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  1. Helan is back playing in Sheffield in meadowhall league I believe
  2. Even if were not going for flint being offside I thought they had changed the rules about the opposition having players in and around the wall and they had to be a meter away, yet last night they stuck a man ether on the end off or infront of the wall time and time again
  3. Well he walked off down tunnel early and thorniley is out warming up and wasnt listed earlier so I dont know
  4. As title he disappeared down tunnel and thorniley is now out on pitch
  5. Westwood injured? And thorniley added to bench
  6. First away game of the season for me so I'm well up for it
  7. Kevin Holzweiler from Viktoria köln 24 year old winger but can play up front aswell , hes nippy and wouldn't cost the earth maybe 200k
  8. It might be to say that were going to build a conservatory on back of lep to bring value of ground up , ff is now a player coach to get round ffp and he's sold his shares to hid dad for 1 billion dollars
  9. Dont try and get the first couple of trams , have a walk back into Hillsborough and grab a drink then get one of later ones if you can will be a lot better all round
  10. I don't think he's a player that will ever be good enough to play for the first team but will probably have a good career in lower leagues a bit like Danny mayor has done
  11. My German isn't the best but I don't think the report blames him
  12. Having been to Bulgaria and tried the local brews I'm not surprised
  13. That's standard price in Germany I went to hansa rostock on the Saturday between games and they charged €70 for shirts and €50 for just a basic tshirt with the badge on the back and their in the 3rd division. a lot of places on the continent have similar prices I think Genoa was around the €60 last season
  14. I should imagine that if he wasn't managing derby last season he would have had to look up hector, anyway the guy has been there 5 years isn't it and never played a first team game I don't think. I don't think Chelsea would be overly fussed as a club one way or the other but the point is if hector is that desperate to be here then he has ways of forcing it through if he really wants to
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