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  1. Aside from the name thing, the 757 fleet was used by BA for domestic flights and retired about 10yrs ago.
  2. The spoons 'Grey Friar' was closed season before last, so we went in the Adelphi. Located on the roundabout adjoining Adelphi st, Moor lane and Friargate. The police put on buses to take us to the ground, don't know if this is the norm though?
  3. Ah, thought he was 1 more away from a 1 match ban for some reason.
  4. Is he still due a ban for 1 more yellow? If so it's a shame he didn't pick one up if he's going to be sidelined anyway.
  5. Very composed on the ball, involved in everything for them.
  6. I know it's a 5pm kick off but you're really gonna be pushed for time if you plan to paint the stadium!
  7. I'm in the Minories nr tower Bridge now. Few owls in. Getting loads of good luck messages received from the natives.
  8. Anyone got a pic of the sex doll with 'Cardiff owl sucks' written on it?
  9. The easiest way to sort this is to tweet @swfcTICKETS they will reply and ask for your ID and sort it out for you. Same happened for my Dad when booking our tickets, SEEtickets system did not match Wednesday's for some reason. If you don't have a twitter account sign up here, takes 2 mins: https://mobile.twitter.com/signup
  10. Hopefully this is all the motivation he needs to score a hatrick in the final
  11. One of them annoying players you'd love to have here but hate playing against. Funnily enough, exactly what I thought of Forestieri.
  12. Atdhe's on fire, Your row Z is terrified! Atdhe's on fire, Your row Z is terrified! Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Naaaa
  13. Travel down Friday morning on the train. Drink lots, check into hotel. Drink more. Pubs and soak up the atmosphere all day Saturday, get nervous before the match. Watch match, drink some more. Train home on Sunday.
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pack-Inflatable-Colour-Beach-Ball/dp/B01F5OTL3M/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1463603653&sr=8-10&keywords=Blue+and+white+beach+ball
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