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  1. Jordan did his bit yesterday by occupying one of their central defenders allowing Fletcher to be one on one with the other. But to say he changed the game is really stretching it. He never looked like scoring or made any key passes. If anyone changed the game it was Reach, he bolstered the right hand side, made the gut busting run that caused the handball and was excellent defensively when Brentford were pushing hard at the end.
  2. Today for the first time in a long time he got a bit of luck. Many times recently he has really leathered the ball and it has just gone over or hit the bar or the keeper, today he Didn't connect fully with the second and in it goes. A well deserved Break.
  3. To be honest I have stopped trying to understand how our club operates, Nearly every decision made seems illogical.
  4. I think you have answered your own question. " Our alternatives up front are pretty limited"
  5. 29 year old good championship defender, no resale value I am afraid. That is the reason some clubs won't buy a player of his age. 1 million tops
  6. Some fans don't like the pairing as they say Fletcher and Nuhiu are too similar. Other than both being over 6ft I don't think they are, they have very different skillsets and it's very rare you see them going for the same ball or getting in each other's way. I am not saying they are an ideal pairing as I prefer more pace but they look like the best out of our current crop of forwards. I go way back to when we had Hirst and Atkinson, who individually had everything that you want in a forward. But as a pairing you didn't see the best of either of them as they were too similar. It was only when we signed Paul Williams who created the space for Hirst to exploit that we started to get the best out of Hirst.
  7. Some fans demand goals from their forwards others don't care where the goals come from as long as the team are scoring and winning. My United supporting mates are split down the middle over MCgoldrick who plays a similar role to Nuhiu dropping deap and looks at.laying th ball off, but scores few goals. Where they are better than us is the goals are spread across the team more, this is something we need to look at.
  8. Was pleased when I saw the line up, my only concern was the 2 central midfield players wouldn't get overrun. It didn't happen as both FF in the first half and Nuhiu throughout the game linked the midfield and attack. I realise Charlton were no great shakes but for me that was the best performance so far this season, we totally bossed this game and it would have been a travesty if we had not won. Dawson. 7. Looked confident and tried to get us attacking more quickly. No chance with the defected goal. Fox. 6 Thought it was his worst performance for a long while. He was edgy and his delivery was poor by his standards. Lees. 6. Was steady and tried nothing fancy, nearly slipped up with the back pass. Iorfa. 7. Dominant and I love the way he drives us forward. Odabaju 5. Got too tight when skinned for the goal, but I prefer him to Palmer as he gives us more going forward. FF. 6. Would have been a 7 but for the shocking miss. Thought he linked midfield and attack and worked really hard. Hutchinson 6. Was walking a tightrope at the end, but good to see him getting further forward. Notice he has been doing this more since Monk came in. Bannan. 8. Played really well and drove us forward better passing than of late with less Hollywood passes to Fletcher Harris. 6. I bet he couldn't believe the space he had today but not at his best, great cross for the FF miss Nuhiu. 6.5. Linked midfield and attack and got a goal. Although don't think he was at his best. Fletcher. 8.5. MOM Showed that he is our best striker and is wasted when playing the lone striker with the ball fired at his head with his back to goal. When Nuhiu is one the pitch this gives him time and space to show what a good footballer he is. Subs Murphy. 6.5 Would have preferred Luongo as I thought another body in the box would help. But he played well and won the penalty. Luongo 6. Puts himself about, I like him. Reach. 7 was only on for a short period, was just what we needed with his energy and laid it on a plate for Nuhiu at the end Fans. 10 Superb turnout, my mate set off at 5 am to get there.
  9. Fletcher has been very good can see him getting a second.
  10. Would have brought Luongo not Murphy for FF if he is injured, midfield will be a problem for us now.
  11. We should be in front created loads of opportunities. Nuhiu is linking play really well, Fletcher is benefitting by finding time and space that this creating. Wouldnt change anything yet.
  12. Suprised Charlton have not put Johnny Jackson on the bench, he always scored against us.
  13. Can see Nuhiu dropping deep and the others running beyond him.
  14. Very attacking line up, worry is it will leave us outnumbered in central midfield.
  15. Monks doing OK we are better than we were at this time last season. Having said that he has the following players at his disposal that were not available at this time last year, Iorfa, Borner, Odubaju, Luongo, Murphy, Harris and Lees back from injury, the only loss is Hector. So I would expect us to be stronger. Positives are that other teams are not running through midfield unopposed. Negatives Not setup to score enough goals. Like last season we look poor from dead ball situations and this needs sorting.
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