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  1. All this chat about marmite... What about Bovril it’s definitely a yes to both for me.
  2. It’s the people who frequent these premise that’s the big issue.
  3. Apparently the season has now been cancelled for the premiership and the Efl. official announcement tomorrow morning at 8:00
  4. Dawson played a blinder and only let 4 in.. Nado came off after having zero shots on target and that shot from our goal line by reach was only just wide.. who’s your man of match and why
  5. And after I noticed this my direct debit for my TV license was cancelled.
  6. I’ll go as far as waving my tartan knee blanket. That’s only if the sun is shining on me on the north stand and it’s a hot day.
  7. He’s a clickbater (uses false titles to videos just to get views) often titles say something like it’s all kicking off , when actually it’s just a bit of pointing .. Some of his videos aren’t bad though.
  8. Look north ? Must be for oldens.. why have a tv license when you have the Internet. Especially with the BBC being proper gander merchants and a kiddy fiddler factory .
  9. I’ve actually found out where the D Taxis office is. I thought it was an urban legend but low and behold it’s actually real !!
  10. We should all wear high vis jackets. Then we are totally visible at all times. This saga is totally winding me up. We’re the (second)oldest team in the world and only now they want us to change the way we leave the ground.
  11. If he doesn’t win it do you think he might have the monk on.
  12. I’ve lost my voice after today’s game so I’m hoping our girt is reading this.. I’ve taken my viagra and I’m ready love ..
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