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  1. @CraigSGM Your mate sounds like he needs cheering up, go buy him a pint and tell him to stop worrying!
  2. Seemed to me all the luck went their way; certainly they were lucky to get a dubious penalty. If the Blunts were so amazing and we were so dismal how come it ended in a draw? How come apart from the penalty Dawson had to make only one other significant save from the Porcine Galacticos?
  3. Key

    Time to go

    What’s everyone having for tea?
  4. Key

    Tomorrow Headlines

    The funniest thing is that could actually be a genuine interview with Cissy Wilderbeast!
  5. Key

    The Blavdes best ever chance to avenge BDM

    Not sure who’s the most bitter tonight: Wilderbeast or the Jos out brigade. Very sad. This was the Blunts golden opportunity to thrash us in a way that would have scarred us for decades just as the BDM eats away at them. It didn’t happen, be pleased about that at least. In the more immediate picture we stopped the rot of four defeats and kept a clean sheet against a top six team who just about everyone fully expected to beat us comfortably. More good news surely? There’s some on here would flounce if they won £1m on the lottery cos it would have been better if they’d won £2m!
  6. Key

    Real Blades

    The ref created that chance for them.
  7. Key

    Jos out

    We’ve already tried that and you may be surprised to hear that people on here didn’t like it much; even started calling the manager and the players bad names!
  8. Dem Blavges invented crowd noise and now they just can’t let it stop! McSue turns up the volume to 11 to try to drown out Sissy Wilderbeasts incessant whining and the deafening snuffles coming from the bonsai Kop!
  9. Yep, a total embarrassment: to lose ten nil against bottom of the table Blunts with us in pole position and all of our best players fully fit and brim full of confidence going into the game is just not acceptable. Special moan for “calamity Dawson’; couldn’t save a one on one from 12 yards that kid!
  10. Key

    All the Dawson haters

    Not exactly a term of endearment is it?
  11. Key

    All the Dawson haters

    Really? So nobody calls him ‘calamity Cam’ and nobody ‘likes’ it? Name just about any player and there’s plenty on here more than willing to give them grief. It’s embarrassing.
  12. I'll take that as a guilty plea. Case closed!
  13. But if he's not allowed to "cry pork" then aren't you denying his right to free speech? PS Anyone who uses a derogatory nickname about a Wednesday player or manager is displaying at least pork-like tendencies and can therefore justifiably be identified as such. Same applies to those who indicate their agreement with such comments. If it looks, acts and grunts like a pig it probably is a pig. How about actually supporting your team as in support and encourage, not mock and abuse? And before you accuse me (again) of being the forum police - You started it! Anyway, enough of all that ... C'mon you Blue & White Wizards!
  14. So now you’re accusing me of things you’ve invented; it’s clearly your MO. No, I won’t be replying to all ‘what if’ posts but I will continue to read and comment when I feel like it. I won’t be asking for your permission to do so. Playing the ‘what if’ game gets you/us nowhere. e.g. What if McCabe did take over at SWFC with the sole intention of running the club into the ground so that it ceased to exist. Imagine the ‘negs’ you’d get then!