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  1. Nice one they are great. Love the Wolves manager who just gives him the thumbs up and walks away while Warnock is behaving like a baby who has lost his dummy. Absolute class from the Wolves boss.
  2. True He was bang on with that one I didn't even realise Luke Shaw played for us. Man United got a right bargain.
  3. No this was more important than other goals. The big significance of concedeing the last minute goal with the Rotherham game was that it became a 3 point swing with 2 extra points to Rotherham and one less to us. If it wasn't against one of our relegation rivals it would just be the one point dropped.
  4. That injury time winner they had at Hillsborough may be the difference in the end.
  5. I thought we were second best and very poor until we scored. Bannan was playing far too deep and too many long balls that were not causing Blqckburn problems. We scored out of the blue pushed further up the pitch with some good closing down and we were then by far the better team. Westwood. 6. Clean sheet, not much to do. Hutchinson. 6. Could easily have been sent off in the first half. Other than that fine. Lees. 7. Defended well, should have got his chance on target. Borner.
  6. The only player that springs to mind who improved while with us was Fox. He used to get caught out of position regularly until Bruce came in. Suddenly his positioning when defending improved no end and he became a decent player. Maybe you could put a case in for Iorfa but we will have to wait and see, when he comes back.
  7. They will probably invite 5 crap clubs as their patsies so that these superior 11 clubs can travel the globe demonstrating their wonderful skill sets. Bit like the Harlem Globe Trotters used to do in basketball. I currently have no interest in the champion league so won't be tuning in to these games.
  8. No way will the Premier league kick them out. They will shuffle their fixture list to accomadate them. I can see these clubs pulling out of the 2 domestic cup competitions though.
  9. I think Carlos was losing his marbles towards the end of his stay with us and confused between him and this player. I know I did.
  10. Agree Our transfer policy takes some believing, we scour the globe for JVA and we had this fella rotting away in our reserves.
  11. Pulis told Chansiri " This clubs rotten to the core " DC smashed his face in and said " WANT SOME MORE" end of story
  12. You had me worried there. I thought I had put a picture of Adthe up by mistake.
  13. Time to get rid of the old guard and move on. One player I would welcomed back is this lad, I thought he was a class act and also showed some good leadership qualities with some of the young lads who were thrown in when Jos was manager. Would really suit the playing out from the back that Moore wants to be employ. Still only 28 years old and currently loaned out by his Portuguese team to a Spanish 2nd division side.
  14. I read about this a few weeks ago, the way I read it was that it would be another cup competition but with no responsibility with Eufa. It would consist of 16 clubs 12 of which would be permanent members with 4 places per year by invitation only.
  15. Paterson is a strange one, brought in as a main striker but he doesn't seem to have any of the attributes to play that role. He is not good when receiving the ball with his back to goal and doesn't have the pace to stretch defences I am also suprised seeing as he was a defender how poor he is when marking In our penalty area, he loses his man consistently. I think he can play attacking midfield. What he is very good at is doing the press high up the field either winning the ball or doing a niggly foul to slow the opponents down. He is also good at making the extra
  16. I thought at the time it was a penalty, but I painfully watched the highlights last night and I don't think the defender touched it. It makes yesterday's result even more sickening, if ever a game was handed to us on a silver platter this was the one.
  17. Spot on. I was going to post exactly the same but not as succinctly as you have.
  18. I think we all knew that when we missed the pen, it would come back and bite us. I said pre match that I thought the line up was poor, very negative dropping Rhodes for the totally out of form Harris, I think the extra striker would have clinched it for with the chances we created. I hope none of the out of contract players get a new contract, other than Urgohide who is young enough to become a decent player. We had a lot of experience out there today Westwood, Palmer, Borner, Lees, Hutchinson, Bannan and Reach who collectively are just weak players.
  19. Mel Sterland would have scored it, even now at 50 odd Years old.
  20. Don't understand this line up at all. We have to get 3 points. Derby throw us a lifeline, we ignore it and keep swimming in the opposite direction.
  21. Not quite sure what your point is. Looks like a dig a Bannan and blaming him for lasts nights defeat would be ridiculous.
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