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  1. The people who call him a legend are about as smart as the people who think ched evans will leave prison get in his car and tell danny wilson hes ready to play saturday
  2. Im just wondering what proof would the shop take for a student membership i am a returning student so i dont have my new Student card till september and i dont have an acceptance letter will they accept student finance due to why would you apply for it when your not a student or would they accept a letter from the university just saying you are a student
  3. Radio sheffield block every away game its to get people to buy wednesday player as that is all you get on a away game radio sheffield
  4. Where is everyone goong before the sheffield fc game cause i can see the coach and horse been rammed
  5. Hiya i am just wonderin if anyone who is not going to huddesfield has a spare student season ticket i could borrow so i could could get a ticket to this game. I have a student memberahip but i think they will sell out
  6. i bought my ticket the day members were allowed too but when i come back from uni i will go to every home game their is while im home, so far iv been to 7 home games and 3 away games and i live 240 miles away.
  7. Some of us have uni in different cities (in my case different country) if i could afford a season ticket and travel money each week id be one of the first to apply for one
  8. so currently our attendance will be higher that when we played at the sty? this proves we are massive
  9. Handsworth s9 but currently living in swansea but coming back for the derby UTO
  10. That be Brilliant i would defiantly attend more home games but i know im driving home for the pigs games so if any needs a lift on the friday night i will be of service UTO
  11. Geohay what is the page called i am in uni in swansea and i would be interested in this
  12. do you think we would ever do anything like this it would be good and i think the fans could win http://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10426~2571597,00.html
  13. Automatic Would rather have guaranteed promotion and go to wembley in another tournament
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