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  1. NYowl

    Team for Boro

    Love that team but didn't realise we had signed Bananns younger brother.
  2. NYowl

    Sam Winnall

    It will be interesting to see how he performs under Jos. A proven goal scorer who like many players performed well under their potential during CC,s last 12 months. See him more as a player playing off a front man such as Nuhiu or Fletcher rather than the target man. one thing for sure Jos has now got a great selection of front me to choose from, all with different attributes.
  3. Not sure he would fetch more than Reach, FF great player when he wants to be but comes with a lot of baggage and age is starting to go against his value. If Joao can keep up his scoring record over the last 20 games I think we will get some very good offers in for him come January.
  4. NYowl


    I am really surprised by the stats for Wildsmith are so poor, do you have a link to the stats. Thanks
  5. NYowl

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Top 6 and we haven't got out of third gear, the question is do we have a fourth and fifth gear. If we have we could finish in the top 6, if we haven't I expect us to drop to mid table. The 2 loanees have definitely helped with the balance of the team.
  6. If the same offer came in for both players and we had to sell one I would sell FF. The better player when it suits him but as we have found out he brings a lot of baggage. Reach seems the exact opposite and he gets on with the job with minimum fuss. Also at 28 the value of FF will now start to drop each season wherebye Reach still has a few years at maximum saleable value. I think If offers come in Reach would command a bigger fee for the reasons above and also his fitness record and versatility. Still think Joao may become the answer to our financial woes.
  7. NYowl

    Adam Reach

    Today looked like his confidence is sky high, his movement was great, looking for the ball at every opportunity. Amazing what a couple of wonder goals can do for your confidence.
  8. NYowl


    A god solid defender and one of those players who creates time on the ball, looks calm and controlled in possession . Looks very promising.
  9. When Isaw the team sheet I couldn't work out what formation we were going to play, for the first 45 minutes it looked like the players didn't either. Second half the midfield started get a grip and we started to release Joao and to a lesser extent FF and took control of the game until the penalty. Dawson. 6. Made a great block then followed it up with a poor flap at the ball a little later. Palmer. 6. Looked solid but then switched off when robbed for the goal, offers very little going forward. Hector 7.5 Like this player, one of those who looks like he has time on the ball. Lees. 7. More like the old Tom Lees. Pudil 7. Solid performance. Thorniley 6 Solid defensively but offered nothing pushing forward, like him best as a central defender. Penney 6 Some nice ball control at times, not scared to run at players. Onumah 7 Played some nice passing with Bannan. Good alround display. Bannan 7.5. At times I thought there must be 2 Bannans on the pitch he was seeing that much of the ball. Midfield lost its passing ability when he went off. Reach. 7 Loads of energy, here there and everywhere. The Goals have given him a lot of confidence. Fletcher 6. Was on a hiding to nothing playing the lone striker, was putting himself about until injured. Joao 8 MoM. Really well taken goals but at times looked languid. Has that great knack of scoring goals, his goals per minutes played must be top class. FF. 5.5. A really quite game for our talisman but still managed to get booked. Pelupessy 6. Did what he was brought onto and helped block up midfield.
  10. NYowl

    The elephant in the room

    I don't like it one bit that they are above us in the league, I can tolerate them when we are above them. It's the nature of the rivalry in this city. My heart sank when sky said there was a late goal at bramall lane as you know it would be them grabbing a late winner. However I have to grudgingly admit they are a better team than us at the moment, not better players but a more organised outfit. Wilder has the sum of their parts performing way better than the individuals at his disposal. Howard Wilkinson did similar with us in the past.
  11. NYowl


    Spot on, I am a big fan of Joao but he is not a target or hold up man, he obviously doesn't like the physical side of a big centre half smashing in to him. He is not particularly good at chasing long balls, he is much better when running at defenders who are facing him and backing off. This is why he like FF play better when Nuhiu is on the pitch as his hold up play and lay off play is better than Fletchers. Hooper links better with Fletcher their game suits each other.
  12. For consistency Westwood has been the best keeper I have seen in my 30+ years of watching the owls. He has been a brilliant signing. But his performances at the beginning of last season were nowhere near his previous seasons and Wildsmith was as good if not better. The teams that Jos is picking are building blocks for the future, we have 2 great prospects in Dawson and Wildsmith and Jos is giving them every chance to establish themselves. Dawson is number one at the moment and unless his form really drops of should be given half a season to show his potential. Jos can then make a valid judgement on who is his number one for the rest of the season, for me at the moment Wildsmith has performed the better based on the 2nd half of last season but I am not advocating swapping the keepers round untilDawson has had his fair crack of the whip.
  13. I thought we played very well tonite, inexperience cost us in the end but a lot of positives. The midfield worked really well until Onomah went off. They should have been down to 10 men when FF was dragged back. At the time I thought Joao was the right man to bring on and stretch the WBA defence, but we then sadly missed Nuhiu hold up play. Dawson 6. Still waiting for that MoM performance to convince me he is better than Wildsmith Pudil. 6. Thought he was playing well but ran out of legs at the end Lees. 6 Solid until the last 10 minutes. Hector. 7 Looks big and strong and brings the ball out better than Lees Palmer. 7 Strong in defence. Just lacks ability when going forward. Penney. 6 Doesn't look out of place, could have done more on a couple of breaks Onumah6 A solid display plays some nice short passing Pelupessy 6 Thought he was really good, he could have brought Barnes down but if he had brought him down and WBA scored from the subsequent free kick, he would have got pelters. Reach 9 Outstanding goal and was running the show in midfield, some of his distribution was top class, just wish he had a tackle in him Nuhiu 6. Brought the best out of FF tonite with his hold up and link play FF. 8. Great performance lost count of the number of times he robbed their back 4, hauled back twice when level with their last man.
  14. We are very fortunate to have 2 excelent young keepers, for me there is very littl between Dawson and Wildsmith. Personally I just prefer Wildsmith after some of his match winning performances last season.