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  1. There are many, many, many things that are not being discussed on here; doesn’t necessarily mean they should be!
  2. Now you've done it! Cue this turning into a mega-thread on whether Michael Palin's an Owl or a Pig, or both, or neither!
  3. Is it really necessary for Bruce to issue a statement denying every non-story that any old rag chooses to print? Does he also have to confirm that the earth is not flat, the Pope is indeed Catholic and we really did put men on the moon?
  4. Just waiting for The Star and HITC etc.. to pick up on my equally credible story that Bruce has committed himself and all of his descendants to Wednesday for the next five generations!
  5. Well at least we know how fickle some of our fans are!
  6. "Rhodes salary this cant be true." Tip of the day: There are many, many things that can't be true; it's probably best not to start threads on all of them though.
  7. An indication Westwood is off? Or an indication that some of our fans are very much glass half empty types?
  8. It’s safest never to leave the house; it’s a big bad world out there. Well that’s what the newspapers, TV and radio tell me; I’ve no idea cos I’ve been stuck indoors since 1974. Getting a bit fed up of baked beans now if I’m honest!
  9. Some people take the whole Family Club thing way too far!
  10. Well said Nando. (Erm, hang on a minute; wasn't part of Nando's defence that his English wasn't very good!) Well said Nando's lawyer!
  11. Pig fan reckons Toytown played better when down to 10 men cos they got all 11 men behind the ball! That’s piganomics!
  12. I hope Chris Turner calms down a bit during the commentary; or else his over excitement and raucous enthusiasm is going to become annoying!
  13. Special POTG rate for helping us get ripped off: £2m each should cover it. Hello; is that the P&S Helpline? There’s been a development..... can we start splashing the cash again now? Fantastic! Quick get HMSPTL ready to sail!
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