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  1. If that was us though we'd be saying gotta lose sooner or later
  2. It's not the Wednesday way mate.
  3. Got the talent, got the ability. Has he the mindset or is he just going to fade away like ............what's his name..?..... Abdi.
  4. Slightly off subject but I wish to praise the Ticket Office. I'm a ST holder in the North. My son and Grandson wanted to come to the Wigan match. A quick phone call to the Ticket Office and they transferred my ST to the South for one match, no charge, so we enjoyed the match together. Quick, efficient and no fuss.
  5. Absolutely. I struggle to forgive him for refusing to travel to Norwich - but if he gives us the rest of the season at full tilt then maybe. Any lengthy injuries, suspensions or silly antics off the pitch then he can go for me.
  6. Getting beaten by a better side is part of football, but when you give the ball away as often as we did last night, you’ll get beaten by any team. Sloppy, sloppy play.
  7. No mention of Stubbs or her Ladyship for sometime. Just putting 2 and 2 together like.
  8. I disagree mate. Lost Brucie and his boys at a vital time, in steps Bulley to do his best but sadly lacking, and in comes GM without a chance of any preperation. Worst possible start to the season for the club and we've done well to be where we are.
  9. Tango’s so 1960’s. Funny when he was young, sad now.
  10. Try and get hold of Abdi. He must have several unused kits ! Seriously, good luck.
  11. I'd go one step further - they can't play in the next match be it Cup or League
  12. Said it before - great on his day but slows the play up. Needs to concentrate on his own game rather berating everybody else after every attack - gets boring, like a nagging wife.
  13. It was horrible to watch and if that’s what it takes to win then I’m not interested. I couldn’t do with watching that every week. I go to matches to be excited, entertained, not watching grown men taking the p**s.
  14. Fulham + the ref = Anti football If they’re supposed to be one of the best teams in the Division, God help us.
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