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  1. The point is, you don't need millions of £ to spend to compete in this division. You need a clued up manager and chairman/owner. Unfortunately, prior to Bruce, we have had neither for a very long time.
  2. The league is poor, very poor. It's competative because the teams are much of a muchness. Sky TV like to big it up because they have subscriptions to sell but, as the pigs have proved, a half decent manager that knows what he's doing, with a plan how to play and the ability to identify the right players, will be there or there abouts. The fans of clubs that have wasted millions and have fallen fowl of financial regulations like to blame things such as parachute payments but it's an excuse for mismanagement. Brighton, Hiuddersfield, Bournemouth etc, etc. get promoted without parachute payments.
  3. I never said it counted for anything.
  4. Fans can’t look f? Read the New Stadium thread.
  5. Villa are the biggest club in the league....by a mile.
  6. Yeah but Carlos had a dream. The clueless clapped regardless how many times they were told.
  7. No it's not. It's competative because a lot of teams are at a similar level but the quality and standard is poor.
  8. Come on mate.....the vast, vast majority of fans were creaming over Carlos ever though, to some at least, it was obvious he was an horrific appointment. I'm not wearing this 'fans have been calling for a manager with experience of the league for four years' line now.
  9. Just like the other three stands, the kop is not fit for purpose. Poorly designed and built stands is the reason we can never fully sell out any side of our ground. I know I will get battered for this but Hillsborough is shocking. Poor location, facilities, parking, public transport links and atmosphere....totally soulless (thought I would get in early) vast majority of the time.
  10. There is zero chance Bolton will cease to exist.
  11. Don’t be silly. We have a squad of players that range from bang average to dreadful and should be happy with mid table mediocrity.
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