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  1. I think DC himself said he had put 350 million into the club and he is probably referring to that.
  2. Read yesterday that the Luton Manager and Rotherham boss are good mates and used to be team mates. Hope there is no old pals act.
  3. Normally when you are responsible for a penalty. If the keeper makes a save you are the first to thank them for saving your skin. The only 2 people who I saw thank Westwood were Bannan and Paterson, which I think says a lot about the mental state of Reach.
  4. You will get him on a free transfer and probably half the wages he is on here, so your expectations will be very different to ours, where he came with a big transfer fee and above average wages. Positives Has the odd worldly in his locker. Can run all day. Versatile Rarely injured ( see negatives ) Negatives One good game in 6 many games totally anonymous. Hates physical contact Appears to have chucked the towel in with us.
  5. I can see what Moore is trying to do and I like the system that he is trying to implement. Playing the ball out from the back drawing teams in and then using fast pacey players to stretch defences rather than the target man type of play. However in my opinion he would have been better off taking a good look at our past game videos and should have played a system that suits the players we have for the rest of this season rather than trying to implement a style that these players are not suited to. All of us fans knew playing it about at the back ala Jos style would be a
  6. Oops My memory must be playing tricks. I had it in my head that Luton won at Man City to send us down. Still an horrific sight though.
  7. That relegation day still haunts me. Not the result for us. The sight of David Pleat running across the pitch at a Maine Rd.
  8. A dreadfull line up and tactics today. We had to win this one to try to get the upper hand with Derby and Rotherham. Conceded a penalty due to pointlessly passing it around at the back. Every game recently this tactic has cost us goals, today was a day to cut this out and put Forest ( who didn't look that bothered) under pressure. Westwood. 6. Thought he was partly to blame for the penalty, but redeemed himself with a good save Palmer. 6. Steady but think he would have been better than Paterson at wing back. Hutchinson. 6. Like Palmer a
  9. That horrible churning feeling I had from 12.30 for 2 hours is back. I think I am ill.
  10. I normally cut Harris some slack as he never hides. This season he has just got worse and worse culminating in today's performance.
  11. Rhodes shot looked like my wife does when she kicks a football.
  12. I can only assume you feel the passing about at the back is working. If so I don't think you have seen us over the last month, where this tactic is costing us game after game. Its OK having your ideal style of play, but you have to have the players to do that.
  13. The players have been terrible 2 out of 10 at best. But whoever picked that team and tactics gets a 0 out of 10. Shocking tactics.
  14. I dont think I have been so angry with a performance in my life. Such an important game and we are pathetic. messing about at the back will cost us for the 3rd game in a row.
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