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  1. Twenty Dollar Bill quote

    Don’t be daft Carlos was talking about a £20 note, no mention of dollars!
  2. Twenty Dollar Bill quote

    Go on then, who was this Carlos wannabe?
  3. Talk is definitely cheap on Owlstalk!
  4. No need to shout; we’re not deaf!
  5. Good God! Talk about glass half empty! I don't think football is really for you if you demand that no player ever makes even the smallest of mistakes!
  6. I wouldn’t give anyone £20 for Giddings either!
  7. How can anyone not want to keep on seeing Carlos’ happy smiling face at Wednesday? He’s going to keep on bringing out that crumpled £20 note to shame his doubters!
  8. Same amount of points at stake. In reality the rest of it is as relevant as moaning that a ‘winning ugly’ type of performance is not good enough. Would you rather we had beat the Blunts and lost today? It won’t matter come the end of the season which way round it was. Anyway, when we smash dem Blavges at their place it will all be even again and we’ll go on to get promoted whilst they slip into lower mid-table. Mark my words.
  9. Oh, ok then. So can we also all agree that the Blunt’s four goals were nowhere near as important as the two for Wednesday? Cool, everyone’s happy again!
  10. First goal was on 25 minutes though. I love how some people choose to ignore the fact that when Wednesday play there is actually a team of opponents out there too, and they are also trying their hardest to win!
  11. First time ever

    You’ll need a lot more gravy to help you get all that humble pie down your neck! Carlos is laughing at you.
  12. So where were the players who supposedly can’t handle the big pressure games? Who was that bloke impersonating ‘clueless Carlos’ who always bottles it tactically when it really matters? Leeds tho’
  13. Don't worry about Dom there are plenty of OT's who could join him to drown their collective sorrows and surely they'll be able to find something negative to cling onto. Ne'er mind lads, cheer up, we might lose the next one, eh?

    Erm, that should just say 'some are'. Thanks. Well done Carlos and the boys. UTO