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  1. It was in paper last week I think
  2. Thought so I'd assume there will be one game in Portugal maybe two like last time with one not being made public
  3. I thought the Chesterfield game had been called off ?
  4. That is literally what I say when everyone at work is creaming over him one of the most overrated players out there at the moment
  5. Leave diame alone and go for Boateng who leaving Exeter. a younger model and also on a free
  6. He's turned down a contract offer there by looks of it so would be a free next month and I'd definitely someone I would be looking at looks like a younger Diame with regards Lowe I think we may have some money to spend all be it not a great deal but is a new forward the area to spend it on , this looks like the window where we will have to get creative would winnall be an attractive prospect to teams in league 1 and if so would something like a swap deal be a crazy idea ? Or a deal where we look to buy someone like Lowe in return offer them thornley or wildsmith on loan for the season something a bit different like that may be how were going to deal this summer
  7. There are players in lower leagues worth taking a punt on , Lowe at Portsmouth, maddison at Peterborough, boateng at Exeter theres three off top of my head all at a good age and have attributes we need in the side I'm sure theres more if I had a good look I know people mentioned guy at Mansfield (Hamilton ? ) can't think of his name and Aribo at Charlton but it looks like he could be on his way to arsenal or Germany The players are still there you just have to look a little bit harder
  8. Hiram Boateng strong central midfielder with a bit of pace, his contract just run out at Exeter so wont cost a great deal and still young enough that he will have resale value
  9. Hence me saying if it has any substance also he would fit in with what were looking for
  10. if the Jérémie Bela rumour has any substance then that's a good shout on the left wing as hes got pace about him and chips in with a goal or two
  11. Winger who's out of contract seems to score a few might be something in it
  12. If he signs do I get to claim itk status since I mentioned him in the other thread about 2 weeks ago
  13. Has anyone here seem much of Hiram Boateng playing at Exeter at moment 23 year old that used to be at palace can play in defensive midfield role looks to be energetic and strong any thoughts?
  14. Like I said in the other thread as well maddison at Peterborough his contract is up this season so got to be worth a shout on a free
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