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  1. I wonder if Moore thought Bannan would be gone in the transfer window and bought Wing in to play that role. Wing certainly looked good in that role admittedly against Newcastle youngsters. Bannan and Wing have not complimented each other so far. Might be time to split them for a few games and see how we go.
  2. Agree with the OP Hopefully Moore will learn from his mistake and not play 3 ball players in midfield. The balance in the heartbeat of the team was none existent. I commented in the matchday thread before the game that I am yet to see Wing and Bannan click and I believe that by the end of the season we will have a midfield of Bannan or Wing with Andenerin ( who we badly missed today )and another grafter in midfield.
  3. Defeats are always dissapointing but very worrying how we have not laid a glove on them today. Was the same once Morcambe went in front. The whole balance of the team looks wrong.
  4. Very poor first half, midfield not at the races and giving the defence no protection.
  5. Be interesting to see the team sheet today. Difficult to judge against Newcastle youngsters, but I thought the midfield balance looked good with a play maker ( Wing ) and two powerful runners next to him ( Dele Bashiru and Adeniran). Not suggesting we should drop Bannan, but I am not sure Bannan and Wing have clicked yet. Great to have so many options, something I didn't expect at the end of last season.
  6. This large apartment block on Summerfield St/Napier St has that type of finish. There is also a building on Green Lane Kelham with the same finish.
  7. When I first saw one of those buildings I thought the building had the cladding removed for fire regulations. It wasn't until I saw a new building with the rusty look that I realised it was done by design.
  8. Been to Cannes a couple of times. Stayed for a week first time and was just there for a day from a cruise the second. Its very nice but expensive if you want to eat and drink in the restaurants right on the beach front. There is only a quite small public beach, the rest of the beach is owned by hotels and restaurants. Interestingly if you hire a sunbed on the beach you pay more the nearer you are to the sea. I remember seeing a woman with a small dog that was dressed like Sherlock Holmes complete with Deerstalker and cape. Plenty of good reasonably priced places a short walk from the seafront. Really good train service that runs up and down the coast, we used it to go to Monaco which is well worth a visit.
  9. Really was men against boys out there tonite. We were physically so much stronger than the Newcastle lads. Loved the bit in the first half where we lost possession in their penalty area and 5 of our players sprinted back to cover, it looked like a 100 metre race we were so fast. Wildsmith. 6 Nothing to do Palmer 8. Very good game and topped off with a goal. Brennan 7 Very solid and strong, but not really tested. Iorfa. 7. Very solid and strong, but not really tested. Johnson 8. MoM covered a lot of ground played some nice passes and a good goal. Dele 6.5. Strong in midfield but had a couple of poor shots. Wing. 7.5 Midfield playmaker role and played some nice through balls. Best game so far. Adeniran. 6.5. Solid in midfield and supports the attack well. Sow. 7. I thought he showed a lot of promise, got some pace and like the way he can turn a man with his back to goal. Tired second half. Kamberi. 5.5. Works hard but so far is yet to convince me he has other qualities. Early days though. Corbeanu. 6.5. First half very good, makes great runs and very good control. Second half not so good but I think he will be a star for us.
  10. Agree with this, we now have a lot of pace in the team but this can be negated to some extent by teams sitting deeper and defending in numbers and making us play in front of them. After Morcambe scored we actually created very little as they defended with more numbers at the back. Great start to the season but we may need to adapt our approach when clubs do this.
  11. West Brom have a lot of big physical players at the back, wonder if the manager looked at Reach and thought tall, athletic, pacy and played in defence. Could he do a job against smaller pacy players like Arsenal have if required. Be interesting to see what role if any he nails down at WBA.
  12. Difficult to compare the two as they are very different types of striker. Now he is playing a central striker role and using his power Antonio is very much like Lukaku, or even Hirsty. Kane is not only a terrific striker but he can drop into midfield and put some superb forward passes in. Bit like Sheringham but I think he is twice the player Sheringham was.
  13. Think the team has been specifically picked to cope with the physical threat that Rotherham will provide. Rotherham have a big unit up front and could cause us problems like Charlton did in particular from dead ball situations.
  14. A bit like Saturday we twe were very good for 25 minutes which was enough to win us the points. The movement, passing and pressing for those first 25 minutes was Superb. BPF. 7. Did everything that was required with no fuss, particularly liked the powerful punch in the second half rather than a flap. Hunt. 7.5. Put some great crosses in and most of our attacking threat came down his side. Great engine. Iorfa. 7.5. Pace to burn that got us out of trouble a couple of times. Hutchinson. 7. Reads the game well, we missed him when he went off. Palmer. 7. Solid performance, nice and strong. Byers. 6.5. Very good first half when he linked with Bannan really well, but very quite second. Wing. 5.5. Thought he was quite and hasn't really had much influence in any of the 3 games so far. Bannan. 8.5. Thought he was very good, his passing and vision in the first half superb and always looked likely to cause problems in the second. Adeniran. 6.5. Like Byers had a great first half when he won us the goal but very quite in the second. Gregory. 7. Great to see a striker work so hard for the team, rewarded with the goal and could have had more. Johnson. 5. Didn't get too involved, I am sure there is better to come. Dunkley. 6. Not a ball playing centre back but did well defensively
  15. Adeniran for me. Worked really hard and bust a gut to get in the penalty area for his goal. Something that our midfield has been missing for a long time. Very good goal from Bannan.
  16. Iorfa for me, he had a good performance after such a long lay off. His height and pace will be very important this season. Thought Charlton were the better team, Shockley is going to cause teams problems this season. They will be there at the end of the season so a point is OK. It will be a few weeks before we see the new players at their best. Peackock Farrell 6.5. Thought he did well, their free kicks and corners put him under a lot of pressure Hunt. 6.5. A good player at this level. Has the fitness to get up and down the wing. Iorfa. 7. Needed his height, thought he played well. Hutchinson. 6.5. Read the game well, a few poor balls out. Palmer. 6.5. Solid in defence and tried to get forward when he could. Andeniran. 6. Got on th ball a lot in the first half, but there was not much space for him to utilise, quieter second half. Wing. 5. Very quite game. Bannan. 6.5 Didn't control the game like he can but still our best midfield player, great run at the end. Brown. 5.5. Busy first half but very quite in the second. Patterson. N/A. ( Get well soon) Green. 4.5. Didn't really get involved and was rightly substituted. Kamberi. 5. Didn't do much for me and looked slow when in possession.
  17. We had a long weekend in Liverpool a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I remember Albert dock area when it was a derelict wasteland and now it's great area with plenty of places to eat and drink. The area is well policed and they have a no walking around with Booze in your hands policy. As others have said the Museums and Tate modern are well worth a visit, my favourite being the Migration Museum which was a great education. On the evenings we went on Matthew St, the Cavern has live bands on doing Beatles and that era covers, but for me personally I preffered the club that was once "Eric's" where bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen, OMD, KLF and many others cut their teeth. Again they had live bands on. We stayed in a large hotel opposite Albert Dock and I would say most of the guests were Scandinavian Liverpool fans who had come over to watch Liverpool. I am sure you will have a great time. ps If you are taking your car, parking is scarce and is very expensive £25 for 24 hours.
  18. Thanks for that. Last Saturday me and my wife were walking up High St and despite going there loads neither of us could pin down where the Crazy Daizy was. Late 70s it was great on Saturday Lunchtime before heading off to the match.
  19. We did something similar a few years back. To be honest for me it's not an enjoyable course to play. Wide open with feature less fairways. Like playing on Concorde Park but luckily no one nicking your golf balls.
  20. Great Photo Not sure what Gary Shelton is about to stick in your ear ?
  21. As a person I like Jordan Rhodes, comes over as a decent bloke. Not his fault we have a loony transfer policy. As a player I don't think he has the attributes of a modern striker and pleased we have released him.
  22. I think you have to take these reports with a pinch of salt. He could well have been offered a 1 year deal with Hudds at say 10 grand a week or a 3 year deal at 3 grand a week. His agent trying to fire up interest will be straight to the press Jordans been offered 10 grand a week at Hudds and they have offered him a 3 year deal.
  23. Rhodes and Reach will get offers, no transfer fee and probably half the wages they were on here. The expectation will not be the same as it was here where we broke the bank to sign them. Clubs can take a punt and even if they are bit part players it's not a big deal.
  24. Rhodes MoM for me, he stuck his head in where it hurts and got injured in the process. He could have a easily hidden and protected himself like other have. Just wish we had seen this commitment for the last 3.5 years. Before the match I thought it was a good call to bring back Dunkley as we have struggled in the air recently but he had a poor game. The rest huffed and puffed but conceding 2 goals in 5 minutes straight after half time when they should have been focused highlights the mental weakness that we have seen time and time again. The end of the road for a lot of those players who's contract ends today, the only one that leaves with a good memory is Westwood, who was a great signing and for four years was premiership class. Yesterday like most of this season he was poor as age has caught up with him.
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