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  1. Literally don’t care. Bruce threads should be moved to non-Wednesday page.
  2. If we are going for someone ‘new’ Arteta. If if we are going for experience Pearson, Houghton or Moyes. Karanka is far too negative in my view.
  3. Absolutely mate. Loads and loads of manager markets out there. Some people just make stuff or post without having a clue.
  4. A bit like some of the comments on here when he was linked with us.
  5. I don't want him to stay now. F@@k him if we want's to go.....SWFC are bigger than him.
  6. I don't claim to know how this compensation thing works but surely? If there is no release clause and he is under contract we can ask whatever figure we want just like with a player If there is a release clause and it's met we can't stop him going If there is a release clause and it isn't met we can stop him going or withhold his registration if he walks I think it's clear he wants to go or he would have ruled himself out by now but there may be no way back for him with DC. I just hope DC holds out for the best possible compensation.
  7. Never been so much media attention and news coming out of Hillsborough in 48 hours.
  8. That settles it then. He’s not in Newcastle right now so he’s definitely not going.
  9. Define “the club”. Players, managers, the kit, the badge etc. etc. change. Don’t get me wrong I know where you are coming from but “the club” means different things to different people and those filthy c@&ts getting promotion made me an awful lot more uncomfortable than, for example, renaming Hillsborough. I just want to win and if this helps, so be it.
  10. Love these treads......people posting things like "no" and "I don't want him" like their opinion actually matters.
  11. My background is in Plant and Machinery valuations where we use different methods but I found this: "The profits method of property valuation is typically applied to commercial property valuations where the major value component is driven by the profitability of the businesses that occupy the buildings and not simply the land or buildings themselves. Situations where the profits method of valuation would be appropriate include hotels, guest houses, pubs and cinemas. Despite the financial “facts and figures” practicality of the profits method however, one of the most popular techniques used to value commercial property is still the comparable method". "The comparable method of property valuation, put simply is all about comparing and contrasting the values of similar properties in similar locations in an attempt to establish an approximate value for the property under consideration. The comparable method of commercial property valuation is recognised as being straight forward to apply and easy to understand and more importantly, appears to work well under most situations. There are of course other factors that must be taken into consideration when using the comparable valuation method, but generally that is how it works".
  12. Can anyone explain what is meant by "we" when talking about who owns the ground? What part of the ground do I own given I've had a season ticket for over 40 years and can I expect a cheque in the post for my share?
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