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  1. Mishowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Someone who doesn’t change clubs.
  2. Mishowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    In my view, you don’t choose you are chosen and you certainly don’t change teams. I genuinely don’t know any other ‘serious’ football fan that has changed who he/she supports.
  3. Mishowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Regardless of how many games to attend, how can you change clubs and be classed as a true?
  4. Yes and that was a complete ‘kin disaster that we are paying for now.
  5. Committee? There was no committee. It was disbanded after a few months. Fletcher? Horrific journeyman signing who is the the absolute prime example of why we are where we are.
  6. I’m not surprised it wasn’t obvious to you. Carlos had final say on the transfers. If he had been capable of identifying young players with both ability and a future sell on value we would be stuck with a squad full of journeymen crocks that no one will take off our hands.
  7. This X 1,000. It was obvious what was happening and where it would end with Coco but anyone who said so at the time was shouted down and abused.
  8. Mishowl

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    Divisions in the squad were created by Clown Carlos long before Rhodes was signed. Just saying.
  9. If we go up and come straight back down no one on here will be moaning about parachute payments. Did Cardiff, Huddersfield, Bournemouth or Brighton etc. etc. have parachute payments?
  10. Mishowl

    Rate the season

    W@@k but I knew it would be when it was announced Carlos was staying.
  11. Mishowl

    What stopped us?

    The region as a whole lacks leaders and forward thinkers. Sheffield, as sad as it is, is literally miles behind Manchester and Leeds.
  12. Of course Leeds are bigger than Wednesday.
  13. If he stays and we get off to a bad start the negativity will just spiral out of control.
  14. Doesn't make any difference, I think DC in incapable of making the correct appointment.
  15. Mishowl

    Two Major Concerns with Jos

    We’ll see.