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  1. Do not know if it is the the same in Japan, I am 6ft 2 inch and when I was in Hong Kong I had Chinese people pointing and taking photos. I think they thought a victorian freak show that had come into town, it was either my height or my wife's beard that was attracting attention.
  2. I think Bullen is getting a lot of unnecessary flak. I remember crap performances under Very good managers like big Jack, Wilko and it wasn't great at first for Ron Atkinson. I don't even want to think of some of the performances under the likes Carlos, Jos, Jones etc etc. Bullen was handed the reigns a week before the season started and my guess he didn't have a great input into team formations and tactics when we had the 3 Steves. He has stepped in when we have lost our coaching staff and we have had to bed in a new central defence partnership and a totally differnent offensive unit with new wide boys. We have 9 points out of 12 which in any bodies book is a very good start. Many are saying get the Cowleys or such in, that's just what Stoke did with Nathan Jones and look where they are. Lets make sure we get the right man in and give Bullen some credit while he is doing a good job. If time shows that he is not up to the task then we may need to act more hastily but at the moment that is not the case.
  3. Winnal really needs to kickstart what was a promising career, A loan to a league one team would probably be best for all, gives Winnall a chance to start firing like he did at Derby.
  4. I think this is quite a good call, for this game we need to match Preston in midfield right from the start. I don't think we need to make too many changes but starting with Luongo in place of Bannan for this game would be my choice. Having the chance to bring Lee and Bannan on when there is more space would be useful. Still think normally Bannan should be one of the first names on the team sheet, but not for this game. Nice to have a few options.
  5. Agree, well said, Bannan is my favourite player but there are times like in the first half yesterday when he slows the attack down.
  6. Not a great game as a spectacle but I think we shaded it. Four games, 9 points and we have looked the better side in each of these games. Bannan and Reach doesn't work as midfield pairing, one or the other for me. Westwood. 5.5. A quality keeper but so far this season he is having a dodgy spell. We know how important he is and will win us plenty of points this season. Fox. 6. Like most of the team not a great first half, but decent defensively in the second. Didn't get forward and support Harris/ Murphy. Lees. 8. Along with Borner looked very solid. Borner. 9. Whoever scouted this lad did a great job, So far looks a very useful signing, how I like central defenders not flash but dependable. Odubajo. 6 Tried to support the winger, defensively looks a bit fragile. Can see him being used further forward if Murphy or Harris get injured. Prefer Iorfa at the moment. Hutcinson. 6. Poor first half better second, would like to see him push further upfield when we are attacking if th fullbacks are not pushing on like last night. Bannan. 6. Poor first half slowed us down by passing backwards when we needed to move forward quickly and use the pace of Harris and Murphy. Much improved in the second when he was more assertive Reach. 5. Mr versatile and a great squad player, either him or Bannan in midfield but not both. Would think he would Be an ideal replacement for Lee, but just doesn't have the football brain of Lee. Our most valuable asset but not sure he would start at the moment. Bizarre Harris. 9. Another very god performance, had the Luton defence on toast. Fast and strong, give him a 1on1 with room to exploit and he looks very good. Fletcher. 7. Battled hard and a good header for the goal. Now Joao has gone none of the other strikers anywhere near as good as him. Murphy. 8. Very good second half, great cross for the goal, lovely to see someone running at defenders and see them back peddling. Subs Winnall. Added nothing, looks slow and not physical enough to carry out the Fletcher role. Needs to go out on loan to a league 1 team to try to get his mojo back. Prefer Nuhiu coming from the bench. Lee. Covered ground and blocked out some of the spaces that were opening up. Luongo. As above, again looks very useful.
  7. Would like to see Rhodes and Winnall start against Rotherham, give us a chance to see if they have anything in the locker. If they continue to move misfire they need to move to the back of the queue.
  8. 2 wins and 6 points added to the six points we already have would be great start after 6 games.
  9. Love that 1970s badge so if iconic and easily identifiable as our unique brand. New one is just too fussy and looks like many others. Looking after my t shirts with the old badge as they look great. The simple navy blue one with black around the neck and edges of the short sleeves with the old crest badge on the chest looks ace.
  10. I think he has got his new hair follicles from an 18 year old, he looks so much fitter than when he joined us 3 years ago. He will really benefit from the new attacking policy, in the past teams could put 2 men on him knowing we had very few other attacking options. With the new system and players they will not be able to do that.
  11. Agree the number of times Reach broke forward into the box to support the attack was great too see and something that Bannan doesn't do enough of. Having said that prefer Bannan as he has better vision and decision making. What Doesn't seam to work is Bannan and Reach working together in midfield.
  12. Just want to see the manager pick the best team and system out of the players available. Should not be trying to create a system just to fit Jordan or any other player for that matter in.
  13. At last we have gone into the transfer window with a bit of strategy, highlighted by the fact that at the last minute when we couldn't get Hector we had got a back up plan to get another centre half. Looking at the players who we have signed it looks like we are dumping the pedestrian slow build up play which has crippled us for the last three years. We need to give the manager time to find the best system to get the best out of the new dawn. This may mean dropping some crowd favourites who were more suited to the old system.
  14. I understand what you are saying re amortisation but still think we should get rid, ideally we would loan him out for two million and get his wages of the books for another year. No one wants to pay the loan fee so we will be stuck with a fringe player costing us a further 4 million in wages. So if we get 2 million for him now we are 6 million better off in the long run. Treating our transfer and wage budget like a credit card will cost us for years to come.
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