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  1. Reach, didn't think there was a player in there, but has proved me wrong.
  2. Westwood in demand?

    He is the most consistent keeper I have seen in my 40 years of watching Wednesday, but at 33 years of age and already showing signs of wear and tear I would cash in while we can. Dawson and Wildsmith have both performed well this season and will get better with experience.
  3. Chapman divided opinion in the same way that Nuhiu does now. I liked him but a lad at work didn't rate him at all, constantly saying he would be more use on Skeggy beach. If I remember correctly his all round game came on leaps and bounds while with us.
  4. Did really well for us, but at time he came in for unjustified abuse from some of our fan base. Better goals per game ratio than David Hirst, would you believe it.
  5. 1. Leeds 2. Nothing to choose between us and United these days. 20 years ago we were much bigger. United have caught us up over the last 20 years with being in the premiership and clever marketing of match pricing grabbing the neutrals also better deals for existing fans.
  6. Player of the Season?

    1. Reach 2. Nuhiu Mentions for Joao, Hooper, Bannan Wildsmith and Pudil who have had decent spells.
  7. Team for sat

    Thought the same for a while, for me FF is our best player when he wants to be. When we play him we have to have 2 midfield players who can track back and have defensive responsibility. Other than Hutch when he is fit we don't have another midfielder who can put a tackle in.
  8. Team for sat

    Spot on, at the moment Joao and Nuhiu should be the first on the team sheet.
  9. Lucas Joao

    Joao with an assist for FF and Nuhiu with another goal, not too shabby. Saturdays issue was down to the midfield creating nothing for the strikers and losing midfield and yesterday's down to shocking defending and very poor goalkeeping from Wildsmith who was very good on Saturday.
  10. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Glad we have ditched the Boyd at wingback experiment. Very attacking minded with FF, Nuhiu and Joao, worried the midfield might not provide the ammo for them.
  11. Nuhiu: Player of the month

    We would be mad not to try to tie him down on a longer contract. From a business point it makes sense. Even if he went off the boil we could easily sell him on for a massive profit. He has unique attributes that make him very difficult to play against.
  12. Van Aken

    There is a player in there, maybe not a centre back. Give him time under a manager who will get the best out of his talents.
  13. Its a great ball in but you can see why Sunderland are bottom of the pile, gave Reach acres of room and time to pick his cross.
  14. Naah then Colin!!

    No way would he throw the game tonite. Still bitter about his treatment and will want to get one over Mcabe and others.
  15. Joao

    Both Joao and Nuhiu are benefiting from getting the ball played forward more quickly. When we knocked it across the back four for 10 minutes before getting it forward all of the strikers were tightly marked giving them no space to work in.