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  1. 2 minutes ago, Jim said:

    I thought the recruitment last season was good hence the season we went on to have.


    You argue and nitpick until the cow’s come home but the manager managed the squad well IMO. Some will disagree with this point but I’m happy with the last 12 months.


    Interested to see what the recruitment is like for next season but I’m not going to panic like some are and even signings that might not get the blood pumping may well prove to be shrewd.


    I’ve every confidence in Moore and that opinion won’t change regardless of what some in here think.


    I'm happy we've decided to keep Darren Moore, my only counter would be to look what Alex Neill did at Sunderland with 1 transfer window.


    Jack Clarke and Patrick Roberts in this league, completely nullified our attack down the flanks. We did get a Marvin Johnson cross in which Gregory put away but for the majority, they had us down the flanks with their youth. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


    Dele Bashiru, Aderinan,  Brennan,  I don't think they would have got us in the play off's.  


    It's the investment for the future tho.


    We've already missed out with experienced pro's, who couldn't hack it against talented youngsters.

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  3. We do the opposite.


    Sell the potential to keep the experience.


    Experience doesn't make up for the hunger, which Sunderland showed.


    We should have got 40 games in the legs of Dele Bashiru, Aderinan, Andre Green, Brennan, BPF, Iorfa etc..We'd be in a better place for it tomorrow, if we had. Shame we sold Green too 

  4. I was in the barbers today with a guy who was panicking about his holiday being cancelled. He said the problem is staffing, especially for luggage being loaded onto the planes. 


    The long haul flights are being prioritized, leaving thousands of short haul flights/holidays cancelled or postponed. 


    He said he'd even heard a plane was boarded, passengers sat on the tarmac for 3 hours waiting for luggage to be loaded, which never came, so everyone had to leave the plane.


    Good luck to everyone, holidays are so precious.

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  5. For as good as he was at times, he wasn't the answer.


    Been there, done it, like most of the squad. 


    No year on year improvement here.


    We didn't manage to get 40 games in the legs of Aderinan/Dele Bashiru/Iorfa. I doubt any of the loan players will be back. We need youth down each flank and we've got Johnson and Hunt for another year it seems.


    I'll check the squad in August and see if it's worth my investment. 



  6. On 04/04/2022 at 12:48, Roy Of The Roasters said:

    Has anyone seen Morbius?




    Saw it rated 3.5 out of 10 before I watched it, thought surely it can't be that bad. 


    Well it is. Waste of time. 

  7. We're having a trip in the UK in about 4 weeks time mate, abit of trek though.



    A short train ride to Wool, and there's an open top bus called the Jurassic Coaster (Beautiful scenic coastal views)

    It heads over to Monkey World, Tank World and Durdle Door.


    Durdle Door is my favorite spot in the UK,  we recently found out about Monkey World and have tagged that onto our itinerary. 

    Whilst down there, Bournemouth has one of the nicest beaches in the UK and we're planning of a walk around the Sandbanks and a boat ride from the Bournemouth Pier.


    Hope your partner recovers well and all the best making those brill trips you've already got booked.


  8. I'd like Moore to stay, but it's not a clear 100% answer.


    Look what Alex Neill did at Sunderland, in such a short space of time.

    1 Transfer window, signing Patrick Roberts and Jack Clarke, complete master strokes that really did a number on us, having 2 sets of quality young legs down each flank. 

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  9. My bet was off the mark but damn, the Tony Ferguson prediction was spot on. A legend, that needs to call it a day urgently. 


    Charles Oliviera has such an advantage when he gets hit, falling backwards on purpose allows time for recovery and he knows his jiu jitsu is that good, his opponent won't follow him down. 


    I think alot of people will have lost money on this card with Rose Namajunas fighting so horrible. Nobody saw that coming. 

  10. 4 hours ago, Gob_Bluth said:

    I've emptied my whole betting account on a Justin win.


    Good odds, weigh in issues, like it's been tee'd up perfectly.


    Charlie olives to win then 🤣


    I avoided it because of flash backs to Gaethje tapping out to Khabib

  11. On 05/05/2022 at 08:16, 0742 said:


    I think Ferguson is good for an outside bet. Stand up he beats Chandler, goes to the ground and his BJJ is solid too. What we dont know is how the miles on the clock are going to impact him against a top contender who has a good engine. It will either be a steam rolling performance from chandler, or ferguson causes an upset. I'll be having a cheeky bet on ferguson for the upset, at odds of 4.1 that's big value imo.


    Would happily love to lose my bet to see that, as Ferguson is easily top 5 of my all time favourites. Rewatched his fights versus Darius & Charlie too many Olives and I'll stand by my prediction of Chandler to win. He lost his confidence and spirit against Gaethje unfortunately. 


    Spent a good hour putting this together, setting myself up for a fall here, it'll be down by the first fight 😂



    Screenshot_20220507-042206_Betfair Sports.jpg

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  12. I don't know what they was thinking putting this UFC 274 card together.


    Has to be the oldest combined age main card ever.


    Rua (40) vs. OSP (39)

    Chandler (36) vs. Ferguson (38)

    Cerrone (39) vs. Louzon (37)


    Even on the prelims Francisco Trinaldo is 43.


    Tony Ferguson will be KO'd this weekend, he's absolutely cooked. His fight week interviews have been entertaining but he's done after 1 or 2 swarms from Chandler. I think his spirit and self belief have been broken after his 3 losses in a row. He's given too much for too long. A legend of the sport, who needs to give whats left of him to his family. 

  13. 5 hours ago, Gob_Bluth said:

    So Khamzat turned out to be human after all.


    I reckon, Usman, Colby and Belal would all give him a going over based on last night, infact Colby should go into overdrive on the call out.


    Human, as tho he can still be hit, like everyone else but also, I think that fight made him humble. 


    Normally takes an L for a fighter to be humbled but Khamzat became humble in victory. 


    I think he'll still be champion 

  14. Acca for tomorrow, probably cursing it now but here goes...


    Piera Rodriguez to beat Kay Hansen

    Mike Mallot to beat Mickey Gall

    Raquel Pennington to beat Aspen Ladd

    Tecia Torres to beat Mackenzie Dern


    £5 pays £45, should be a brill night looking at the card

  15. On 02/04/2022 at 07:35, Gob_Bluth said:


    Academic now as Gastelum has pulled out through injury and the fight is off 


    Crazy, Du Plessis was a champion in 2 organisations before joining UFC, was looking forward to seeing him fight. 


    He was scheduled for Chris Curtis, Anthony Hernandez and Kevin Gastelum for the weekend, all pulled out. 


    Hopefully the Ian Garry fight goes ahead, Irish kid, undefeated. Made his UFC debut with a KO win, in MSG at 23 year old.

  16. 45 minutes ago, Gob_Bluth said:


    Du Plessis getting that promotion to main card quicker than you thought, taking on a tough one fighting Kelvin at short notice


    I'll be betting on Du Plessis, Gastelum is over rated in my opinion. Well past his better days

  17. Been a brilliant few weeks for the sport, no UFC this weekend due to Wrestlemania but we're back with a monster event in UFC 273


    Some future main carders on the prelims, I think Ian Garry and Dricus Du Plessis are decent 

  18. A team with very little will always spend wisely and make it count.


    Whether our fans like it or not, alot has been spent here and we still lack that raw talent you can see competing in The Championship week in, week out.


    Homework is very hard to do, when you can't trust anyone that helps you. Surrounded by snakes and vultures in this game. Just pay, pay, pay is all Chansiri can do to attempt to keep us happy.


    Michael Smith at Rotherham, 18 goals, 6 assists - 2.9k per week - we have over 20 players on a higher wage.

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