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  1. I dont think I've missed any yet in Portugal I have to go to sell badges to people
  2. Heard its Portugal and possibly playing in the Lisbon area
  3. I'd bloody hope where not into that sort of thing
  4. Came on after about 80 mins the other night against Denmark
  5. If you look lower down the page theres another story more or less identical but with aarons name in title instead
  6. Dawson , Dave, matias, Boyd ,fox,pudil pelupessy
  7. I'm lucky in the fact that she knows where she ranks in my life so never asks, don't think she likes being dissapointed and being from West Yorkshire she knows better
  8. Hahaha I've not got to 30 yet but yeah it's all in one room already which she only enters to Hoover
  9. Between the boots and fishing tackle it's a gd job she likes me is all I can say
  10. That pic is from when they were new
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