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  1. Good to see the under 23 side are playing the same system as the first team. Its common sense to me but criminally has overlooked in the past.
  2. Well I must in your opinion be "very silly indeed" as I wanted him gone at the end of last season. The reason I wanted him gone was that for 5 months I saw some of the most inept clueless performances I have witnessed from Wednesday in a long time. You are making a big deal about what went off at Xmas and using as an excuse for the turgid rubbish we saw. If something did go off at Xmas it's the manager job to cope with it and work around it. We had enough quality to compete better than we did. For balance I have always stated that the decision to bring in Monk without any backroom staff was criminal but doesn't excuse our truly dreadful performances.
  3. He looks like he has a lot of the attributes that I like in a striker, movement, pace and power. Don't know what went wrong at Wigan but whatever it was could be his Achilles heal. Very good start keep it up Josh.
  4. Maybe the manager is judging Rhodes on what he has seen rather than on his price tag and feels others are just as worthy of an opportunity. I am really happy he is giving the young lads a chance to show what they can do.
  5. Hopefully this good form continues but I will give it a dozen games before I acclaim Monk as the new messiah. Just as it would be unfair to jump on Monks back after a couple of losses exactly the same principle applies after the good results of the last 3 games.
  6. Wonder if it was the timing that upset Hutchinson. 1 day before the end of the transfer window does not allow him any time to try to fix up a deal elsewhere. You would have thought with a bit of forward thinking we would have let him know before the transfer window with a chance of us saving on his wages. The last thing you want is an experienced player hanging around the place like a rotten egg. If it's all true it looks like some bad timing to me.
  7. Wolves had Uniteds number last night. They matched them up numbers wise in the wide positions where United like to overload with players, this stopped United getting as many balls into the box. Newcastle did the same last year and United had no other answers. Then hit Uniteds slow back 3 with pace. Dead easy all you need is a player like Traore.
  8. Feared for us when I saw the line up and although we were a goal up we were poor for the first 30 mins. We then settled down and were suprisingly comfortable in the 2nd half. Windass just from Brown for MoM. Hopefully a confidence boost for the team. Having a player like Brown means that everything doesn't have to go through Bannan which is a big positive.
  9. He has the instinct and movement of a striker and provides options for the midfield. I don't think you can train this into a player that's why Reach can't play this role. It showed when he came on last week and even more so today.
  10. This. Same with Nuhiu both been with us for a long time and are consummate pros. A few nice words wouldn't go amiss and costs nothing.
  11. Sadly I think we will be relegated. With this squad of players and the 12 point deficit it will need a good manager to keep us up and I don't think Monk Is good enough.
  12. I can see a carnage situation where clubs without a benefactor have to go into admin. Players and staff thrown on th scrap heap. Clubs like ours with a rich benefactor could survive but only if the owners pump more money in, but by doing this they would break the FFP. Wonder what the EFL,s attitude would be then.
  13. Excellent cameo from Penney and got my MoM. If I remember he had a couple of stormers when he broke into the first team a couple of years ago but then got moved around and disappeared a bit. Thought Brown looked good at times particularly when running at their defence, he is one of those players who looks up when running with the ball looking for options rather than head down and go for it. Thought the system we started with was poor, Reach just doesn't look like a striker. I have been very critical of Monk but At the moment he is playing with a losing hand. Tougher challenges ahead.
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