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  1. NYowl

    The future of Joao

    I think these 3 will start the season as they finished the season on great form. They seem to compliment each other nicely each having different attributes. Having said that I think we will see a big improvement from Fletcher under Jos. Hooper suited Carlos,s style and was by far our best forward in his system. Not sure he will have the same impact under Jos.
  2. NYowl

    Big sam

    Don't think he would be interested in a long term contract with a championship club. He can sit back until XMAS and wait for one of the premiership clubs in crisis to get in touch. Sign a deal with a massive save from relegation clause and get a boatload of money for 5 months work.
  3. This season has shown what happens when you dismiss Hutch,s injuries. We need to manage this better next season and I would have him as our supersub. Very difficult to build a team including a player who could breakdown 5 minutes into the game, so Iwouldnt plan to have him as first teamer next season. Hutch seams like a great character and I think he could play a very important role for us coming off the bench. We all know he can perform the defensive midfield or central defender role but I feel due to his footballing brain, he could fill in in most positions, even supplementing the attack if needed. when you have a utility player like this on the bench, it gives you more scope to have more specialist subs on the bench. Love to see us sign some raw talent with electric pace that you can bring on when needed. Like JJ not good enough to start but can be a game changer later on when players are tiring.
  4. NYowl

    keeping these two

    Get Nuhiu signed up, his form under Jos has been very good. He is out of contract so if we sell him we get nothing, once signed up if you decide you sell and get a fee. Worse case scenario, he doesn't cut the mustard on a week by week basis but what a sub to have. Win win situation. Venancio for the reported fee of 1.8m I would sign him, decent defender, great attitude, no injury issues and the right age. Looks bette defensively than JA. Pudil been really good at left centre half and can fill in at left full back if needed. Depending on wages would offer a one year deal no more than that, his legs seem to be going and we don't want another situation like we have with Loovens this year we're the mind is willing but th body can't compete.
  5. Understandable substitution, no point in bringing Rhodes on we are not creating anything. See of Matias can be a creative spark.
  6. Hoping that it's a sign that Nuhiu may be signing a new contract. Ithink if he was definitely on his way, Jos wouldn't have started him.
  7. FF is our best player when he wants to be. That first season he was superb and reminded me of Suarez. The second season his head wasn't right and his performances clearly showed a decline He has come back reinvigorated after his injury and looks back to his brilliant best. My worry is when other clubs come knocking, his head gets turned again and if he doesn't get what he wants the petulance kicks in. So if we get an offer north of 15m I would sell.
  8. Over the last couple of weeks Jos has been very complimentary about Wildsmith and Dawson and I feel he has a lot of confidence in them, he is also not afraid to give youngsters a go. Love the way he recently handled Wildsmith after his poor display at QPR, he didn't drop him for the next match and undermine his confidence, instead choosing to play him at Hull where he kept a clean sheet. Only then did he bring Dawson in explaining the job is his until the end of the season because he wants to take a look at him, taking the pressure off both Wildsmith and Dawson.
  9. Clucas is a great example of where we got it wrong. Performing week in week out at Chetserfield right under our noses, but he wouldn't have been on our radar as we were looking for established players. Hull took a gamble and got the benefits. Hopefully our recruitment policy has now changed and we can bring in potential, I think Pelupessy is the start of this change in direction.
  10. NYowl

    We got a player on our hands!

    Well put. Reach has lots of attributes but other than his energy is not exceptional at anything in particular. Bet managers love having a player like him in the squad. His versatility and 100% commitment make him a valuable asset.
  11. Agree totally A strange one this as we were also slow out of the blocks under Carlos, can't believe both managers were coaching this. Maybe need to look at our overall preparation for games.
  12. Reach, didn't think there was a player in there, but has proved me wrong.
  13. NYowl

    Westwood in demand?

    He is the most consistent keeper I have seen in my 40 years of watching Wednesday, but at 33 years of age and already showing signs of wear and tear I would cash in while we can. Dawson and Wildsmith have both performed well this season and will get better with experience.
  14. Chapman divided opinion in the same way that Nuhiu does now. I liked him but a lad at work didn't rate him at all, constantly saying he would be more use on Skeggy beach. If I remember correctly his all round game came on leaps and bounds while with us.
  15. Did really well for us, but at time he came in for unjustified abuse from some of our fan base. Better goals per game ratio than David Hirst, would you believe it.