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  1. Exeter away first day Barnsley first home game Away at Burton on boxing day and Bristol rovers away last game
  2. I mentioned him last season and will again this but the kid at Chesterfield tshimanga been scoring goals for fun in non league just come back from injury at Chesterfield and wouldn't cost a fortune ether If luongo goes aswell boateng has been released from mk Don's would be a good DM option
  3. The flags on roof where knackered that's why they have come down I put them up on roof myself at beginning of season
  4. Every team does it same as every keeper writes on their bottle penalty takers and where they normally put there penalty
  5. I used to have a video of it from behind that goal (I was sat in top of stand ) but I'm not sure if it's still on my old phone if it is I can post that
  6. Plymouth have to play Wigan ,Sunderland, Wycombe and mk Don's still
  7. So the low figure that was put on earlier in thread was a little to low for the cheapest quote and urs isn't quite enough for the most expensive one
  8. How much do you think it would cost and I will tell you if your close to the figures quoted
  9. It may happen Also depending on how the fa are feeling then it may have to happen if we do gain promotion
  10. They have been fitted on south stand concorse
  11. Thats the only reason he wants the dali system installed I tried to argue that it would be more useful being able to drop the power settings to keep to set lux levels
  12. Kop yes you climb up back of stand and walk across to front lep no you could shimmy across from South if ur daft
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