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  1. Just had a quick listen to the bit about us and a little bit about Salford ive no idea on him away from football but he is the sort of person that is needed at our club to talk some sense to the chairman, and maybe move the club forward off field from being run like we are stuck in the 80s and 90s
  2. Has pickering gone to Blackburn yet if not we should try and nip in and use our funds there Fills a gap in squad at LB should be available for a decent price and young enough to have a resale value
  3. Rugby has been suspended and a few other sports are looking at breaks as well
  4. Wycombe or Tottenham in fifth round
  5. I'm still working and have all the way through the various lock downs , i know that this virus has played on my mind when I'm being asked to go to work and put myself in harms way and increasing the chances of me catching it and passing it onto my family and kids so surely its got to have the same effect on players and coaching staff, and thats got to effect their performances has it not ?
  6. Ive just seen boxing has been suspended aswell until February so surely it must be something FA are looking at feels like fighting a loosing battle right now and can't see why they are so desperate to keep games on
  7. So I know its been debated before on here but surely now the chances of season being suspended has got to have grown . More teams are sending back positive tests , rugby has put a two week break in place , Scotland have stopped football in all leagues below championship and Cup games and we have Fulham games having to be swapped around to accommodate other teams With the above being said surely its only a matter of time before the EFL looks to suspended football to some extent
  8. Macclesfield last season were hit with a few different points deductions and one of them was suspended , when the PPG was worked out they would have stayed up so the EFL took the rest of the points off them to effectively relegate them and keep stevenage up
  9. Just posted in other thread im watching that van Hooijdonk against Excelsior at moment and he's so far done sod all
  10. Watching the guy we been linked with Hooijdonk commentators have mentioned Forest a few times but not us , he's done sod all so far apart from pull midfielder back and Excelsior are awful defensively
  11. I didnt create the valuations hence why I said if you was to do it then use the website and everyone would be atleast using same values And yes I know we haven't got £15m to spend but like I said it was designed to be somewhat fun and not necessarily totally realistic Christ where has the fun gone on here real world is bad enough thought might atleast give people a chance to come up with ideas and see what they would do with the squad
  12. Your possibly right but I can't use my valuations
  13. So for a bit of fun and because we are now in January who would you buy , sell or loan ( both in and out ) you have a budget of £15m . Few rules ; the player values are taken using transfermarkt.co.uk ( that way everyone is using same sort of valuations ) . Any loan player can't have played for their club for the last 3 games .other than that go for it see if you can build a side capable of both safety and pushing on next season Here is my attempt (£mill) All the current loan players go back Sell Lees (£2.25) Kachung
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