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  1. I always gave 110% when i played football, sadly i have only seen glimpses of this from a Wednesday side. Its about passion and pride and i don't see this either at the games. My dad died a few years ago and with that i lost my best friend and football partner, my true passion then went. I attend a few games but it just leaves me flat at how bad we have become as a club. Football in general is dead for the working fan. Sad. I love Wednesday but i need to see effort from the top to the players before i return. I miss a good game and will always follow Wednes
  2. My dad used to get coconut mushrooms and pontifract cakes. Hated them.
  3. Somebody has got to come, mess are not.
  4. I wanted to do my laundry today but it looks like DC done it all for us today. Wow just wow.
  5. Couldn't agree more, what the fizz goes on in training. Why is no one learning.....why???
  6. Lets hope its not hide and seek then. Some proper training and tactics.
  7. No, they are asking that if the trust do meet then all the information is shared. Not he told us the problems but we can't tell you anything.
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