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  1. That'll teach him to fall asleep on a Rotherham Owls coach trip!
  2. Did this Senior Pro have a big white beard and was he wearing a red outfit that made him look really fat? Had he swapped his fancy sports car for a sleigh?
  3. Yeah, but apart from those with injuries there's no injuries to report, right?
  4. Thanks. Only watched the last 20 minutes but strangely, and very unexpectedly, fair commentary from LUTV. Fantastic scenes after the goals and at full time from players and fans. Cant beat it. Leeds oddly accepting of the defeat. “Leeds are falling apart again”? We might just have upset their ‘automatic promotion’ assumptions and very much improved our own chances of a play-off place - and maybe, just maybe opened our own door to a shot at the top two! Well if you can’t be optimistic after that when can you be! UTO
  5. Best not let SAG hear of this suggestion; they’d close the ground down faster than any normal human being could read the OP!
  6. Nuhiu: Regularly selected by successive Owls managers, often ahead of several other options, regularly selected for his country, and mentioned as a real handful by just about every opposition manager. Why don’t these managers just read OwlsTalk where some real football experts will tell them that he’s actually useless?
  7. Having more than two options is just too confusing for some people!
  8. According to the BBC: “And Bernardo set up Mahrez, who took on several Burnley defenders before guiding home his 50th Premier League strike.“ Are you reading this Mr Dyche? You clearly need a big, solid defender. We can help you. Make us an offer; but please make it a suitably over-inflated massive Premier League sized one!
  9. If Burnley and Leicester are both willing to pay £15m for Iorfa get them in a bidding war; with the ‘loser’ agreeing to take Lees for a knockdown price of £10m. Plus we get a 10% for each reaching 20 PL games and a 30% sell on fee. If only Wednesday did Carlsberg Transfer deals!
  10. Or they can pay £15m plus a George Tax of an extra £15m.
  11. It was indeed; we should have scored more and their goal was a fluke!
  12. Er, yes probably just you, seeing how he was clearly injured!
  13. Black Friday is a con anyway according to Which? So maybe Wednesday are deserving of some credit here instead of criticism. @Watto What in particular were you thinking of buying? If you want it and it’s a fair price just buy it; or you can keep on waiting in the hope that one day, maybe next week, maybe next year, maybe in two years time, it might be discounted and you might just save yourself a little cash; but will you still want it then? Decisions, decisions...
  14. But, but, but... everything about Dem Blavges is light years ahead of us so no way can our U23’s have just beaten theirs; so you must be lying about the score! Even if it’s true the FACT that our U23s are all on £40k a week minimum means they will see a narrow defeat as a morale-boosting massacre!
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