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  1. Been in the uk since the QPR game according to some media reports. Its ashame he looked so..........tired
  2. Well Tim, they did an audit and our chairman was a little tired when they did the visit.
  3. It really is no fun being a Wednesday fan.
  4. Legal proceedings where started when Bruce left, as such DC made a statement that said no other statement will be made until a conclusion was reached over Bruce and the Steve's. This could also be why no manager has been appointed as of yet.
  5. Bruce steadied the ship. Then sank it taking down all the posativity he had built. Love Bullen but he's not a manager, now after 3 wins and 2 losses we have already been found wanting.
  6. Remember when the old girls did the catering? Juicy hot pies and red hot Bovril....Mmmmmmm bless them.
  7. And Norwich can shove it right up the canarys arse. Feeling much better now Tim. Thank you
  8. Feck Bruce, pi$sed on our chips.
  9. Medical team and treatment policy needs looking at. Recovery times from injurys is far to long, so medical back up and support is not working. Anyway I'm sure Bruce is on it.
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