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  1. What stopped us?

    The region as a whole lacks leaders and forward thinkers. Sheffield, as sad as it is, is literally miles behind Manchester and Leeds.
  2. Of course Leeds are bigger than Wednesday.
  3. If he stays and we get off to a bad start the negativity will just spiral out of control.
  4. Doesn't make any difference, I think DC in incapable of making the correct appointment.
  5. Two Major Concerns with Jos

    We’ll see.
  6. Two Major Concerns with Jos

    There is nothing to suggest Jos is the right man. He will prove to be another bad appointment just like Carlos.
  7. Mick McCarthy

    No I'm out....back to only understanding English.
  8. Mick McCarthy

    No, you have lost me. What is your point?
  9. Mick McCarthy

    You have lost me. I only understand English.
  10. Mick McCarthy

    Wasting our time.....said it before and will say it again.....least knowledge fanbase in the country.
  11. Mick McCarthy

    No money?
  12. Mick McCarthy

    You are aware we are not a Premier League team?
  13. Mick McCarthy

    So don't "come back" with facts?
  14. Mick McCarthy

    But you were one of Carlos’ biggest advocates and he was horrific.
  15. Mick McCarthy

    If you are sad enough to care about “liking” the manager you are sad enough to bump into him, have a selfie and post it on social media.