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  1. Me on mi todd....travelling on the ICO for the first time. Leaving 9:30 from Wednesdayite car park.
  2. Me + 1 Wembley Wembley We're the Famous Sheffield Wednesday and we're going to Wembley
  3. I rang up the ticket office at 12 on the dot and got straight through.....tickets booked! Lovely Jublee
  4. No you are a knobber for calling him a tw@t. He may not be good enough but christ he would die for this club which makes your stupid comment about him being a tw@t completely unjust and undeserved. Oh and Beevers was on the bench at the beginning of the season, Wood was playing with Purse. And I wasnt even talking about Beevers ability I was talking about the amount of effort they put in and the fact that they care alot about the club
  5. You absolute knobber Spurr and Beevers are the only two he gave a **** last season. Alright Tommy didn't have the best of years but he made up with it by the amount of effort he put in which is alot more than can be said for the rest of the squad
  6. Keep Macca, Hinds and Leon and possibly O'Donnell......and **** the rest off Oh and do all we can to get Varney and Nolan back
  7. Could you imagine Rotherham away first game of the season?! It would be carnage! We'd take it over
  8. Steve Claridge is about as much ITK as my big toe He's a whinging, whining opinionated southern tvvvat. I detest the 'Fooball League Show' because of him. The way he talks you'd think he was Pele, Get a grip Steve you were nothing more than an average journeyman who scored a few goals in the lower leagues
  9. What a load of b0llocks. SYP and this SAG are a flipping joke. Stand up to the tvvvats Wednesday, look at segregation at every other ground in the country. Absolute testicles
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