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  1. Matias / Boyd

    2 weeks away probably
  2. Perhaps he needs to go back and read or listen to the expectations of our Chairman before he goes having anymore media meltdowns
  3. Happy?

    Very we need stability perhaps we need to be a touch less cautious next season though
  4. Fulham Sold Out

    Have Fulham sold their full allocation?
  5. Owlstalk Survey 2

    Yes 37
  6. I like that one too but no its not better
  7. Owlstalk survey

    Yes 38
  8. Talksport and tickets

    Talksport is where I lost interest nothing but a bunch of shock jocks. Don't want to pay don't go simple really.
  9. Negativity

    Have you just taken your methadone and crack at the same time again
  10. Mcgugan

    Happened too many times during his career to be a coincidence. For what it's worth I think he signed a season too late.
  11. Carlos losing his sh...

    Players will have words from time to time nothing in it. If done properly it's motivational.