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  1. There was some programs printed for a few of these games that haven't been played as some were put on Ebay
  2. It's like going to a reserve game , you can hear the echoes and shouts of the players ultimately it's just nice to have something to watch and take mind off what's going on with the world. I still think the leagues over here should just be ended and start preparing for next season
  3. Van aken had a mare of a game scored the own goal didn't stop the cross coming in for hannover's 3rd and still looked so slow
  4. Random name to drop in plus would probably take a couple of million to get him and I'm not sure were going to be spending anything . I'm assuming you mean Adrian Grbic aswell ?
  5. He has a dislike of leon and JJ if I remember right he made his debut at Ipswich away on a cold night game think it was , also got a feeling he set tudgay up for the winner ??
  6. Theres some good episodes of undr the coshh about well worth a listen to quite a few of them have Wednesday connections in one way or another ,the one with weaver is worth a listen so is the crossley one
  7. If you listen to the episode of undr the cosh he did we are one of the reasons he retired, he goes on how he was shocked with how the training methods and ethos was in the club and it made him fall out of love with the game
  8. Kabongo Tshimanga does anyone watch non-league and know anything about him? plays for boreham wood and last season and half seems to have scored a lot of goals and at age of 22 seems to be coming good
  9. How would it effect the lower leagues as league 1 already has an odd number of teams with bury not being in the division anymorewho then replaces them in league two as the national leagues have been cut short it would be a nightmare One option I can see of doing it at moment is the teams in automatic promotion places at moment play the teams in the relegation zones from above in a winner takes all game
  10. Think you may have missed the sarcasm in my statement
  11. Because it would be the first time a club has moved outside the city boundaries
  12. Hence me saying another option would be up near the gulliver's kingdom near rotherham valley
  13. Just common sense is needed in regards running cost but to appease you try and find you the numbers
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