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  1. SAG insist the match is played behind closed doors. Mr C plays a blinder and charges himself £1,000,000 per empty seat and all our worries are over!
  2. GOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLSSSS!!! We are top of the League, say we are top of the League! Fantastic start to the season, well done all!
  3. GOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! We are (joint) top of the League, say we are (joint) top of the League!
  4. Dem Blavges would have had this accolade carved into their 'Honours Board' in a flash!
  5. That'll be an automatic 10 match ban for FF when the FL/FA hear about this!
  6. My thoughts are: You (and probably everyone else on here) don't know who is on the shortlist - but you thought you'd create a list of people who you don't want to get the job, and then blame Mr Chansiri for not having shortlisted better!
  7. There are many, many, many things that are not being discussed on here; doesn’t necessarily mean they should be!
  8. Now you've done it! Cue this turning into a mega-thread on whether Michael Palin's an Owl or a Pig, or both, or neither!
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