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  1. Not sure if these class as windups, just nasty gits. Gary ( Psycho ) Bennet who left Ian Knights leg broke in 7 places. Steve Bould who effectively ended David Hirsts career.
  2. Embarrassing against Hartlepool reserves tonight. Wildsmith. 5 Brown. 3 Brennan. 5 Paterson. 3 Corbeanu. 5 Dele. 5 MoM Wing. 3 Byers. 2 Shodipo. 4 Berahino 3 Sow. 2 Bannan. 4 Hunt. 4 Windass. 2
  3. You don't know a plasterer called Loadsamoney do you.
  4. Would like to see Adedoyin given a start up front. His little cameo looked interesting. We have given chances to several youngsters ( Theo, Dele and Brennan ) who have shown they can cope with first team football.
  5. Agree with this. His vision and ability when playing further up the pitch are first class. Waste of his talents when playing quarterback.
  6. Agree with this. The extra man in midfield or like today in attack is working really well. We are out playing and out creating our opponents.
  7. Another very good performance, the last 3 games have seen as huge leap forward in our overall game. Don't think we played quite as well as midweek. These last 3 games we have looked a league above our opponents. Some of the balls played by our midfield are terrific, inside the fullback/defender so our attacker has no one to beat. Just need to improve the final ball in those situations. BPF. 5.5. Didn't have a lot to do and like others I thought he should have done better with the 2nd goal. Brennan. 7. Another strong and confident performance also no mug with his passing. Thought the Wycombe left sided attacker was their best player and he handled him well. Dunkley. 7.5 Again very strong, won nearly everything that was thrown into our half and dangerous at the other end. Paterson. 6. Playing way out of position and he made a fist of it. Thought he was good in the first half ( nothing he do about the deflected own goal ) Second half gave away a couple of silly fouls, one of which they scored from. Not a long term solution in that position. Hunt. 7.5. A good performance, gave us a great outlet. Put some lovely balls across the face of goal that on another day would have been an assist. Luongo. 8. MoM. Great display, won lots of tackles, can drive forward and can also pick a pass. Vital for the rest of the season. Bannan. 7.5 Thought he had a quiet first 30 minutes but then got going and was sublime. Some of the passes that he plays on the floor cutting through defences wouldn't look out of place in the top division. Shodipo. 7. Thought he had a decent game, started slowly but realised he had the beating of the defender and took him on several times and put some decent crosses in. Took his goal well. Windass 7. Had a free role behind the 2 main strikers. His pace and the way he stretches defences is a real asset. Good strike for his goal. He is a bit greedy at times but if you take that away I think you would lose a lot of his threat. Kamberi. 6.5. I thought it was his best all round game for us. His control was much better. Shame he hasn't got the pace of Windass. A couple of times he was through level with the defence but hadn't got the pace to get a shot away. Gregory. 5.5. Didn't have his best game but was very unselfish with the layoff for Shodipo. With all of the balls played across the box thought him or Kamberi should have been on the end of one of them.
  8. Very strange interview and appointment. Looks to me like the owner is not putting anymore cash into the club. The club will have to fund itself, this means selling who they can and offloading the high earners that they can. Wonder if they told Jokanavitch this and he told them to do one, hence why they haven't come out with the usual thank you platitudes when a manager leaves. Fingers crossed.
  9. Was that the corner where Dunkley went over to the corner taker and said something and then ran back into the penalty area. If so it was brilliant ploy as they were focusing on Dunkley
  10. A very good team performance and several great individual performances. First half Bannan played a little deeper with Byers further forward. When Luongo came on and Bannan pushed higher we looked really impressive. Thought the MK keeper was very good his handling was excellent. BPF. 6.5. Not a lot to do and stood no chance with the thunderbolt goal. Brennan. 7. Another competent performance , I have no worries with him. Dunkley. 9.5. Fantastic, won everything at the back and had at least 4 headers on target from corners. Would have been a 10 if one of those had gone in. Palmer. 7. Decent defensively pushed forward effectively. Hunt. 7. Best game since he came back, showing for the ball and giving options down the right. Unlucky when he hit the post. Bannan. 8.5. Thought he was very good particularity when Luongo came on and he played further forward. Some of his balls between the lines were very good. Byers. 5.5. Thought he was quiet. Dele. 6.5. Usually retains possession well but wasn't very good first half. Second half was much better, his strength is a real asset in midfield Corbeanu 8.5 Another very good performance, they doubled up on him and he still caused the loads of problems. Any other day one of those shots get spilled by their keeper. Gregory. 7 Worked hard and scored a very good goal. Missed a good chance. Got better as the game progressed. Kamberi 6 Thought he was doing better than Gregory when hooked. Close control not very good. Luongo was superb when he came on. Reads the game so well, makes good decisions and is so strong. Windass. Showed what we have been missing, stretched the defence, good corner and cracking second shot for the goal.
  11. I didn't know that, thought I had read somewhere that we were not allowed to pay transfer fees, so thought they were free transfers. Thanks for putting me right.
  12. I thought there was an embargo on us paying any transfer fees, obviously not relevant in November but would restrict who we could sign in the transfer window.
  13. I suppose we are fishing in a pretty small pond with the embargo. Not really got much of a track record with goalscoring. Loaned out from one club to another, not needed and doesn't fill me with much optimism.
  14. Like that system and line up. The only change I would go with Gregory and Kamberi up top and ease Windass back in gently. I don't want Windass who I think is out best striker rushing back too soon.
  15. If you are arriving early and want to go for a beer, I would avoid the city centre. Sadly the city centre is a bit run down, we do have a tiny Xmas market but again it isn't very good. Hillsborough is about 2.5 miles from the station and about halfway is an area called Kelham Island. This used to be an old industrial area which is being nicely redevolped. Some decent pubs around here, Riverside, Kelham Island and Fat Cat all serve decent beer and are fine for away fans. you could then call a cab or walk the rest of the way. ( About a 30 to 40 minutes walk ) Hope you enjoy your visit.
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