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    Got a nice pair of moobs has nuhiu. He’s also got a bit of a belly going on ..
  2. Caption Competition

    Hurry up job centre shuts in half an hour
  3. It's awful?

    Don’t forget Carlos said we’re going up this season
  4. Whatever happened to

    I spy fishcake in the background
  5. What do you think of this?

    Sag would have a field day regarding that plug socket on the turnstile
  6. What do you think of this?

    They’re stood on Charlie browns wall
  7. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    The keepers back then must have had an extra layer of hardened skin on their hands as we know they didn’t wear gloves. Imagine the keepers now trying to stop one of them with no gloves on.. No chance
  8. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    Nowt like getting smacked in the face on a cold wet November morning with a Casey football..
  9. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    Good old flyaways
  10. I know someone who for £5 will guard your car during the match. Pm me for more information
  11. Living in cloud cuckoo land springs to mind..
  12. Anyone got any hobbies?

    I enjoy a bit of gardening. We have an opening for new members. I wonder if Carlos would be interested .
  13. Nice one neal.. Are you taking any match day photos today? It would be great seeing some on here tonight...
  14. Our lass is cooking me a bacon butty for supper
  15. Jesus dose he live up stocksbridge (ten fingers on one hand and all that)