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  1. We should all wear high vis jackets. Then we are totally visible at all times. This saga is totally winding me up. We’re the (second)oldest team in the world and only now they want us to change the way we leave the ground.
  2. If he doesn’t win it do you think he might have the monk on.
  3. I’ve lost my voice after today’s game so I’m hoping our girt is reading this.. I’ve taken my viagra and I’m ready love ..
  4. I knew the bearded one. So sad to see him go. Lucas and Michelle my heart felt condolences. Love ya Dave
  5. Typical dirty pig with his snout in the muck
  6. Tell you sumett it would be even sweeter if we could get 6 points of the piggy cvnts
  7. 1983 I was six. Can’t remember the game but I always remember looking up at the floodlights on the kop thinking their falling over.. Those were the days when we used to get in to the matches through mi fathers legs in the turnstiles
  8. It doesn’t show owlerton or anything about our current home .
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