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  1. I don't think he's a player that will ever be good enough to play for the first team but will probably have a good career in lower leagues a bit like Danny mayor has done
  2. My German isn't the best but I don't think the report blames him
  3. Having been to Bulgaria and tried the local brews I'm not surprised
  4. That's standard price in Germany I went to hansa rostock on the Saturday between games and they charged €70 for shirts and €50 for just a basic tshirt with the badge on the back and their in the 3rd division. a lot of places on the continent have similar prices I think Genoa was around the €60 last season
  5. I should imagine that if he wasn't managing derby last season he would have had to look up hector, anyway the guy has been there 5 years isn't it and never played a first team game I don't think. I don't think Chelsea would be overly fussed as a club one way or the other but the point is if hector is that desperate to be here then he has ways of forcing it through if he really wants to
  6. If hector is that desperate to join us what's to stop him going to Lampard and asking to cancel his contract and move as a free agent , he already knows he's not going to play a game for Chelsea and he's probably more aware of our financial situation than we are as fans . Don't get me wrong he would be a welcome addition to the squad but with the possibility of iorfa playing CB I don't think it's the most Important position for us to fill yet
  7. The blue tick means it's a verified account
  8. You missed a bit that's how it should look
  9. There doing one giddings has got it pinned on his Twitter
  10. Couldn't give a monkeys if it means it helps
  11. What are the laws on sponsorship can you only have one a season on shirt and are you aloud more than one on a shirt at once like most European teams do ? Anyone any ideas
  12. Is that what were going to do all season a different sponsor each home game £1,000,000 A game and a few of DC's other companies appearing on the shirt
  13. Always seems to work under same manager as assistant did so for Argentina , Colombia and tigres
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