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  1. It was no suprise. This team can't handle it when the opposition start huslling and closing down in midfield. They made the changes and suddenly they were cruising through midfield putting pressure on our defence. These collapses have now been going on for a few seasons. Luongo makes a difference when he is fit.
  2. With relegation now nailed on I would like to see a complete reset of not only the complete playing staff ( youngsters except ) the coaching staff and the recruitment team. All of these have contributed to what is now a weak, tactically naive, and unbalanced poor quality squad. Does anyone on here think this bunch will get us out of the tough league that league 1 is.? Will it happen not a chance., we will stutter through next season with no plan. This situation is no suprise it's been in the post for the last few seasons.
  3. That's better it's not that hard to put an opinion rather than shouting at someone who has a different opinion to you. You missed the point I was making. Murphy would be good in this division we saw that last season where as I don't think Reach is for the reasons I put in my original post. Murphy did his fair share of tracking back and scored 9 goals in 39appearances. Reach has scored 19 in 195 appearances.
  4. Very very inconsistent player, he is ok of given room on the left to ping crosses in. As soon as he gets tightly marked and a few tackles come in he Goes very quite. He has a good engine but marks space and points rather than tracking a player. He very rarely gets in the box to supplement the forwards which leaves us short attacking wise. Dont think he will shine elsewhere, take a look at Murphy who is miles better than Reach and he can't hold down a place for a Newcastle. Lower championship at best.
  5. Trying to pick the bones out of yet another poor performance. Same dreadful tactics this time it was hoof to Rhodes and Katchunga as opposed to Paterson and Windass. It's really basic and with the players we have so easy to defend against. Harsh marks for the players as I think the system stinks and does them no favours Wildsmith. 5. Made a couple of good saves but conceded 3 goals, not dominant. Urgohide. 6. Thought he did OK got caught in possession with a poor pass from Lees. Lees. 5. Not a leade
  6. Looks like the type of line up you would try in a pre season friendly. Would rather have seen Brown helping out the midfield than Katchunga
  7. Agree with this. Don't forget he is 19 year old in his first season of first team football and he will learn that in today's game you can't give the referee an option. Peope need to cut him a little slack, he is the best prospect we have had in years.
  8. Defence is not the problem, we have conceded less than both Brentford and Reading. Midfield not creating enough and a very poor group of attackers leaving us as the lowest goal scorers in the division is our big problem. Poor recruitment has left is woefully short in these areas.
  9. Don't think it is the manager, if we got Pep I think he would struggle here. Its like there's is a malaise within the club, every year we move a couple of players on and we still get the same old inconsistency. We have tried many different managerial approaches and none have worked. Carlos with his clock in and out when you want. Jos with his freeze your best players out. Bruce. We will never know. Bullen arm around the shoulder Monk get rid of the bad eggs Pulis disciplinarian my way or the highway Thompson see Bullen
  10. Harris had quite a few opportunities but today Pederson got the better of him.
  11. Another stinker of a performance, looks like the tactic was to kick it into the corners and chase after it. After the sending off other teams regroup and make it difficult, we were wide open for ten minutes and the goal was no suprise with our lack of fighting spirit, it's the same when we go a goal down. Collectively this bunch of players are weak. Westwood. 6. Not to blame for the goal but don't think he made a save today. Palmer. 5. Seemed to go missing just after the sending off, but he did make one very good clearance. Lees. MoM. 6. Def
  12. He had a poor game but kept going and provided the only bit of quality for us with the superb cross for Rhodes. Much worse players than him out there for us today.
  13. I liked Rob Jones The type of player we needed at that time to change the losing culture at the club. I am very suprised he didn't mention the pep talk that I gave him in M&S the day before we beat United at their ground. Probably walked away thinking what a nutter.
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