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  1. Disappointing attendance tonight. Thought after recent results there would have been more.
  2. Maybe cheering away may encourage the players to perform better? That's what supporters do isn't it? What I'm trying to get people to think about is the reasons why the players may be underperforming. If a player underperforms when everything is rosy off the pitch and the fans give him their support (eg Jonk, De Bilde et al) = totally unacceptable. If the players are as worried as the fans about the club rotting off the field and this leads to underperformance then shouldn't we factor that into the way we support them?
  3. What do you attribute the lack of effort to then? Being booed must give them a boost eh? Even if you didn't think you wouldn't get paid, you'd still fancy a move to a club where you know you would definitely get paid wouldn't you? We get outdone by poor teams because we are a poor team ourselves in a poor third division.
  4. I don't disagree that we've played poo . Answer me this, do you think it more likely than not that if there had been no money worries at the club and the fans had supported the team more, the performances would have been better?
  5. I've not read anyone's social network page! I'm not trying to excuse them entirely - I don't agree with lots of things AI does. What I'm trying to say is that he started his job in a difficult situation which has now got even worse. Would you be motivated at work if you thought your employer may go bust? The players must think AI sold them a right pup when he signed them - does that not make managing them challenging? I just think some of the reactions of fans on here and at the games are over the top and do not help performances - do you disagree? We started the home game against Carlisle top of the league and the crowd turned on the team after 25 minutes - the players must have thought WTF!!!
  6. If I was one of the players or coaching staff, over recent weeks since the winding up orders etc emerged, my reaction would have been: 1 - Mr Agent, please find me a new club where I know I'm going to get paid. 2 - I'm not going into any leg breaking tackles either in case I injure myself out of a living. 3 - For those recently joining the club - 'why the hell did I join this club?' Being in this demoralised frame of mind, my reaction to the impatient atmosphere at home games would be, 'Why the flip should I bust a gut for this lot, they boo when we pump it long then boo when we keep possession. Sod 'em. Get me out of this place quick.' If you accept that the off the field problems could be demoralising the players and staff and the fact that the club can't afford to change the manager even if it wanted to, is there not a strong case for just cutting them all some slack and giving full support instead of constantly slagging them off? I think some fans need to take a reality check. We are not Chelsea, we are a third division club on merit. We do not have the divine right to beat anyone in our division. Winning 5-2 today was a decent result. Some of our fans have a misplaced arrogance that turns into impatience when we aren't 5-0 up at home after 10 minutes. Unless we accept our position and support the players and staff at this difficult time, they will continue to turn in performances that perhaps lack confidence. The football we are being served up may not be pretty but it has been effective at times. Maybe if the players relaxed and as the squad settles down (it is still a new squad) the performances may improve? Our home record must be poor compared to teams around us. However, we are still in touching distance of the top of the league. My other worry is that if we do get some cash from somewhere, people will expect Ronaldo on the wing with Messi up front. We need to get back to supporting the team. It isn't going to help the current staff if we take out on them the fact that the club has been run poorly in the past.
  7. Would anyone fancy the job at the minute? Can imagine that trying to motivate the players at the minute is difficult if they are all wondering if they are going to get paid. Is it mission impossible? Despite playing crap all season we are still in touch. Could the wrong appointment unsettle things and cause us to slip down the league? Maybe the players respect AI and would become disillusioned? I know things are bad but are we stuck with AI?
  8. Let's hope we concede nice and early so we can get to use our chants eh? God I hope we don't start well. It'll ruin my fun. I think we should make the atmosphere as bad as possible in the run up to kick off too just to make sure. Maybe boo as we kick off too?
  9. It can't be coincidental that since the court appearance the team's form has gone. Most of the players will be looking for new clubs I'm sure so wouldn't be surprised if they're holding back.
  10. Think this was said before but you'd also secure other matchday income streams for the next few years.
  11. Could a section of the ground be set aside for these (if the fans wished to sit in that part of the ground) which was a bit plusher? Refreshments brought to your seat, etc? I'm pretty sure 1,000 would sell.
  12. See the opening post. I was thinking about this concept again the other day. I'm not sure what the appetite would be for people to sign up for these at present bearing in mind the state of the club's finances but how would people feel about signing up to these on the back of a new board being installed? Could be a good way to boost the coffers? If people bought now are there some league regulations that somehow ring-fence season ticket money?
  13. Let's not lose sight of the fact we were top before kick off! No need to sack all the players just yet!
  14. Potter looked to set up Mellor for third- how did he play? Tudgay got a good flick on for the penalty incident too and a very assured spot kick - what kind of reaction did he get from the fans?
  15. Weaver - 7 Buxton - 8 Spurr - 7 Purse - 8 Beevers - 7 Teale - 7 Potter - 7 Coke - 8 Sedgewick - 6 Tudgay - 9 Mellor - 7 MOM Tudders - back to something like his best
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