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  1. Rather have Reece James any day and a lot younger
  2. Just had an email saying our match is on tmoz on bet 365 website or phone app think all you have to do is bet £1 if anyone isn’t making match
  3. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-midfield-or-central-defence-owls-boss-jos-luhukay-has-his-say-on-sam-hutchinson-1-9294768
  4. No way should have been took out near centre circle simple as he was fuming
  5. 1. Dawson -5 2. Baker-4.5 3. Fox-6 4. Lees-6 5. Thorniley-7.5 mom 6. Onomah- 6.5 7. Bannan -6.5 8. Reach -5 9. Matias- 5.5 10. Nuhiu -5 11. Joao - 6 12. Fletcher - 6.5 13. Pudil -5.5 I thought we looked like there was no leaders on the pitch, the ball didn’t stick enough in the second half with atty and it was putting us on the back foot a lot, Thorniley looked good and his passing was better, Never thought I would say it but we missed Palmer big time!. Don’t think that all the youngsters are ready apart from Thorniley and Penney, it’s not the end of the world we have some quality players coming back in next few weeks
  6. Got to go with what’s probably best on offer I’ve been or seen most matches and we need experience I would obviously start Westwood but it’s not happening so Dawson palmer lees hutchinson pudil reach bannan pelapussy matias Forestieri fletcher 4-1-4-1 go for it
  7. In my opinion with what we have at minute we’ve got to keep playing Lucas Joao he’s been good every time I see him also give Rhodes a run up front with him they are the best we have with them 2 up front we will beat the dingles.
  8. Our pressing has totally gone, we started doing it with 15 mins to go we missed lee and Hutchinson on that pitch, bannan showed a bit of passion but we strolled through the match, I know it's only pre season but we should have started near enough our first 11 and I really hope that's not the 11 cos were screwed, but hey ho in Carlos we trust.
  9. Hachim mastour released looking for a club in Europe worth a shot?
  10. When was the last time we got linked with an exciting young player wolves are an example with neves just thinking would love to bee linked and infact to sign an exciting young prospect.
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