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  1. So you think the EFL are dropping the case against the three individuals because of Coronavirus, but they are going ahead with the case against the club despite Coronavirus. How does that make any sense?
  2. Or, as per the statement, “there was no proper basis for the charges. ”
  3. Apparently the boy didn’t exist; but he did have a cat. Go figure!
  4. “The charges against the Club will proceed to a hearing and the Club will continue to vigorously defend those charges.“
  5. If the EFL need any volunteers to test the viability of surviving on £6k p/w I’m willing to give it a go!
  6. Are you saying in addition to funding the club he also takes training, provides intel on the opposition, does the catering, cleans the kit and boots, analyses the performance stats and organises taxis to get players to the ground and home again? Or can’t you say?
  7. Of course; but if he has another season like his first then resigning him will have been a master stroke. It’s a gamble that the owner/manager have to decide upon, and is why owners/managers get the plaudits/complaints from fans after the event. There are no certainties in football signings.
  8. Every player signing is a gamble. To paraphrase your last point: Risk is something we cannot avoid. The other side of this question is whether we can afford better, will be be allowed to spend on anyone else, would anyone else better want to come here. We shouldn’t bin off FF or others unless we are confident that the answers to those questions are positive. Even then it’s still a gamble.
  9. Interesting EFL proposal to get games played without any player contact:
  10. Relegation is the new Brexit. If it’s broke, don’t fix it; smash it into tiny pieces.
  11. Are you supposed to be telling us or asking us? Or are you just not sure?
  12. So we could have finished 0-0 against one of the best teams in the world; but that’s “woeful”. OK
  13. Maybe we should have gone all out attack... ... and lost 10-0. Everyone would have no doubt praised the team, the manager and the owner for that!
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