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  1. Moses flint joey van aken Harris bannan reach kachunga marriot Patterson ? Whats peoples thoughts on that team
  2. Joey drops into defence could easily become 4-3-3
  3. Unfortunately with the defenders we have fit he's the only one with any pace about him which is needed alongside flint and van aken
  4. Hunt and windass drop to bench Kachunga and pelupessy start
  5. I watched a bit of the game they played against Millwall on Tuesday, Luton really struggled with a high ball toward back post both from crosses and set pieces As for attacking it was a long ball upfront and work from there if that's how they play against us then surely its playing into our hands
  6. We have done it for a long time even before monk was here a few teams do it aswell but I can't say I have ever seen the point of it
  7. Watching a bit of the Millwall vs Luton game , Luton are struggling with high balls towards back post and seemed that their outlet was just hammer it upfield and play from there that is a game we should win
  8. Definitely a rehash of a story halfway down the article it says West brom are open to offers for Oliver Burke . Didn't he sign for them across town a couple of weeks ago
  9. It is ,the dribbling ability is awful , to score you just pass round the defence with ease and 9 times out of 10 the striker always beats a defender to the ball , I played yesterday kachunga had been knocked to the floor but still managed to swing a leg round the centre half and smash ball into the net from 10 yards out all from being laid on his back . Keepers still just fall over or don't collect an easy ball the heading ability is overpowered ie if you get you head on it its a goal and defenders are still slow and cumbersome if you use an ai defender to come and help the will run alongside
  10. The two weeks would be used to isolate so wouldn't really make a difference
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