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  1. This is a very subjective argument its more who you preferred to who was better . Now I liked Lee as a player but I remember when he came as a right back nobody was convinced by him and he had a few poor performances until he was moved into middle Were as someone like Hector for instance seemed to come in and hit the ground running so to speak
  2. It was definitely a pen bannans arms were stretched out when ball hit him it wasn't even a hard decision to give
  3. Not being part of Barnsley football club its a little bit hard to tell why but council can put in place for certain things to be done within a set time frame which the club then have to agree too and are issued with a safety certificate. If this deadline is then passed and the issue isn't resolved or significant progress isn't shown the council can impose sanctions ie closing down the stand . But the club would have know they would be in this position at beginning of the season and should have put an action plan into place
  4. Like I said before it would depend on what they are claiming is unsafe and what restrictions are put in place for this if they are saying its unsafe to have a thousand fans in the stand moving about standing up sitting down and just general movement that is different to having maybe a dozen journalists in the stand
  5. I'm not sure there is such a thing as a completely ethical billionaire .with the way the business world is run I don't think it's possible
  6. It depends whether having fans in the stand is part of the issue. Ie their limited to how many can use the stand because of the structure or they are limited due to issues with the concourse and facilities. both of which shouldn't effect the ability to house journalists in there
  7. Who has condemned the stand as the council issue the safety certificate to the club. so unless something has happened in last month that is exceptional like the structure has been struck or something along those lines, or as part of a planned inspection it has failed then its a very strange situation
  8. Main reason is geography most of the accommodation and campuses are around the city centre or another closer to the lane than Hillsborough students will always go for the easy option also the fact they were handing out complimentary tickets at the university's helped
  9. Having worked in student accommodation for a few years Sheffield wednesday have no presence in most of the students minds. ether through being too far away from from most of their digs or just having not been in the Premier league for last 21 years The get students in down at the lane because of the above you aren't going to get students to travel 20/30mins on public transport at weekends when they can stroll out of bed at dinner time walk across the road and go to watch a match . Also advertising on our social media sites won't really help as unless the students are actively looking at stuff regarding Wednesday they won't see it . If they want to get the word out as such the talk to companies who run the accommodation go in on check in weekends when you have thousands of captive students and their parents who you could potentially intice . Don't get me wrong it's not a bad idea by the club just not the best planned
  10. Jj away at Leeds think it was same game as the brunt one was sat behind it when he hit the ball it was moving all over place on its way in
  11. Ended 1-1 Wednesday equalised with more or less last kick of the game
  12. Think they are the same ratings as last season they normally get updated around Christmas time
  13. Render,wildsmith,peacock-farrel,jackson
  14. Lees is OK while ever there is someone around him to talk to him and be vocal as soon as he's the one in charge and having to talk to others and be a leader he struggles It was noticeable he picked up with (loovens, Hector )were alongside talking to him same with Westwood in net talking to him all time , that his game improved When he's got to be the main voice ie when iorfa started there or palmer had to play alongside him and we had one of wildsmith or Dawson in net he looked bag average if not poor Thats the big problem with him and always has been
  15. Few of the sensible pictures I toke on Saturday
  16. We were poor today and I'm not sure if it was render being good or just poor attacking play ( I'm inclined to go for the latter ) but you can see we have loaned out the better of our youngsters and the rest will struggle this season
  17. Agard got both for them that day if I remember right and it was mcgoldrick one and only goal for us (after signing on loan that day)
  18. I reckon there will be a couple more going out on loan aswell to non league makes sense if you can do them monthly aswell
  19. You mean luke Varney ? If so he was at Burton on coaching staff now playing non league for team where he started his career
  20. The padded seats are the darker ones in the picture on the right of directors box as your looking in this pic
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