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  4. OMG wait ‘til he hears that we actually won on Wednesday night and he’s missed out on all the celebrations! I’ve only just sobered up; well, nearly!
  5. So a rough consensus seems to be: Option 1 has failed so should be dropped. Option 2 is just a wish list where all of a sudden everything miraculously turns to gold, but in reality we know it won’t work either. Anyone got a different option? (DC and advisors please feel free to join in.)
  6. A Ted-ism is long overdue on OwlsTalk!
  7. Took you long enough to reply! L**ds are 9th which is surprisingly low given all your world-beater guff! I wonder what happened to the Blunts the season after they finished 9th? Enjoy!
  8. Top respect and good luck to Richard Parker. Well done to Wednesday for helping a dream come true.
  9. “TV / Vid anchor.” Nearly right Biggsy, nearly!
  10. Well, we can't be expected to compete with these teams when even their ex-managers are on £80k week!
  11. Even his TalkSport colleagues were openly laughing and pulling faces at Biggs’ unbalanced and unquestioning support for Wilder.
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