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  1. Wow they outpimp those suede loafers of mine
  2. Agree, this is social bullying and shame on the local rag for giving it publicity. I just don't get this hatred for the guy. As many on here have said he's not the best player to start a game but can be a game changer when brought on as sub. Just look at the way the other players celebrate with him when he scores to see how much they appreciate him. As for his character assassination that some seam hell bent on pursuing:- Has he ever travelled with the team to the game only to throw his toys out of the prom and refuse to play. No Has he bragged on social media about his massive wages while posing on holiday. No Has he ever refused to play for the team even when the physiio say he is fit. No Has he been accused of racially abusing other players. No Has he refused to play because he is not being played in his favourite role No Has he refused to take a penalty for the team. No Has he had a fight with another member of the squad. No Is he nearly always availble to play whether that be starting or as a Camieo role as sub Yes
  3. It doesn't matter what Nuhiu does, you have made your mind up that he is crap and nothing will change your mind. To say he is crap 98% of the time is just a plain lie and ridiculous.
  4. Interesting podcast. Leon came over as having a very juvenile attitude. I don't think Leon realises what a great opportunity he has wasted. In a few years time he will probably look back with regrets.
  5. Good on you Lucy keep Toms memory alive.
  6. Don't chuck your cash away on a hair transplant Do what I did and buy a crown topper, totally undetectable, made from real synthetic hair and machine washable.
  7. I don't think Tom Lees has been first choice captain under 4 managers. Steve Bruce has barely got his feet under the desk and inherited Lees as default captain. Be interesting to see what happens when Bruce has a few credible alternatives. From what I have seen I think captaincy effects Tom Lees game as he appears much more solid when he doesn't have the added responsibility.
  8. Unfair on Lucas Joao that comment.
  9. Well done Barry, some people have a real issue with going bald and I think looking at Barry's combover he fell into that category.
  10. Don't you have an opinion on who should be captain ?
  11. Not sure that's a good example don't you ever question a managers team selection ?
  12. Go on then, seeing as you have the answer, what have we offered him and what have Huddersfield offered him ?
  13. Can't argue with that, can see the reasoning behind it, was also one who I would consider.
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