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  1. No one really thinks Bullen should be permanent manager though do they?
  2. Define ‘proper’. They are not identical though are they. Do you know what identical means?
  3. Bit like Wednesday, Cambridge, Luton and Orient then. Four s@@t sides with bad facilities just a different size and in a different colour.
  4. Have to agree. I went to Reading and stayed in the hotel linked to the stadium. It was really busy on Friday with what looked like conference delegates etc, it was obviously packed on Saturday afternoon with the game and there were people using the restaurant in the evening. Than on Sunday as we were leaving, families were arriving for Sunday lunch. I might get hammered for this but, in my view, if we really want a club that's capable of competing at a higher level we need to able to find ways of generating non-match day income and having a stadium that works seven days a week is key. We are so far behind clubs like Reading ('kin Reading) it's frighting.
  5. Seems to be lots of debate about the fee but I look at it like this, if we had just paid £5m/£6m/£7m (take your pick) for him I would be gutted.
  6. But those same fans will also be shouting for Bullen to be given the job if we win.
  7. You do know we will have another game a week later and any new manager might want to change the plans for that game don't you?
  8. Nothing would happen. That said, if a bloke that's been watching 40 years approached Bruce and told Bruce what he thought of him, said fan would be labelled a disgrace by other Wednesday 'fans'.
  9. Left us in a worse position than he found us having spent more money than any manager in our history. An inconvenient fact for some. But still the clueless clapped.
  10. He spent more money than any other manager in our history and left us in a worse league position than we finished under SG. How the f@@k is that successful?
  11. I fear some random foreign guy (à la Carlos / Jos) will suddenly appear from nowhere. I just hope DC has learnt his lesson.
  12. OK so you are obviously not prepared the give the name of who you want. So by your rationale we should only appoint caretaker managers so we are not stuck with someone on a three year contract.
  13. In my view DC has to make a decision re who he wants, go after him (even if it means approaching another club) and stick with it. I don’t think this (potentially) open ended caretaker role is the way to go but all about opinions.
  14. Genuine questions mate, not meant to be argumentative. Who do you want and how long are you prepared to wait? What if we went with Bullen and lost the first 5 but the available candidates hadn’t changed?
  15. Personally I don’t mind Rowett, he got an edge to him and I like in a manager.
  16. I wonder what DC wants the outcome to be? What if the Premier League agree Newcastle did wrong then say something along the lines of ‘Newcastle have been warned about their future conduct’? I can’t help feeling, given the new season is virtually here, we need to appoint manager and move on. Looking like this season is a write off already.
  17. Success....nothing else matters and it’s amazing how people forget about style when you are winning.
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