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  1. This x1000. And still the clueless clap.
  2. What a complete and utter f@&king mess. We are almost certainly going to have to go backwards before we can go forwards but the sooner DC goes the better.
  3. It’s just boring. Ive been going since the 70s and have a season ticket but couldn’t be bothered to go last night because I felt like I’d already seen that game a hundred times. A mid-table second division Wednesday side playing against AN Other mid-table second division side on a cold and miserable night in a half full and soulless stadium. Yes we might win by the odd goal but we might just as easily lose by the odd goal and in the grand scheme of things, unless we get a points deduction, it won’t really matter either way because we are not going up or down. The players are ‘OK’ are the manager seems ‘OK’ but OK is not good enough. I know I'm a miserable two hat but I can’t see any escape from the groundhog season purgatory.
  4. Load of rubbish. He didn’t gamble or spend big until after the playoff final. Unfortunately we fell into the trap of many clubs with ‘new’ money, we allowed a clueless manager to sign journeyman players on long and expensive contracts. It was obvious after the transfer window post Wembley that the signings weren’t what we needed and where this would end but anyone who raised concerns were shouted down and called bed wetters etc. The rest is history.
  5. As the Pigs, Huddersfield' Bournmouth, Brighton etc have proven, you don't need parachute payments to compete. You need an owner who knows what he's doing to appoint a manager who knows what he's doing and then build in a sustainable manner. Unfortunately we had DC and CC, both clueless, and the rest is history.
  6. As per title. Face value, give me a shout if interested.
  7. Stoped reading at “super fan”. I watched Wednesday when he was still a Wolves fan.
  8. I know it's a taboo subject for many but new stadiums with family friendly facilities also have a positive impact on attendances. A lot of Prem clubs would want the maximum allocation they could get so god knows what that would do to our use of the North.
  9. Do you go to games? Genuine question not meant as a dig. Do you think the football on display is quality? I agree anyone can beat anyone but I think that’s because every team is ‘so so’ not because they are good.
  10. It's a bang average division again just like it always is. Only the hype from Sky makes people think it's the 'hardest league in the world' or whatever rubbish they spout.
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