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  1. No, they are asking that if the trust do meet then all the information is shared. Not he told us the problems but we can't tell you anything.
  2. So would the trust share ALL the information from DC if they indeed was invited to speak privately?
  3. If the trust was invited to see DC in private. Lets say you get the juicy bits out of him and then he says WAIT dont tell the supporter. What would they do?
  4. Will the trust tell us all that is said or keep little bits of the juicy stuff secret?
  5. Why has he scored many. Enough to count and worry about. I think not.
  6. What do they do in training each week? Wait.......tiggie bob down?
  7. Monk picks and controls what happens on the pitch. Yes Chansiri is also responsible but not for the team selections and tactics.
  8. No but he is the main problem. His team His coach's His tactics His say on player.
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