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  1. Owlstalk would be much better if @owlstalk didn’t actually post.
  2. Pretty much exactly how I feel although I would describe it as soulless rather than poisonous.
  3. How to generate a thread out of absolutely nothing.
  4. The lessons were already out there and well documents before DC even took over. We fell into the same trap as so many other clubs with 'new' money and an owner that doesn't know the game. We appointed a bad manager and allowed him / the advisers (take your pick) to sign journeymen players looking far a last payday. These players had little or no sell on value and we gave them long, lucrative contracts. The writing was on the wall following the post Wembley transfer window and here we are.
  5. Appointing Carlos when it was clear from a quick look at his CV that he wasn’t up to the job. We had no FFP issues due to the fact we hadn’t had a pot to pi££ in for years and were in a very very average division. What ball ox we made of it and are paying for it now.
  6. Far, far better coach than Carlos will ever be not to mention his eye for a player. Signed Loovens, Lee, Hutchinson, Lees and Westwood on an absolute shoestring. One thing is absolutely certain, he wouldn’t have looked at 200 centre half’s and chosen Van Aken.
  7. Not good enough. His contract extension tells you everything you need to know about where we are going to be over the coming few seasons.
  8. Football is not like any other business when it comes to press coverage though is it? I appreciate image as portrayed in the media can have a negative impact on a business but football fans are not going to turn their backs on their clubs because of the media. This is not just about what division a club is playing in next season there’s far more at stake such as people’s livelihoods and I’m not talking players. Back room staff, office staff, hospitality staff and cleaners etc. may all lose their jobs if a clubs income in dramatically cut. Guess we will have to agree to disagree. Stay safe.
  9. Who cares what the press say? Why should any club accept relegation, the loss of income and almost certainly having to make staff redundant because other clubs voted for it? I don’t think you would be saying that if Wednesday were in the bottom three.
  10. Fair point mate but if we play on and get a 30 point deduction it's not going to make any difference.
  11. We will probably vote end it.....unless we suddenly get hit with a 10 point penalty.
  12. Just because there is a vote doesn’t mean those that don’t get what they want or see as fair won’t take legal action.
  13. Fair comment. Scrapping playoffs halfway through the season also constitutes a rule change. How do they expect to get away with that?
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