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  1. Mishowl

    Bristol City Away.

    Good opportunity for the away game ‘closed shop’ brigade to get some loyalty points.
  2. I 100% believe success on the field a bigger factor than price. We we have had periods, under Irvine for example, where the ground wouldn’t have been full if it was free to get in.
  3. Mishowl


    Carlos couldn’t put a jigsaw together. After inheriting Hutchinson, Lee, Lees, Westwood and Loovens, if we had appointed a manager that could put a side together we would up by now.
  4. Mishowl


    It isn’t really a problem? The owner says it promotion or bust (I’m paraphrasing)?
  5. Mishowl

    A dose of reality

    Sixth spot? Mate forgot it.....really.
  6. Mishowl

    A dose of reality

    We are just not very good. One look at the squad will tell you how this season will play out. While we will have some good days the majority will be like Saturday or tonight and we will finish top of the bottom half.
  7. Mishowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    I know a couple of lads that have bought and sold tickets to both Forest and Villa. They had no intention of going but knew someone would snap their hand off given the small allocation and they get to keep their points up. Just because someone buys a ticket doesn't necessarily mean they attend the game.
  8. Ha ha. I’ve just watched it again have you? I can’t believe that anyone believes that should have been ruled out. Genuinely, that was a perfectly good goal.
  9. FFS learn the rules. The goal scorer was not offside.
  10. Mishowl

    Wanted list....

    You forget thought mate, it's more important to have someone they 'like' rather than someone who actually knows what they are doing.