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  1. Thats the point: our season has been a total injury-ravaged nightmare; according to them they have played like world beaters, dominated every match, and totally showed us how it’s done - yet they are still only a few places above us! Pigonomics! Ha ha ha!
  2. Nope; apparently it’s all Jos’ fault. He also likes cutting down trees and uses loads of plastic bags just for the hell of it; he’s pure evil y’know!
  3. Made my mind up

    Wednesday Reserves in failure to get promoted to Premier League shocker!
  4. JOS OUT

    Yeah, life can suck like that sometimes. Why couldn’t we have just lost every game so that Ben2468motorway could enjoy the relegation party? Shame on you Jos!
  5. Jos maybe...

    The same Sunderland that whacked Derby last time out? Yeah, we should have played in our flip flops! FFS!
  6. Get in! we want 4! Again!
  7. Not many Benny: if we hadn’t scored four they’d have won one nil! Jos out!
  8. Thanks to the FAI for sticking to the "injury" story; DC must be paying them, Westwood, Westwood's agent and every other person who might know otherwise a very tidy sum not to mention that it's really a contractual issue! Jeez, can all the conspiracy theorists on here please now pack it in - or else just Get t'Lane!
  9. So what next

    Sounds like a contract issue! FFS
  10. Play-offs are back on!
  11. Dejphon Chansiri

    It was clearly DC wot won it for us with his great encouragement and advice to JL prior to kick off! WAWAW We are family!
  12. 7. Drinking at lunchtime gives you insight.
  13. So you’re saying the table does lie. Ooooh, controversial!
  14. Correct. The table says we won’t be relegated.
  15. Dom Howson - "Where did the season ticket holders go?" Publisher of The Star - "Where did the readers go?"