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    Absolutely correct.
  2. This new medical team are working wonders.
  3. Carlos is "getting the blame" for team related problems and I do not believe for one minute DC makes the decisions about coaching the players, tactics, selections, substitutions and style of play etc.
  4. Hoardes of angry masses at the gates? When end did this happen? Have an opinion by all means but don't be silly.
  5. Promotion. Sorry had to take it too far.
  6. Against the club. You do know DC owns the club don't you?
  7. Given it's turning into a PR disaster I absolutely would have expected the club to say they were seeking legal advice. Wouldn't you?
  8. No it doesn't but there has been no mention of legal proceedings has there?
  9. "Stiffed us"? How does that work then? No professional organisation enters into a supply agreement without legally binding contracts. If the original supplier 'agreed' to supply the kits then just walked away we will be entitled to serious compensation but does anyone seriously believe that happened?
  10. DC gets em in CC ships em out

    So the owner buys players but the manager doesn't want them, refuses to play them and forces them out. However the manager, who is employed by the owner, keeps his job. OK.
  11. I bet Huddersfield are gutted to have missed out on such a prestigious accolade.
  12. CC's replacement.

    Well we will benefit via compensation from the kit fiasco won't we? I mean no professional organisation entrers into a supply contract without legally binding contracts do they?
  13. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Where is the evidence of this?