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  1. Top 2 places have gone and I just see top 6 slowly slipping away. I hope you are right and I'm wrong but time and time again we miss opportunities to take advantage of a situation.
  2. Not weird at all mate. Look at our recent results - a 5-0 thumping, lose to Shrewsbury and then Oxford when leading twice. We pick up the odd decent result but we’re too inconsistent. We are experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Many if our first teamers (when fit) are the wrong side of 30 and experienced. If we were full of 19 year olds you’d think they’d learn and we’d push on next season but that’s not the case.
  3. Yep he’s got mine - but not next season. Wonder how the early bird sales are going on.
  4. This season was a biggy.. If you look at the age of our most influential players it’s worrying. I can’t be arsed to check but I think Bazza, 31, Gregory 33, Hunt 31, Hutch 32, Palmer 30, Johnson 31. Hardly spring chickens and most of them (except Hutch) have been playing regularly - and look where we are. This season is over - might as well get the kids in and build for next season.
  5. They’re as good as the table shows. Just not consistent enough to be in the Championship, simples.
  6. Thanks Snoots. Time for a bit of Dracula - straight for the jugular.
  7. Why on earth would you want to play something so obvious as that ? Our team selection has got the element of surprise- to every #ucker !
  8. Thanks Snoots, I’m with you. Waiting for Wednesday to impress me. Just don’t think it will be today.
  9. 10 minutes is plenty of time you greedy get
  10. I’m more a bacon butty at a Sweaty Betties man myself rather than quail eggs and agas. I perhaps didn’t make my sarcasm obvious enough mate. I completely agree with you - except not so much “lost our way as a family club” more “lost our way as a club”. We are shambolic both on and off the field. The one shining light in the whole organisation, in my experience, are the folks in the ticket office and shop who have sorted out various issues for me over the years.
  11. Some right drama queens on here - It’s straight forward - just like the transfer situation - not under an embargo but under transfer restrictions. Talk about make your head wobble
  12. If we hadn’t got crocks at the back we’d get away with 4 plus Palmer and Paterson who could step in for the odd game. What a utility man Paterson is, defence, midfield, behind the strikers, striker. Trouble is the rest of the players are being asked to play all over the shop as well and just can’t.
  13. Thankyou for brightening up my day.
  14. Don't really see that. What could he do to upset the fans more than DC ? Can't assett strip - we have nothing. If he didn't invest in the Ground/Team - what's new ? I don't like him but at least I think he'd have a plan, a target. With DC we're just drifting into oblivion.
  15. More interested in what Chessy do at Chelsea tbh.
  16. Just read the story - £50 million for a comparable Championship club that’s got an outside chance of still being there next season.
  17. Ok, it’s a quiet news day and I’m feeling brave so here goes - maybe Chancer was right - It’s the stripes - running for the door - tell me one club that you would say is powerful in the English Game that traditionally wears stripes.
  18. I wanted DM to have a full season, at least, but I just don’t see where we are going. As for injuries etc - fair enough but all managers have to work through these things. Steve Evans’ Gillingham couldn’t put a full bench out and 2 on it we’re 18 year olds but they still did a job on us at Hillsborough. Top 2 has gone, top 6 slipping away fast and will have gone IMO by the end of the month. Don’t have any suggestions but I think another up and coming manager rather than journeyman would be the way to go. DC tried with this bloke, but it’s just not working.
  19. - You can fool all of the people some of some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Once someone sees “the Emperor has no clothes” then it’s over. I wanted him to succeed and don’t expect miracles but when you’ve supposedly got the best midfielder in the division and a decent squad, we should be doing better, and the players know it.
  20. Given him a good 6 months, but clearly out of his depth - and it seems the players think the same.
  21. Aye, they’ve either not been paid or he’s lost the dressing room.
  22. thanks. Very calm and thoughtful - can't wait for the aftermatch one.
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