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  1. I like Norwich, always liked their colours, they used to travel in huge numbers to Hillsboro, the have a real dislike for United, son went to uni there and it's a fine city. Today I want us to smash them.
  2. True he has got a lot better with age. In his early days he was copying a lot of Jordan Rhodes moves.
  3. Oops just realised that I got Kodja mixed up with Vydra, Yeah Kodja does look 6ft 3. Easy mistake to make as they are almost identical
  4. He doesn't look 6ft 3 maybe he uses the same tape measure as 6ft Kieran Lee
  5. Breaking up Lees and Borner is the last thing we should do at the moment, they have both been good together since Pulis came in. Want to see Iorfa back in the team but not at the expense of one of those 2, we have much more pressing issues in other positions were Iorfa can play.
  6. Agree a bit more quality is needed up front but I don't have a problem with Windass and Paterson, but think Katchunga was a strange signing. In fact I think Paterson will be a good long term signing for us.
  7. I bet he was impressed seeing Iorfa in action and think he will be in the team tomorrow. Don't think he will want to break up the Lees, Borner combination so may bring him in at right side of defence. With Luongo out wouldn't be suprised to see him deployed in the Luongo role protecting the back 4.
  8. I would mark him a B You have to look at the state we we're in when he took over, Players like Borner, Harris and Reach looking like Sunday league players now looking like the championship players they are. The team that looked fragile and couldn't withstand pressure, now look solid and resolute. This squad is really poor and is far worse than the squad we had at this time last season, he is basically working with hardly any decent tools Despite playing half the games with only 10 men he is well on the way to making us a team that is difficult to
  9. Wildsmith the best goalkeeping performance for us in 18 months. Reach a close runner up. All the players worked their socks off.
  10. I would say that is the best performance by a Wednesday keeper in the last 18 months.
  11. My Guess Brian Joicey, ?, Jeff Johnson, Dave Cusack, Peter Springett, Graham Pugh
  12. Once got a taxi from Sheffield and back to watch us play Exeter. Was the season we got promoted from the old 3rd division. In those days you could just turn up at SUT on Pond St on match day buy a ticket and get on the coach. Arranged to meet a couple mates at 5am but all the coaches were full, a guy coms up to us says he an Wednesday fan and will take us there's and back for the cost of the coach fare each. WAWAW
  13. I don't think you understood the point I was asking. I was looking for stats not one example Matey. I could be totally wrong and I don't mind
  14. Would be interesting to see what the stats are since Reach joined for Bannan with no Reach Reach with no Bannan and Bannan and Reach together. I am not sure Bannan and Reach compliment each other, Stats will probably blow my theory out of the water.
  15. Thanks for your response. This is how I see it. I have watched Wednesday for a similar amount of time and during this time at times we have looked like a ship where the engines have packed in and we floating along aimlessly, its like we are in a state of attrition. When we hit this point it's like we need a manager who is stoic to start the turn around process and get the engines running again. We were in this state when big Jack took over, he inherited a pile of rubbish and slowly with a few decent signings started moving in the right direction,
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