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  1. westy365owl

    Back to training early

    Hes in sweden at moment
  2. Ive just had a watch of him on youtube i can safely say its the first time ive known a "highlights" reel show the player falling over as one of its clips
  3. westy365owl

    Pre Season predictions

    Some dutch bloke Wigan 5th Elev8
  4. westy365owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    I want a recount then stockport won it in 2008 its a fix this game
  5. westy365owl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    What does the colours mean in the the second colum
  6. westy365owl

    Player signings

    What would peoples opions be on us doing what wolves did this season going out and spending the money before any embargo due to ffp, knowing that one season in prem will more than cover those losses
  7. Would anyone take sako from palace, looks like hes going to be released so might be worth a 1 year deal
  8. westy365owl

    Van Aken

    Hes back home in holland having rehab, be back next season
  9. Queuing to door now takes about 10 mins to bar
  10. westy365owl

    Kieran Lee

    Norwich ?
  11. Thats likely to be because theres bugger all to do in Mablethorpe so after a couple of hours even the snow wants to wee wee off
  12. westy365owl

    Scouting for Wednesday

    Your obv playing him wrong im guessing Ive never played it so wouldnt know tbf