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  1. a. Jaap Stam? Luis Enrique? c. Cristiano Ronaldo?
  2. Do they not still have that strange rule where you have to wait 7 days before serving a suspension for accumulating yellows?
  3. If you're hoping for things, why not just hope for a comfortable win?
  4. Im pretty sure thats right. Ive been to collect tickets from hillsborough on matchday to find they've been sent to the away ground. Give the ticket office a ring and ask
  5. All ticket apparently http://www.swfc.co.uk/news/article/burnley-v-owls-364017.aspx
  6. Used to sit near a guy that called him anagram.
  7. In league one, having been a free agent and with mandaric's reasonably strict wage control. He was also interviewed while we still had a manger Rodgers did so in the premiership, knowing full well that he'd attract attention from bigger clubs with successful, attractive football and therefore had a lot more bargaining power for negotiating a high wage I obviously dont have access to accurate financial information, but id put money on rodgers contract being of a much higher value than jones'
  8. Id always thought that manager compensation was determined by wages and length of contract, with the maximum amount being the full cost of buying out jones' contract with us. Obviously if jones wanted to speak to swansea we wouldnt be holding out for anywhere near the full amount, which i doubt is more than a couple of million anyway. Reason rodgers' compensation was so high was because he'd just signed a 3 and a half year deal in feb, wasn't it?
  9. Home: Rochdale, Hudds, Sheff U, Wycombe Away: Bury, Notts C, Sheff U, Preston Finish uni this year so will be able to get to a lot more next year!
  10. Imagine a championship team would pick him up ahead of us if portsmouth's hand was forced West ham been linked with him recently as a replacement if green moves on to better things in the summer
  11. As i live out of Sheffield, how do i verify my student status online, saving me a long trip to the ticket office? Pretty sure last year i had to email a scan of my NUS and Proof of ID to someone at swfc to allow me access to the cheaper prices online. Anyone know the email address?
  12. Harewoods playing in China at the moment so he wouldn't be free anyway Carews been strongly linked to West Ham McFadden would want a lot more than our wage system allows the rest are well past it
  13. Used to play for Rotherham and isn't exactly playing hundreds of miles away now. Maybe he still lives nearby..
  14. Wouldn't fancy us too much against Crawley tbh. They'd be up for it and aren't as bad as their non-league tag suggests. That said, it'd generate more interest than Burnley/Reading/Bolton/Wigan Hoping for a Big premiership team home or away.
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