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  1. Fantastic result against a tough, tough opponent and a clean sheet. Couldn’t have asked for a better start. Well done GM, his staff and the team.
  2. Wednesday legend......I mean really??
  3. Couple of new chants. Nil nil to the Wednesday boys.... We always win nil nil.....
  4. And still the clueless are attention seeking.
  5. Moan, moan, [email protected]@king moan. It might be a good time to play Cardiff and Watford as they might not be up to full speed. We’ve got to play them all home and away so what does it matter?
  6. “Could” ”up to” ”likely” Literally nothing at all article.
  7. I don't think its because Hillsborough is intimidating, quite the opposite. It's soulless and you can hear a pin drop the vast majority of the time so it must be difficult for the players to get up for home games. Wednesday sides have traditionally done well in front of big Hillsborough crowds creating big atmospheres.
  8. Our club is a joke and an embarrassment and it’s all down to Chansiri. Today is a dark day in our history.
  9. This is down to on man, Chansiri. He is an absolute disgrace.
  10. An ex-Wednesday player even got a header on target? Exciting times.
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