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  1. Sorry to interrupt your doomladen rants guys, but if you actually read the travel update in the link that papalazarowl provided, the cause of the problem is nowt to do with the supposed nanny state or the country's level of gone to pot-ness; it's a simple case of damaged electricity cables disrupting the services; poo happens as they say: "Damage to the overhead wires between Peterborough and Hitchin means all lines are blocked." What actually seems to have gone to pot, especially since the rise of social media, is people's ability to understand and deal with the fact that not everything goes the way it was planned, or how they wanted it to. Trains will sometimes get delayed or cancelled, roads may be blocked, it might get very hot or very cold, there may be heavy rain or snow or wind, and yes, god forbid, Wednesday might not win!
  2. OMG, the mere fact that Brian Dean has been mentioned, albeit sarcastically, in a thread about the 'BBC fan vote: all-time Premier League XI' means it will deffo get an entry on the Blunt's Honours Board!
  3. Yep, exactly what the article said: "Season Ticket seats will not be held, however Season Ticket holders and Members will have a priority booking period". Hopefully people won't be upset by this arrangement - certainly not those on here who constantly demand that DM needs a 'Plan B' - this is your chance to view a game from your very own choice of 'Seat B'! Those who wish to stick to their 'Seat A' can of course do so, as long as they book it quickly before someone else lays their virtual Wednesday Beach Towel on it!
  4. YUYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Who needs strikers?
  5. wow, not only a footballing genius but also a rapier wit to challenge Stephen Fry!
  6. So you think it’s OK for you to call Moore slow, but you take offence when someone applies the same term to you! As for the “I only made a comment” line, are you saying you didn’t actually mean it, or that again you think it’s OK for you to make negative comments but you expect immunity from any negative response to them?
  7. And so it came to pass..... (in another "Malik Wilks" thread): Top predictive work El Toro! (Totally expected though!)
  8. Who is that supposed to be? (I’m assuming it’s not actually intended to be Dr Shipman!) Ooh, ooh, I know. Erm, oh no. Erm, is it one of the Simpsons? A young Colonel Sanders? A local newsreader or politician? The shop manager? Oh, I give in. Who cares anyway. Flippin’ scouse nonsense! “Established 1892”? More likely to have been “Stolen 1892”!
  9. Sounds to me like you're finally coming round to the opinion that someone, or in this case something, could actually be out to get us!
  10. According to Eckybum: “we were a little bit shot-shy and I would have liked to have seen us put the ball in the box a little bit more.” ”shot-shy” must be up there with “goal rich”! Oh, and Eckybum of course meant to say: “we were MORE THAN a little bit poo and I would have liked to have seen us put the ball AT LEAST SOMEWHERE NEAR the NET JUST ONCE.”
  11. Just another typical day on OwlsTalk. You’ve created a monster!
  12. Make Hillsborough a state of the art stadium (when appropriate to do so). 100%
  13. YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be forever known as the "DBF" game after he nets a late winner?
  14. FFS! but... C’mon you blue & white wizards! (3-2 or 4-2 will do!)
  15. It's still on. C’mon you blue & white wizards!
  17. Bit disappointed with the new West Stand, can't believe nobody mentioned that in the list of ground improvements over the summer! Also GET THEM PEOPLE OFF THE PITCH! The EFL and SAG are gonna have a fit! UTO 3-1 victory incoming!
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