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  1. We are gonna win

    The only time he scores lately is with his mrs..
  2. Well that’s one pie and that’s it spent up
  3. What’s the fellow in the white selling ? Tripe and pigs trotters ?
  4. Nihiu is moonlighting

    This is his crazy uncle
  5. Judge

    To stop most of our injuries we need the players to start wearing these
  6. The thing I noticed moving from south to kop was that some distinguished gentlemen at halftime spouting words like fam and bruv and also the aroma of cannabis wafting around made a difference..
  7. Brilliant performance from from our second rate team... proud of our performance tonight,out played the piggies even with 10 men.. well done the owls
  8. Omg what a lovely bloke Ian was.. I worked with him for ages and lived around the corner from him for a while until I moved.. very very shocked and saddened at the sad news.. R.I.P
  9. I’m looking forward to my nice new blanket spread across my knees and a nice flask of oxo
  10. Sounds very very familiar that does.
  11. Apparently he has the knowledge of lower leagues. So what if we get promoted he’s going to be well out his depth.
  12. Exactly this as we’ve been as holy as an second hand colander
  13. he’s not renowned for out and out attacking football. He’s a safety first coach. He prides himself on clean sheets and a good defensive record.Read more at: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-the-lowdown-on-new-owls-boss-jos-luhukay-1-8943204