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  1. Key

    North Stand tonight

    I can still see the fleet of UFOs coming over Hillsborough! Nothing whatsoever to do with the nice steward!
  2. Key

    Alex Hunt

    Woeful post from KivoOwl. Worst I've seen in ages. What date was he born? Was he born within range of the Hillsborough 'roar'? C'mom man where's your facts? Regards, Liam Palmer
  3. Hey, don’t knock ‘em; to the Blunts they’d be club legends! Dem Blavges!
  4. Key

    Youdan Trophy

    1. Nuhiu played as our over-age player in the final and scored all four! Might not be true. 2. We're going to need a bigger Honours Board - I've heard Dem Blavges have a load of 'em out back ready and waiting in case they win a raffle or summat equally exciting!
  5. So until then, Nuhiu starts. If/When others are fit it's up to them to demonstrate to JL that they deserve the shirt more than Nuhiu. Simples.
  6. Do we get to choose the commentator/expert, and not 'go around the grounds' every few minutes usually missing most of the action in our own game?
  7. Key

    Fans are the last to know

    1. How do you know what everyone else knows? 2. If you now know what everyone else knows, and let’s assume you are a fan, then it’s no longer true that everyone else except the fans know. 3. What exactly do you know?
  8. Think you'll find it's actually a discount for the short sleeved version.
  9. Key


    What other texts has your mate sent you? The earth is flat. The moon is made of cheese. Trump is the greatest leader the world has ever seen. He loves you man, he really does. You need to: a) Work on getting some decent mates. b) Think before posting total hearsay on Owlstalk knowing full well that it's source is about as credible as the Blunts strike partnership. Apart from that, yeah, great thread.
  10. Key

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    He’s just like Harry Kane: Sign him up!
  11. You could never ‘spot the ball’ based on where they were looking in the photo. FACT
  12. Key

    Sorry if posted

    And the award for worst shitstirring thread of the week goes to...
  13. Key

    Colin Dobson

    Dont know why but that picture had me in tears of laughter! Can’t decide if it’s the worst or the best example of taxidermy the world has ever seen. Amazing! Fascinating! Unbelievable! Ridiculous! Weird beyond belief! Just like most threads on Owlstalk in fact!
  14. The table refers to the season we finished 4th, on the 8th highest wage bill. That sort of 'mismanagement' I think most would be happy with!
  15. But was the reason owt to do with the relative size of the wage bill?