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  1. Sad to see him leave even though its not unexpected, he can hold his head up high that he gave everything he could on the pitch for us. Would be a good signing for many a club still
  2. I know. Their manager is seen as a better candidate than others. What can we do
  3. Honest opinion (I do like some of the ones I'd get rid off but I'm being realistic, I'd replace them if possible) BPF (not get back), Dawson (keep), Wildsmith (release) Palmer (release), Hunt (keep) Storey (get back), Dean (get back), Iorfa (release, if sticking to recent formation, otherwise keep), Hutchinson (keep, as a backup), Dunkley (release), Brennan (loan out), Gibson (don't get back) Johnson (keep), Brown (sell/release) Bannan (keep), Byers (keep), Luongo (keep, only as backup), FDB (release), Adeniran (release), Alex Hunt (loan) Shodipo (don't get back), NML (release/don't bring back), Windass (release, too many injuries) Paterson (keep as backup), Sow (sell/release), Kamberi (don't get back), Gregory (keep), John-Jules (don't get back), Berahino (release)
  4. The last paragraph is exactly what we should be expecting.
  5. Very depressed myself. One part of me thought we'd lose out but another part must have had hope, otherwise why would I feel like this
  6. Maybe we could again but the season after we lost to Huddersfield, we were garbage. That's the season I'm referring to.
  7. No, I'm sensing (if he stays) it's going to be another Carlos story where next season we'll be more worried about slipping into the relegation places as we become a mid table outfit and hit a very bad patch of form. I'm dreading who we'll lose, players wise, in close season.
  8. Before the 1st leg, When I saw Neil had won playoffs before with Hamilton and Norwich, I instantly thought 's**t', he's got experience at grinding it out in a high pressure situation with high stakes, something Moore doesn't have unfortunately. The writing was on the wall from the start. Crazy to think that the 5th and 6th placed teams in the table are going to Wembley.
  9. A lesson in how to neutralise an attack I thought from Sunderland
  10. - don't like the 'we're on our way' song - I quite like Warnock (even though I like the small chant for have do him too) - Mark Reynolds was a good defender for us
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