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  1. Typical dirty pig with his snout in the muck
  2. Tell you sumett it would be even sweeter if we could get 6 points of the piggy cvnts
  3. 1983 I was six. Can’t remember the game but I always remember looking up at the floodlights on the kop thinking their falling over.. Those were the days when we used to get in to the matches through mi fathers legs in the turnstiles
  4. It doesn’t show owlerton or anything about our current home .
  5. I knew he wasn’t playing fessi two hours ago because I saw him buy clobber for his youngen in next in medowhell
  6. Every time he took a corner fans would run over towards him and start to bow and praise the messiah.. Always made me laugh that
  7. How funny was it to see nando running back to the changing room in his pants.. He gave his shorts to a disabled lady but her husband nicked them and put them on his head. Lol
  8. Just popped in earlier to buy another 150 anniversary shirt size large as mine had red wine chucked all over it during the England match, so It’s ruined.. One of the girls behind the counter just laughed and said they’re as rare as rocking horse shxx.. how the bloody hell can I get hold of one I asked her and the reply “loose some weight fatty as we’ve got loads of mediums”
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