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  1. Key

    Adam Reach

    It’s that bloody Wilder again isn’t it! Did he tell you that Reach cost us £8m and is on £40k p/w?
  2. We’ve certainly been through much, much worse; it’s just that a lot of our fans have the memory of a goldfish!
  3. No actual fighting yet, just lots of posturing, pointing and even a report of somebody posing on another thread. If there’s any exciting developments i’ll Be sure to let you know. Mind you I’m having lamb cutlets for tea in a bit so there might be a delay in updates. Soz!
  4. And when you don’t like the answers....? FFFIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTT!
  5. Why, what’s the Chancellor of Sheffield University ever done to make you have such a low opinion of him?
  6. Key

    Really nice touch by Southampton

    If Wednesday did the same: Free drinks eh? Should have saved his cash for players. Bloody hell, look at the queue at the bar! This club’s a shambles. Get the Chairman out! Sack the lot! Merry Christmas!
  7. Key

    Nuhiu yesterday

    So you think our players deliberately threw the game? That’s quite an accusation. It also means it’s definitely the players rather than the coach that’s costing us points. Interesting stuff!
  8. Key

    Jos storms out

    Is that a question for Wilder?
  9. @CraigSGM Your mate sounds like he needs cheering up, go buy him a pint and tell him to stop worrying!
  10. Seemed to me all the luck went their way; certainly they were lucky to get a dubious penalty. If the Blunts were so amazing and we were so dismal how come it ended in a draw? How come apart from the penalty Dawson had to make only one other significant save from the Porcine Galacticos?
  11. Key

    Time to go

    What’s everyone having for tea?
  12. Key

    Tomorrow Headlines

    The funniest thing is that could actually be a genuine interview with Cissy Wilderbeast!
  13. Key

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    Not sure who’s the most bitter tonight: Wilderbeast or the Jos out brigade. Very sad. This was the Blunts golden opportunity to thrash us in a way that would have scarred us for decades just as the BDM eats away at them. It didn’t happen, be pleased about that at least. In the more immediate picture we stopped the rot of four defeats and kept a clean sheet against a top six team who just about everyone fully expected to beat us comfortably. More good news surely? There’s some on here would flounce if they won £1m on the lottery cos it would have been better if they’d won £2m!
  14. Key

    Real Blades

    The ref created that chance for them.