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  1. westy365owl

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    He's a celeb in his local (hollin bush)
  2. westy365owl


    I'm lucky in the fact that she knows where she ranks in my life so never asks, don't think she likes being dissapointed and being from West Yorkshire she knows better
  3. westy365owl


    Hahaha I've not got to 30 yet but yeah it's all in one room already which she only enters to Hoover
  4. westy365owl


    Between the boots and fishing tackle it's a gd job she likes me is all I can say
  5. westy365owl


    That pic is from when they were new
  6. westy365owl


    That's what I'm doing at moment I tend to buy a new pair or two each month
  7. westy365owl

    Steve Bruce

    Have we taken a leaf out of biesla book and sent a guy to spy on our new manager ?
  8. westy365owl


    I've got a magic left foot but my right is for standing purposes only I do look good in a dress it must be said They don't get close enough to hurt me
  9. westy365owl


    And these are what I'm wearing now
  10. westy365owl


    I feel like I've stumbled into a working man's club here these are my old boots
  11. According to some paper in Norwich both us , them and rangers are looking at some kid from Partick Aidan Fitzpatrick