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  1. And to think some players reckon they don’t get Wednesday fan’s full support!
  2. Wednesday fans proving they don’t have to be sitting inside Hillsborough to have a negative impact on the manager and players shocker!
  3. Go on then I’ll ask the obvs question: How do you know there’s an embargo?
  4. Or maybe we (and even Derby) are innocent. FFS; how many more times does this possibility need adding to people’s list of potential verdicts?
  5. On what grounds are you basing your guilty verdict?
  6. Yeah, like clarification of "What level of point deduction wouldn't relegate Wednesday?" They thought it would be answered ages ago but due to our poor results they now need to wait for the season to end in order to answer it! Anyway, the outcome is: We're safe!
  7. Has anyone actually checked in on the Panel lately?
  8. Who is most to blame for this loaded poll? a) North Korea b) Russia
  9. I think the Panel have got into the same box as that Schrödinger's cat!
  10. Nor when it matched the number of subscribers to The Star website.... Oh hang on; I’m pretty sure you need more than six people for an outbreak to be classed as an epidemic!
  11. ‘End of his career’? He’s only 27 now and we signed him in 2016!
  12. In the reflection in his glasses you can see papers in front of him, the top one is a letter from DC saying “thanks for all your efforts Nick, please find attached cheque as agreed for your win bonus; I’ll use some of the compo from the EFL to pay it!”
  13. How do you navigate to those pages from the Star's main Sheffield Wednesday page? Anyone using https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday or https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/match-reports will see that the latest Match Report shown is indeed for Owls v Preston as Room0035 said. Using your links I can see the articles (not badged as actual Match Reports I note), but I cannot find any way to navigate to them from the main pages above. As others have said the site appears to be very much click-bait driven, articles from months ago are still under banners of 'Latest news', and the real 'Latest news' is impossible to navigate to. For that reason I won't be investing. PS Maybe the site appears different to subscribers meaning that you see different links/articles to me? If so perhaps the Star should reconsider its policy: trying to entice new customers by showing them outdated news is not necessarily the best option!
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