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  1. NYowl

    Paul cook

    Could be a bit of anarchy if we get Paul Cook in charge.
  2. Jos might pick the best 11 available. But I don't have a clue what positions he would play them in.
  3. NYowl


    I like Bruce as a person he comes over as a decent bloke. Hope we don't get him as manager Villa looked as bad if not worse that us but with better players at their disposal. If we are going old school would have preferred MM as he has proved he can work on a tight budget which is where we are now.
  4. NYowl

    Adam Reach

    Reach and Joao will be on many clubs radar with the January transfer window looming. They have that precious commodity so difficult to find in football, they can score goals out of nothing.
  5. He looks like he doesn't want to be here to me. Rewind 12 months when he came in and the first thing he did was get what was available organised. As players came back from injury the team improved and we made steady progress. Some players looked transformed under him Joaoa, Nuhiu, Reach etc. He looked like the man to nurture the youngsters and help them develop. God knows happened during the summer but suddenly half of the players are no longer in the first team squad, The system that served us well last season is ripped up, we go ultra negative and players are played out of position. Instead of nurturing the youngsters they are played out of position and look lost. The players look demotivated and uninterested perhaps due to the way some of the buddies are being frozen out. I think Jos,s tactics this season have been absolutely crap but feel ther is a lot more to this than just Jos. Time for a new manager without any baggage to come in before it's too late to save the season.
  6. NYowl


    Agree with this, unlike Nuhiu and Fletcher he is not a back to goal striker. He needs to play as the 2nd striker with someone else taking the physical battle. Over the last 12 months his goals per minutes ratio must be really top notch and a lot of them of real quality. Jos is wasting him playing him wide and asking him to track back and defend. Can see him going elsewhere a being a big hit.
  7. NYowl

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    A perfect day for me that. Hope you are not playing at Crossland Heath, I used to have special lead filled golf shoes to stop me taking off when I played at Stockbridge when it was windy. As for the Owls today sadly think it will be a draw or a loss. Been a supporter of Jos but my mind has now changed and feel a change of manager is needed. Watched WBA V Villa last night and Villa were outstanding, same squad of players who looked as bad as us under Bruce, slow lethargic negative, defence looked crap. Now under Smith playing attacking creative football, Abraham could have had 5 goals last night. The only issue I have with replacing Jos I don't have any confidence in us replacing him with anyone better.
  8. NYowl

    Jordan Rhodes

    Don't think we will get anywhere near our money back on him. Would do well at United as a replacement for Sharp.
  9. NYowl

    Alan wheen

    RIP Big Man
  10. NYowl

    Tonight's player ratings

    Very poor game against a team that were as poor if not worse than us. Summed Bolton up when they had the 2 men clear through and they couldn't even pass it in front of each other. As for us another baffling starting line up, Penney looked like he didn't know what he was doing and in the first half our only attacking ploy was to hoof to the big man and Mattius run in behind hoping for a flick on. Second half we looked a bit better by trying to get players to support the ball to the big man for a lay off. Dawson. 6. Not much to do but what he did have to deal with he did well. Baker. 5. Tries hard has stamina and gets up and down, but at the moment his passing and particularly his crossing is very poor. Should not be learning his trade in the championship, should be out on loan at a lower level. Lees 6.5. Easy night for the defenders but took his goal well. Hector. 6. Easy night for the defence. Thorniley. 6.5. Targeted but responded well and is a solid defender, not a wingback. Pelupessy. 5.5 Limited but gives is all. Bannan. 5.5. Can't knock his commitment first half had a shocker but was decent in the second half. Reach. 5.5. Best player first half but poor second half Penney 2. Hardly involved and when he was he was poor. Fletcher. 5. Tactic was obviously for him to flick it on for Matias. Had nothing to work with and only lasted 30 mins. Mattias. 3. Kept running in behind looking for the knock on but this basic tactic didn't come off, provided Boltons best pass of the night Nuhiu 5.5. First half same as Fletcher had nothing to work with. Second half change of tactic receiving the ball below head height and did some decent link play. FF. 5.5. Gave us the extra forward that we needed and has more abaility than the rest of the forwards put together. But not interested played like a 10 year old who had just had a telling off by the PE teacher.
  11. NYowl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    Laughing Stock. Grandaddy
  12. NYowl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    Knives Out. Radiohead
  13. NYowl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    For the frozen out players Help the aged. Pulp
  14. He is most definatly having a purple patch with his goal scoring at the moment, but if you look at his goal scoring record since he joined its more like one every 9 or 10 games which is about normal for an attacking midfield player. He played well on Saturday, but for the 4 or 5 games before that he was below average. We are up to our neck in financial problems and are in a position were we have to trade. In the past I think we have hung on to players and seen their value fall. Adam Reach is a good championship player and several times on this forum I have stated that he must be a managers Dream with his versatility, fitness and great attitude, but along with the other Crown Jewels if the price is decent we should sell and start getting ourselves out of the red.
  15. Adam Reach is a strange one for me, like Saturday he seems to have a corker of a game every 5 or 6 games but in the other games has little influence. ( Thought he took his goal wonderfully well ) After 2 years I am still not sure what is best position is and I don't think Carlos or Jos could/can make their mind up. He looks perfect for left wing back but when he plays in that position it doesn't work. I like him a roving attacking midfield role as I think he is poor defensively. For me despite his goals this season his best form was last year when he carried the team when Bannan was out. Think his stock will be very high come January and if we get an offer of anything around 15 million I would wish him all the best and cash in.