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  1. Westwood from Hodge and Pressman for me, other than the season when Carlos was sacked he has been superb.
  2. If you can, watch the chance again. Hooper was ahead of the defender and a poor first touch and lack of pace denied him the chance yesterday. We have scored 1 in 3 in his starts recently, Fletcher looks isolated and lost playing alongside.
  3. Premiership football brain, but knackered body. Bet there is many a time when he plays through the pain barrier when lesser mortals would have cried off.
  4. Someone might take a punt on him, but I don't think we would get back what we paid for him now. He has not been right for 3 seasons. Lesson learned that most of the time you have to cash in when the chips are high.
  5. The need for more athletic players was evident today. At times Leeds looked like they had an extra man on the pitch, Norwich will be the same.
  6. Westwood. 9.5. Superb performance. Hope we can keep him but think he will be offered better terms elsewhere. Fox. 5. Not his best performance but not as bad as some are making out. Hector. 6. Not up to his usual standards, made one or two errors but nothing major. Lees. 8. Strong defensive display. Palmer. 6. Thought he did OK no scope for him or Fox to go forward Hutchinson. 8. The best of our midfield players, did his defensive duties well and tried to drive us forward. Bannan. 5. The worst I have seen him play, kept turning back into trouble, hardly made a forward pass all night. Reach. 6. Was working hard and doing a lot of the Dirty work before getting injured. Boyd. 4. Really poor and anonymous never got into the game. Hooper. 5. Looks miles off the pace, not got the legs at the moment to drop off and link play and then break to support the attack. Missed our best chance due to lack of pace. Fletcher. 5. Was totally isolated, had very little to work with. Subs Matias. 5. Made no difference but had nothing to work with until the last 10 minutes when we went long ball. FF. 5. As we all know he can't play as part of a front 2. Nuhiu. Not on long enough did win a couple of headers and maybe should have come on earlier.
  7. With Hooper dropping deep to help midfield, Fletcher is getting too isolatedand we are not worrying Leeds, we need to do something to change this if we are going for the win.
  8. Crikey Hootie I feel for you, having a terrible run of luck recently. It sticks in my throat when a decent bloke bringing his kids up the right way gets turned over by scumbag with no social conscience.
  9. As you quite rightly say it is all about opinions but I will give you the specific reasons why I thought Matias was MOM above Hooper. Maybe you saw instances of Hoopers 30 minute MOM performance that I missed and which players did he make look better ? I can remember him playing a nice touch to Joao who then set up MM with a deft back heal. Now I am not a fan of MM and want us to release him at the end of the season, but last night he was very good. The only time I have seen him perform anything like last night was in a cup match against Reading. A superb first goal showing great technique. A second goal due to his willingness to run in behind on the off chance the ball would break. A lovely cross for Joao in the opening minutes. An even better cross for Fletcher that he should have buried in the first half. Made the keeper make the save of the match with the low drilled shot in the first half, again very good technique to keep the ball down when hit at that pace. Was full of running for 86 minutes. As much as it hurts sometimes you have to give credit where it's due.
  10. Did you really think Hooper was better than Matias last night ?
  11. Thought the title was referencing the diet that Nuhiu and Hooper are going on in the close season.
  12. I wasn't keen on us signing Fletcher at the time, a long contract and big wages on an aging player who you can't move on and has no resale value and looking back still think it was the wrong signing. But I can understand why we went for him in a push to get promotion the following season. I have to take my hat of to Fletcher, this season he has been very good and appears to reversed have aging process, he looks the fittest he has been since arriving, he looks more muscular and looks to have loads more energy. Maybe he's like Samson the more hair he has the stronger he becomes.
  13. I don't think Hooper will get the lucrative offers that some believe he will get. He will get offers from aboard but doubt it wil be the big money ones that big name ex premiership or international players get. Having said that If I was him I would play abroad even if the money is not top notch, to experience what it is like. I can see him going somewhere like the UAE. Cant see him getting an offer from a premiership club so that just leaves another championship club. Maybe one of the bigger paying championship clubs will offer a last big payday similar to what we did with Fletcher, possibly one that has parachute money and is gambling on a quick return to the Premiership. Think his recent injury problems will really count against him.
  14. Thought Fletcher put a right shift in tonite he was all over the place and took some right hammer. I bet the other players really appreciate that type of performance. Should have hit the target with the header in the first half though.
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