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  1. At this rate, Bruce will be the first manager to be sacked before he starts. His staff his instructions. Worried.
  2. Hard work over with. now to a full recovery. Well done buddy.
  3. First wednesday shirt my dad got me was blue with white sleeves. I miss my dad...........im in.
  4. MSOwl

    Bye bye play offs

    silly sally
  5. MSOwl

    Time to leave the old Stadium.

    I say bring in sand bags to protect it from "PLOP" and a gardener to pull up the weeds..........
  6. MSOwl


    grow up its just football, more important things in life.
  7. MSOwl


    What drive electronic advertising boards?????? New tv driven by ?????? Would also drive elc boards????
  8. Shall i get HMS FFS out of dry dock again and start polishing the brass.
  9. The old ladys that served you bovril out of big tea urns in the old south stand.
  10. Sheep skin coats hay nigel.................forest away springs to mind.
  11. Shirt sponser to be a lovely shade of silver gaffer tape.
  12. Dusting off HMS FFS as we speak
  13. MSOwl

    RIP Dad

    God bless your father may he RIP I know your pain, lost my farther end March. It hurts so much
  14. RIP Ron, condolences to you and your Family. My Father also Passed away (Jack Smith) in March. Win it for Dad...................................UTO, WTID
  15. I'm overwelmed with your support guys. tears rolling down my face, me and the family thank you so much for you kind words.
  16. Thick dip sh!t, your not wortied anymore. fool
  17. i loved my Dad so much, we went to every home game for years, we'd catch the bus into town and have a chip butty at the market then he'd put a bet on whilst i waited outside (he like the houses back then) then we'd get the special bus to the ground, pick up a bag of sweets from the news agent then into the ground we went. As Nige said we sat on the uncovered bit of the old southstand just behind the away box, we always had a Pie & bovril from the old dears that used to serve you back then. He brought me into the Wednesday family as his Grandad did before. RIP Dad, god bless find my mum and be happy again.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. Thanks so much for this mate I'm still in shock..........................He was as fit as a fiddle, walked for miles......Loved my Dad so much. Then gone...........................What's that all about!!!!! Thanks for all your words of support guys, I'm just stunned.