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  1. Looks a very poor lineup. Midfield looks very weak.
  2. Its only an eleven man team were playing goaliewag.
  3. It's important that we go into this game with the right setup. Too many times over recent years we have slipped up against the so called weaker or out of form teams. ( Nightmare performances against the likes of Burton haunt me ) Wether 442 or 443 I hope we go with 2 out of Hutch, Luongo and Pelupessy in central midfield to ensure we don't get outbattled.
  4. It looks like there is loads of brinkmanship going off this window, buyers and sellers staring each other out and seeing who blinks first. In our case with only an outside chance of the playoffs and potential points deduction I can understand us waiting until the last minute. I don't understand a club like Leeds who are desperately short of reinforcements and quickly running out of steam not moving quickly as the points lost in January could easily cost them automatic promotion.
  5. Normally you are very much a stats man Holmowl, take a look at his assist stats when coming on as a sub as opposed to when he starts they are remarkable and he also brings much more tenaciousness.
  6. At least 2 of those assists have come when we have used him as a sub. His assists per minute played record when used as a sub are very impressive.
  7. For me Adam Reach has too many games when he has very little impact when he starts. He seems to be a victim of his versatility, where he can put a decent shift in a number of positions but can't quite nail one position. We have used him as a sub recently and he has a real impact on the game, he comes on as if he has a point to prove, he looks hungry for the ball, looks like he wants a tackle and really gets involved. I don't think Reach himself would be happy used in this way but I would continue to use him as a sub, he does seem to be a bit of a game changer when brought on and can cover many different positions.
  8. Brilliant review, the only difference for me was I thought Hutch carried midfield until going off so would have been an 8 for Hutch and a 7 for Joey. For me the key to winning this game was that we have to play 2 out of Hutch, Luongo and Joey in midfield which prevents the opponents of cruising through our midfield. If we go 433 with Bannan or 442 like we did last night we have 2 out of those 3 battling away in midfield.
  9. Sorry can't agree that Rhodes contributes more than Nuhiu. Rhodes did nothing but be on the pitch last night. Nuhiu comes on holds the ball up, releives pressure and brings other players into the game. That second goal was a goal of beauty, Nuhiu dropped deep received the ball to his feet played a lovely crossfieid ball in front of Reach who didn't have to change is stride. This gives Reach the time to pick out Winnall with a magnificent ball before he gets closed down. Too many of our fans look at what Nuhiu can't do rather than focusing on what he is good at.
  10. They caught the bullet train from Dore Station to Euston.
  11. Right back/wingback is a real problem, with Palmer injured, Odubaju has not be been good enough and I would take the young lad out of the starting line up after last week. ( keep him involved and put him on the bench) I would be tempted to try Kieran Lee at right wing back tonite, he has played the position before and has the energy to get up and down the pitch.
  12. Not a big fan of Joey but if we go with a 3 man midfield we need to have 2 players who can put a tackle in alongside Bannan. Otherwise the opponents will just run through midfield So that would have to be 2 from Hutchinson, Luongo and Pelupessy. Probably start with Hutch and Luongo and see how Hutch goes on fitness wise.
  13. Agree with you, I really don't like 2 wingers and one central striker for all of the reasons you say. I do like 433 but with forwards who can move across the line and pull wide and stretch defenders, Blackburn were very good at it on Saturday. Iorfa, Borner and Fox who have been good so far this year, didn't know what day it was and who to mark, hence why Blackburn had 3 tap ins. I think it was Frasowl who got it bang right when he was raving about Armstrong in particular. But I think for 433 to work in this way, the wingbacks have to provide width.
  14. It looks like Monk is going to persist with playing a target man, even without Fletcher who was the only striker at the club who could play this role. Since his injury we have tried Nuhiu as the target man with Rhodes feeding off him which didn't work. Then we went Winnall as a target man against Leeds and even though we won I think it was despite that tactic rather than because of it. Again against Blackburn we went with this tactic it was a flop, Nuhiu looked slightly better when he came on. I can't see the point in loan signing Wickham, unless we are going to use him in the Fletcher role or change our style. As for loan signing Gayle, Adams, Nkeitah etc unless we also get a new target man or again change the system I can't see them working. So what I am saying is that if we are going to persist with the current tactic we need a direct replacement for Fletcher first.
  15. Forget the likes of Wickham, Adams and Murray we either won't or can't pay the money that their parent club wants. On the last day of the window we will me up with someone like Hogan, who nobody else wants and the parent club will pay most of their wages.
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