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  1. Thanks for that. Last Saturday me and my wife were walking up High St and despite going there loads neither of us could pin down where the Crazy Daizy was. Late 70s it was great on Saturday Lunchtime before heading off to the match.
  2. We did something similar a few years back. To be honest for me it's not an enjoyable course to play. Wide open with feature less fairways. Like playing on Concorde Park but luckily no one nicking your golf balls.
  3. Great Photo Not sure what Gary Shelton is about to stick in your ear ?
  4. As a person I like Jordan Rhodes, comes over as a decent bloke. Not his fault we have a loony transfer policy. As a player I don't think he has the attributes of a modern striker and pleased we have released him.
  5. I think you have to take these reports with a pinch of salt. He could well have been offered a 1 year deal with Hudds at say 10 grand a week or a 3 year deal at 3 grand a week. His agent trying to fire up interest will be straight to the press Jordans been offered 10 grand a week at Hudds and they have offered him a 3 year deal.
  6. Rhodes and Reach will get offers, no transfer fee and probably half the wages they were on here. The expectation will not be the same as it was here where we broke the bank to sign them. Clubs can take a punt and even if they are bit part players it's not a big deal.
  7. Rhodes MoM for me, he stuck his head in where it hurts and got injured in the process. He could have a easily hidden and protected himself like other have. Just wish we had seen this commitment for the last 3.5 years. Before the match I thought it was a good call to bring back Dunkley as we have struggled in the air recently but he had a poor game. The rest huffed and puffed but conceding 2 goals in 5 minutes straight after half time when they should have been focused highlights the mental weakness that we have seen time and time again. The end of the road for a lot of those players who's contract ends today, the only one that leaves with a good memory is Westwood, who was a great signing and for four years was premiership class. Yesterday like most of this season he was poor as age has caught up with him.
  8. We have been vulnerable in the air recently and I think Dunkley is better than Urgohide in that department. So I can see the sense in that decision. The rest of the team picks itself.
  9. Absolutely heartbreaking. Heaven knows how his family are coping. Very Very sad, RIP young Reece.
  10. A smashing player, now wonder he has such broad shoulders. He carried us for 2 seasons.
  11. I think DC himself said he had put 350 million into the club and he is probably referring to that.
  12. Read yesterday that the Luton Manager and Rotherham boss are good mates and used to be team mates. Hope there is no old pals act.
  13. Normally when you are responsible for a penalty. If the keeper makes a save you are the first to thank them for saving your skin. The only 2 people who I saw thank Westwood were Bannan and Paterson, which I think says a lot about the mental state of Reach.
  14. You will get him on a free transfer and probably half the wages he is on here, so your expectations will be very different to ours, where he came with a big transfer fee and above average wages. Positives Has the odd worldly in his locker. Can run all day. Versatile Rarely injured ( see negatives ) Negatives One good game in 6 many games totally anonymous. Hates physical contact Appears to have chucked the towel in with us.
  15. I can see what Moore is trying to do and I like the system that he is trying to implement. Playing the ball out from the back drawing teams in and then using fast pacey players to stretch defences rather than the target man type of play. However in my opinion he would have been better off taking a good look at our past game videos and should have played a system that suits the players we have for the rest of this season rather than trying to implement a style that these players are not suited to. All of us fans knew playing it about at the back ala Jos style would be a disaster. He should have been more pragmatic in his approach for this season and then started the changes in the closed season when he has had a chance to bring some new players in.
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