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  1. Was hoping that Borokuv might be pressing for the first team this year, but looks like his progress may have stalled.
  2. Some posters on here have tunnel vision when it comes to FF. Was possibly the best player in the division during his first season, but even his most loyal supporters must admit he has mostly been a dissapointment since then. On his day a match winner and like all Wednesday fans hope he recaptures his form while he is still with us.
  3. What these great signings do prove is that it is more important to have a good scouting network and contacts than loads of money to spend. Clubs like Brentford have been doing this for years, surprised other clubs have taken so long to catch on.
  4. I would love to know what the true fees were for these players. Can you let us know what they were ? Thanks
  5. That decision shows that some refs have preconceived ideas about certain players before a ball is kicked. Beradi has a reputation for being dirty, the ref couldn't wait to send him off to show who is charge. Sadly some refs do the same with FF, although he is not dirty some refs never give him a thing and the opposition are allowed to constantly foul him.
  6. Agree with this review although I have Borner as MoM. Like the look of Luongo he has a bit of everything that you need in midfield, tackle, move it quickly, supports the attack and keeps it simple. Early days but reminds me of Danny Wilson. Thought Mulgrew was good for Wigan and can see why we tried to sign him a few years ago.
  7. Mods Can one of you edit this or close this thread I got Jordan Rhodes stats wrong He scored 8 goals and 2 assists 1 goal per 378 mins Thanks and apologies.
  8. To be fair to Fletcher since the start of last season his record is very good, he did have real goal drought prior to this.
  9. No you are correct it was me who put the wrong info in. Rhodes stats stats should have read 8 goals and 2 assists. A goal every 378 minutes and an assist every 1513 minutes. Sorry Jordan I am making your stats look much worse than they are.
  10. The surprising stat for me was Winnall, I thought his stats would be much worse and have been very critical of him. He could argue that he has not had a fair crack of the whip.
  11. If anyone else's has already produced these stats apologies and please pull this topic. We all have differing opinions on who should play up front for us, some of the comments on here have been " We should re-sign Hooper" " We should never have sold Joao" " Nuhiu can't get a shot on target in 3 games" "Rhodes is shot" " Give Rhodes 5 games and he will start to score" " Give Winnall 5 games and he will start to score " Like many I have been frustrated And critical of our strikers this season so I thought I would get some stats to see if it backs up any of these theories. To get a large volume of minutes played and to try to even out players peaks and troughs I have gone back to the start of the 2016-2017 season, the season Winnall and Rhodes joined us. The minutes played are for league games only played for us, and also these players have played the majority of games with the same managers and team mates. I have included Hooper and Joao for reference and comparison. Stats Player. Mins Played. Goals. Assists Fletcher. 6571. 29. 6. Goal every 226 mins. Assist every 1095 mins FF. 4825. 23 6. Goal every 219 mins. Assist every 804 mins Joao. 3984. 20. 6. Goal every 199 mins. Assist every 664 mins Hooper. 3737. 17. 7. Goal every 219 mins. Assist every 533 mins Nuhiu. 3585. 16. 8. Goal every 224 mins. Assist every 448 mins Winnall. 1318. 5. 1. Goal every 263 mins. Assist every 1318 mins Rhodes. 3027. 4. 2. Goal every 756 mins. Assist every 1513 mins
  12. Ian Which players would you have played last night ? Really would like to see your team sheet and the reasons why.
  13. Strange game we didn't deserve to lose but don't think we did enough to win. Attack wise it looked like we expected to score from dead ball situations and offered very little else. Hull did their homework on the free kicks held a high line and and crammed the centre of the box. We didn't have the nouse to play it wide and get in behind them. Westwood. 8. Thought he had a good game no chance with the goal, superb 1 on 1 save and safe handling. Odabaju. 8. MoM Put in a proper wing back performance, covered loads of ground and used the ball well. Iorfa. 6. Would have been an 8 but marked space not the man for the goal which ultimately cost us a point. Borner. 6 Solid enough defensively. But poor distribution. Palmer. 6. Defensively OK but offers little going forward. Hutchinson. 5. Didn't get involved much. Time to give Luongo a try. Bannan. 7. Always involved and never hides, but not as effective as he can be. Harris. 5 Never got going although I wouldn't have hooked him as he can unlock a defence in the blink of an eye. Reach. 5 Tried hard but nothing came off, at least he went looking for and saw lots of the ball. Nuhiu. 6 Typical Nuhiu performance when he starts a game, has some nice lay offs causes defences problems but rarely looks like scoring. Having said that a much better option than Winnall and Rhodes. Winnall. 4. Woefull, missed another golden chance and offers no pace, physicality or link play. Subs Murphy. 6 Tried to carry the ball and should have had a penalty but look s very lightweight. Rhodes. 4. Looks so out of touch and flat footed that it's a waste of time bringing him on. Would rather bring a defender on and chuck Iorfa up front. Lee. Not on long enough to assess.
  14. A great chance for Winnall tonite, can he join the likes of Joao, FF and Matias who have shown their best form when paired with the big man.
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