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  1. Very rarely does it work out of you keep a player after they have negotiated a move elsewhere. 1 million is about his worth and we would be foolish to turn it down
  2. 1 million pounds with a year left on his contract would sell. Think they are offering Peso not Pounds.
  3. Thanks for those stats @areNOTwhatTHEYseem really useful. Looks like we didn't concede any goals on the counter attack even though our only defender with genuine pace (Iorfa) was out for most of the season. To me it shows that height and physicality in defence are more useful than pace in this league. ( Different to championship) Similar to when we were last promoted. Would be interesting to see what the stats were for goals conceded when caught in possession in your own half.
  4. It's not just down to the defenders, at set pieces it's down to the whole team to defend. We could do with a couple of players who are more dominant in the air other than the 3 central defenders.
  5. I think Moore took him on because of his past history where he had done well for Moore. He did improve as the season went on, as did the whole team but I think Moore was not that convinced as he tried to shoe horn NML in as a striker. Probably seen enough to realise he is not what we need at the moment.
  6. Can't disagree with what you are saying,he is a different type of player and sometimes you need to make that change. Not sure NML would be happy as a back up and would it be good value for money to have him in that role.
  7. Offering NML a contract is a strange one. You look at Johnson and Hunt and they look ideal in a 352, good defensively and get crosses into the box early. NML likes to start wide attack and cut in and often hangs into the ball. Looks like he is suited to a 442 with a full back doing the defensive duties. There is no doubt he is quite strong when running with the ball and I think Moore will try him with Gregory again.
  8. Never got the hate for him. But the right decision to release him.
  9. Agree scoring even though we had only 1 decent striker in Gregory wasn't a big issue. Bigger issue was defending particularly from set peices so this needs addressing.
  10. Don't think it will happen but he would be a great signing, if he fitted in with our wage structure I like an experienced central defender to organise the defence and he has loads of top class experience. They may have lost a yard of pace but their experience and know how makes up for it.
  11. Thought Hunt did well last season and gave us good balance in the 352 system. My guess is at his age he probably looking for more than a 1 year deal.
  12. For me it's a good sign that players who didn't pull up any trees are being released. We failed in our objective to get promotion last year and to go again with the same but ageing squad would be a mistake. Keep the handful of chore players and hopefully upgrade the ones who didn't cut the mustard. We do need to get players in early so we are not playing catchup halfway through the season.
  13. Fair comment. You do remember the bigger games more
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