appalling recruitment process under CC this squad is no where near good enough. We are going to have to be patient while SB tries different combinations and systems to assess the players. This may mean some of the favourites such as Fletcher, Bannan and Reach are dropped and moved around as he tries things. In Midweek he tried Bannan wide it didn't work but he learned something, yesterday he tried Joao as main focal point of the attack, again that didn't work as Joao is far better working off a target man if we play that system. A bumpy ride ahead. oh yes I forgot MOM FF as he just looks busier than the rest.
  20. This Is what worries me, this team just seam weak. Not saying they are not trying but the appear physically and mentally weak. In the 80s and 90s there were times when United should not have been on the same pitch as us we had so much more technical ability, we should have absolutely pasted them but they turned us over a couple of times due to gutsy performances. The boots on the other foot now and it's down to our players to put in a gutsy performance.
  21. Prefer Venanco to Hector A solid defender good organiser and rarely gave the ball away. Helan,s pace gave us an outlet and got us forward quickly.
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