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  1. It certainly is ..... ... if you’re a Blunt!
  2. Under MASSIVE pressure or under ZERO pressure? Only one person can decide apparently, or maybe they can’t.
  3. Yup, indeed! Thick as custard with too much powder and not enough tears!
  4. You must dream of living in a bedsit. Would be like a palace to you. (Apologies for dragging you into this by association Monty; but he’s that much of a simpleton he probably won’t get the reference, so it’s all good.)
  5. You’re clearly too thick to appreciate parody. (Look it up.)
  6. Right, that’s it. If you’re not going to flounce properly then I’m off to bed. You can send me a report in the morning on how many buckets of tears you’ve squeezed out during the night. You’re boring tonight Marvin, you really aren’t fun anymore! You’re just not the same Paranoid Android I first encountered. I’m warning you; there are plenty of others that would love to have me on their little flouncy threads. I’ll walk I tell you; I will, and faster than a Barry Bannan sideways pass too!
  7. That’s the problem right there: Marvin can’t move on cos he’s stuck in the dim and distant past!
  8. Says the man whose best shot was the ‘your Mum’ joke!
  9. Still here Marvin? Thought you’d gone to fetch another bucket. Come on, cry Marvin, cry. Let them tears flow. It’s so depressing isn’t it? What if Wednesday don’t win by a gazillion goals, what if they don’t win all the leagues, all the cups? What if they don’t win everything from here to eternity? Oh the tragedy! Come on Marvin join in: What if it goes dark when I turn the light off? What if I don’t like what’s for tea? You know what to do Marvin: FLOUNCE and FLOUNCE until your tears flood the whole of Sheffield, nay, the world: it shall be the flounce to
  10. What’s a lettuce got to do with anything?
  11. What? Wait, you cannot be serious! You don’t know the etymology of the word ‘Jeez’? Neil: Get rid of this joker. He can’t flounce, he can’t spell, he can’t use correct grammar, and now we learn he doesn’t even understand what simple words he manages to utter!
  12. Oh, and another thing Marvin: you really need to show some proper flouncing tomorrow. Today you’ve been really sloppy; no effort, hardly any tears, no passion, very very low on humour, altogether pretty third-rate to be honest. I’m very disappointed in you. Bring your tears or do one!
  13. Jesus can’t save you now Marvin; only your medication can.
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