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  1. I wonder if he will cut his loses now we know where we're playing next season.
  2. If our recruitment is poor we could easily go again, if we keep Moore in place I genuinely think we can come back stronger.
  3. Are the mushrooms a metaphor for the treatment of the fans
  4. Spend a billion on transfers in league 1 and bare his backside in John Lewis window
  5. No one taking any responsibility, can't wait to get rid of the ball. Absolute dog poo. We're down
  6. Lack of ability and creativity at championship level. Genuinely think this side would struggle in league 1
  7. Seasons gone pointless throwing more money at it, if they're not planning for league 1 we're in massive trouble.
  8. Pulls off his mask to reveal he is really Neil Warnock doing a dodgy Asian accent.
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