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  1. "Rhodes salary this cant be true." Tip of the day: There are many, many things that can't be true; it's probably best not to start threads on all of them though.
  2. An indication Westwood is off? Or an indication that some of our fans are very much glass half empty types?
  3. It’s safest never to leave the house; it’s a big bad world out there. Well that’s what the newspapers, TV and radio tell me; I’ve no idea cos I’ve been stuck indoors since 1974. Getting a bit fed up of baked beans now if I’m honest!
  4. Some people take the whole Family Club thing way too far!
  5. Well said Nando. (Erm, hang on a minute; wasn't part of Nando's defence that his English wasn't very good!) Well said Nando's lawyer!
  6. Pig fan reckons Toytown played better when down to 10 men cos they got all 11 men behind the ball! That’s piganomics!
  7. I hope Chris Turner calms down a bit during the commentary; or else his over excitement and raucous enthusiasm is going to become annoying!
  8. Special POTG rate for helping us get ripped off: £2m each should cover it. Hello; is that the P&S Helpline? There’s been a development..... can we start splashing the cash again now? Fantastic! Quick get HMSPTL ready to sail!
  9. 1. Good to see that with this being the most expensive football game to police SYP rapidly snuff out any problems rather than leaving them to the stewards - not! (This relates to the bottle throwing inside the Leppings Lane end.) 2. If I was being ‘nawty’ I’d definitely want my mates to film me doing it and post it all over social media. Not sure who is the most stupid: the ones being ‘nawty’ knowing they are being filmed or their supposed mates for actually filming and publishing it! Surely plenty of evidence for the club/police to consider.
  10. Was it a Thai guy in a smart suite and overcoat wearing glasses and a blue and white scarf, and was he handing out business cards for D-taxis? He was? No, I’ve no idea who it was either!
  11. Does he do drama, comedy, news? Come on man give us something to work with. Better still; what name were people calling him when they were asking for a picture?
  12. A bloke off the tele you say; someone on here is bound to know.
  13. He’s always more mumble than humble!
  14. The difference between Danny Murphy, Ruud Gullit and the likes of us on Owlstalk is that we're not paid money to offer a supposedly expert opinion on football related matters whereas they are. They were clearly uninformed on an issue that had been in the public domain and could have been checked out by even the briefest of conversations with anyone remotely connected to Wednesday. They appeared all too eager to criticise Steve Bruce and clearly had no knowledge of the circumstances that led to his break from football. Gullit was perhaps the most guilty with his 'would he have done it to Man Utd?' jibe when Alex Scott was trying to explain Bruce's decision (which might have stopped them both from putting their foot in it any further) but he just shouted her down. That was incredibly ignorant of Gullit and must have been incredibly hurtful to Bruce as it called into question both his professionalism and his personal integrity over such an emotional issue. To his great credit Bruce has not reacted in kind by attacking his attackers, nor by playing the victim. Should Murphy and/or Gullit lose their jobs? That's up to their employers. Are there better informed and more insightful 'experts' available? You would very much hope so.
  15. Top Tip for New Signings? Don't read Owlstalk!
  16. It’s that bloody Wilder again isn’t it! Did he tell you that Reach cost us £8m and is on £40k p/w?
  17. We’ve certainly been through much, much worse; it’s just that a lot of our fans have the memory of a goldfish!
  18. No actual fighting yet, just lots of posturing, pointing and even a report of somebody posing on another thread. If there’s any exciting developments i’ll Be sure to let you know. Mind you I’m having lamb cutlets for tea in a bit so there might be a delay in updates. Soz!
  19. And when you don’t like the answers....? FFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTT!
  20. Why, what’s the Chancellor of Sheffield University ever done to make you have such a low opinion of him?
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