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  1. University Challenge live. PAXMAN-Your starter for 10, what formation will Sheffield Wednesday play tonight. BUZZ ANNOUNCER-MOORE, Sheffield Wednesday. MOORE- eerrmm. PAXMAN- nope I’ll have to hand it across.
  2. I know Greg too and whilst perhaps not the most gifted player we’ve ever had, he’s a great bloke and after all these years still bleeds Blue & White. Like most of us I’ve no time for players who are taking the cash and don’t give 100%, Greg always did and for that alone doesn’t deserve retrospective criticism. Save that stuff for the likes of Jeffers and co.
  3. Only 3 games ago we were generally applauding a very strong (bar the last 10 mins) performance against West Brom. This without Bannan who allegedly makes us tick. Inconsistency by individuals on the pitch is our failing. One game we look like top 6 material, the next a pub team. Historically our strongest teams have not necessarily contained brilliant players, but have had 11 who played as a team and at the top of their ability range. This group of players have individual ability which far exceeds some our previous successful teams. It is the managers job to get that performance level more often. JL is not achieving that but has shown he can. He needs to take a long hard look at what he needs to do to get them playing well every week and we should be fine. As a group of supporters we need to cut down on the post match drama and support our club.
  4. Another just outside MK Owl here and on International breaks I just go anywhere but MK. Local non-league club is a 5 min walk so may wander down there.
  5. Yes but timing could be an issue as I'm doing family visits and stuff too-pm to see what we can sort out
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