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  1. It's all kicking off at the mo, apparently SiJ is gay!
  2. woody is god


    Next post chats poo poo ;)
  3. Is alcohol allowed on the Inter City Owl? Considering going on it to Cardiff away, just wondering whether i will be allowed to drink on the bus, and whether it stops at any pubs on the way? Many thanks
  4. woody is god

    Wood going?

    Can't see Coventry mustering anywhere near 2 million for Woody, more like 750k i think. If he goes, i really can't see us staying up, and since Sheord is a wait and see merchant, he'll watch us struggle and think flip dat. Were not going anywhere fast, and Sheard seems to want us to win the CCC first then buy the debt. He goes to enough games, you get what you pay for (which can't be applied unfortunately to our season tickets). IMHO, i think we going to have to flog beavers sometime soon, for a ridiculous amount hopefully, because no-one else in our squad is worth about 1M