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  1. If we have the money I'd be looking at someone like Ronan Curtis from Portsmouth scored 14 from out wide last season and can't see him being on massive wages at pompey Otasowie at wolves can play both center half /RB and holding midfielder and they have said he would be available for loan Try and get Murphy back on loan The lad from livingstone seems to be in decent form so he could be an option for a more mobile forward
  2. I tend to put #swfc into twitter to see any related stories and he's name popped up on there someone said we was looking at him
  3. Twitter has added its latest rumour Idris Kanu Never heard of him anybody any idea who he is and if he's any good
  4. Yup if no body gets it before midnight without cheating I win a trophy surely
  5. Have to try harder than that 🤷‍♂️
  6. Have the club been given the reasons for punishment yet as not sure anyone can appeal till that happens and by then it will probably be start of next season
  7. Didn't know about that one but the one I've got is a competitive fixture as apposed to a testimonial
  8. Loosely Wednesday related when was the last senior England International game held at Hillsborough, who was the opponents , who scored and what was the result?
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