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  1. You missed out the classic that was Wimbledon and the epic that will be crewe and Fleetwood
  2. Adult £10 Concessions £5 All stands open (well parts are anyway) https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/october/fa-cup-ticket-details-owls-v-plymouth/
  3. Think the last bit of your post is the idea behind the tap being opened after the match
  4. This is a very subjective argument its more who you preferred to who was better . Now I liked Lee as a player but I remember when he came as a right back nobody was convinced by him and he had a few poor performances until he was moved into middle Were as someone like Hector for instance seemed to come in and hit the ground running so to speak
  5. It was definitely a pen bannans arms were stretched out when ball hit him it wasn't even a hard decision to give
  6. Not being part of Barnsley football club its a little bit hard to tell why but council can put in place for certain things to be done within a set time frame which the club then have to agree too and are issued with a safety certificate. If this deadline is then passed and the issue isn't resolved or significant progress isn't shown the council can impose sanctions ie closing down the stand . But the club would have know they would be in this position at beginning of the season and should have put an action plan into place
  7. Like I said before it would depend on what they are claiming is unsafe and what restrictions are put in place for this if they are saying its unsafe to have a thousand fans in the stand moving about standing up sitting down and just general movement that is different to having maybe a dozen journalists in the stand
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