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  1. NYowl

    The shadow of The Blades

    Very good honest post
  2. I think us fans and in particular SB will have learned a lot from the last 3 games. Most fans now realise that even with an experienced manager in place, the majority of these players are not good enough to challenge for promotion. Due to the appalling recruitment process under CC this squad is no where near good enough. We are going to have to be patient while SB tries different combinations and systems to assess the players. This may mean some of the favourites such as Fletcher, Bannan and Reach are dropped and moved around as he tries things. In Midweek he tried Bannan wide it didn't work but he learned something, yesterday he tried Joao as main focal point of the attack, again that didn't work as Joao is far better working off a target man if we play that system. A bumpy ride ahead. oh yes I forgot MOM FF as he just looks busier than the rest.
  3. NYowl

    The shadow of The Blades

    This Is what worries me, this team just seam weak. Not saying they are not trying but the appear physically and mentally weak. In the 80s and 90s there were times when United should not have been on the same pitch as us we had so much more technical ability, we should have absolutely pasted them but they turned us over a couple of times due to gutsy performances. The boots on the other foot now and it's down to our players to put in a gutsy performance.
  4. NYowl

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Prefer Venanco to Hector A solid defender good organiser and rarely gave the ball away. Helan,s pace gave us an outlet and got us forward quickly.
  5. Are there any stats available that show the mileage that players are putting in for each game ? To me it looks like quite a few of our players are not covering as much ground as the opposition as we appear to be outnumbered right across the whole pitch.
  6. Spot on With this observation. I know the forwards have missed a couple of chances recently but for at least 2 years we have depended mostly on the forwards creating chances for themselves or a wonder strike from somewhere. Not saying the forwards are doing a good job, but the midfield and wide players are more to blame in this respect.
  7. Yep 3 goals scored in 8 games mostly playing 442 that you want to stick with. We need to change something from an attacking perspective, the options are change personnel or change the tactics, we keep swapping the personnel around with no succcess so Steve Bruce tried different tactics for 45 minutes last night. Like you I would like to see Winnal given a proper run out although in the cameo appearances that he has been given he has not looked very sharp. Jos had some success last season playing 433, maybe a different manager with a full playing staff at his disposal could get that system working, who knows unless you give it a try.
  8. For over 2 years several managers have tried and failed to get this squad of players to perform as a team. Steve Bruce could have taken the easy option and stayed with the same system but he has quickly recognised the problems and tried something different, last night using Bannan wider. He gave it 45 minutes realised it's not working and changed it. Other than against United, for the rest of this season I hope he tries different systems and formations to hopefully unlock the full potential of these players. its not really about results now this season it's about building a platform to move forward with.
  9. NYowl

    45 minutes

    I think we have to be realistic with this lad, he was a gamble at £350k and it has not worked out so far. For me his reading of the game as a defensive midfielder is not up to scratch, look how Hutchinson knows when to tackle and when to cover, he just reads the game so much better. On the plus side he is a young man who appears to have a great attitude and engine and his dead ball delivery is normally pretty good. Rather than just binning him, it might be worth giving him a run as right wing back for the under 23s and seeing if there is anything there or maybe if you need somone to do a man marking job hecould be utilised.
  10. JJ Gifted with the ability to run at pace with a football. If only we could have got some consistency out of him.
  11. NYowl

    Got to try and keep Hector

    We need to either get Hector or another leader at the back or we will need 2 x centre backs as Tom Lees is Division 1 standard without a commanding centre back alongside him.
  12. NYowl

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    If I was DC I would wait 12 months and see where we are before thinking I had cracked it.
  13. NYowl


    I had a pair of these George Best side fastening boots, thought I was the dogs nuts.
  14. NYowl

    Great Picture

    When I was young I always wanted a Tony Curtis haircut, I eventually got my wish, trouble was it was when he was about 50 and had gone bald.
  15. NYowl

    Great Picture

    Tony Curtis Thinking WTF am I doing here . This guy actually looks like he has been photoshopped into the picture, he looks so out of place.