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  1. Is it just me that's already sick of hearing Gary Nevile state how he's disgusted that man united are planning on doing this This would be the same Manchester United that withdrew from the FA Cup to play in a fifa tournament instead
  2. Could be relegated Sunday effectively if we don't win against Bristol or Tuesday mathematically after game against Blackburn
  3. Need Norwich, Stoke and Bournemouth to win ,Huddersfield to draw with Rotherham and maybe even Millwall to get something out of Swansea to keep there bad run going for Tuesday But non of the above matters if we lose at QPR
  4. Original ground was where the bend in road is and the big concrete dome stands now Works department is about 300 yards up the hill on left has a decent little bar in it ( if open )
  5. This guy is acting and and using the same tactics as Russell King (guy who conned Notts County) if you watch any videos on him it's like history repeating itself
  6. Rotherham are key as they have to play Coventry, Birmingham and Huddersfield Huddersfield have the harder run in of the teams around us but again they do have to play a couple of sides who might already be on the beach
  7. I don't think it would be that crazy an idea that if we go down Rhodes will still be here next season If Moore keeps playing him and he seems to be enjoying his football again .I think he would be the type of player that would probably agree to a new contract on reduced terms Not saying its something that we should do or even will do just think it's an option that's there as we will have a massive rebuild on our hands come the summer
  8. Blackburn curled into top corner from outside box Wycombe hit from edge of area massive deflection to beat keeper Exeter volley from about 8 yards out from bannans quick ball over top Swansea corner pulled to edge of box reach runs from back post to near to guide it home
  9. From what I can tell we don't have to "Trade our way out of it " just file our accounts to have it lifted . We aren't under an embargo because of FFP this time just late accounts
  10. Knowing how much we love a random foreign player Georges Mikautadze scored 18 goals in 19 games this season 20 year old on loan from Metz to Seraing in Belgium
  11. Well there relegation can be confirmed in two games time if the loose both and Newcastle pick up points arsenal could relegate them next sunday Ours would be ether Swansea or Bristol game if we don't pick up anymore points and Coventry and Birmingham win
  12. I think his contract is up at Chelsea this season so would be available on a free in summer for someone
  13. The whole design of fifa is to follow the money
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