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  1. Medical team and treatment policy needs looking at. Recovery times from injurys is far to long, so medical back up and support is not working. Anyway I'm sure Bruce is on it.
  2. At this rate, Bruce will be the first manager to be sacked before he starts. His staff his instructions. Worried.
  3. Hard work over with. now to a full recovery. Well done buddy.
  4. First wednesday shirt my dad got me was blue with white sleeves. I miss my dad...........im in.
  5. I say bring in sand bags to protect it from "PLOP" and a gardener to pull up the weeds..........
  6. grow up its just football, more important things in life.
  7. What drive electronic advertising boards?????? New tv driven by ?????? Would also drive elc boards????
  8. Shall i get HMS FFS out of dry dock again and start polishing the brass.
  9. The old ladys that served you bovril out of big tea urns in the old south stand.
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