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  1. The impression is that Ashley asset strips - well that rules us out. Ageing team, ageing ground (that we no longer own), out of date training facilities.
  2. TBH The way some players behave I wouldn’t trust them to do the right thing even if they were tested positive ! Thick and self centred come to mind.
  3. Imagine the scenario - the clubs vote to end the season, the 3 at the bottom would be livid and get together to appeal.. Then a few days later we are deducted enough points to put is in the bottom 3. DC screams FOUL, CONSPIRACY, and employs lawyers to take the EFL to court - and I think he would. Assuming next season kicked off at the usual time, we would then have a situation of clubs not even knowing which division they were in next season with all the ramifications of contracts, new players etc etc. I’m not sure the EFL would want us to contend with as well. After all, imagine if we won an appeal in a court of law. That out trumps the EFL.
  4. Think you've got the decimal point in the wrong place mate 6 out of 748 is 0.8%
  5. I think you need to think about just how many people are at risk. There are over 2 million people with Serious health conditions, who are at real risk. These are not necessarily old, not living in a nursing home and infact just like you and me go about their daily life, working, playing with their kids, etc etc. Now there are about 65 million live in the UK, so 65 million divided by 2 million means about 1 in 33 people are likely to have life threatening symptons if they contract it. Think of it this way - take an almost full house at Hillsborough (33000). The proportion of those at high risk is 1000 people. And that's not counting the elderly and front line NHS workers.
  6. You can add to that the behaviour of footballers. Surely no one really thinks they can all be relied upon to behave themselves for weeks, unless they're physically locked in a training camp or similar they'll be out and about -. just look at Grielish and those idiots from Derby County a few weeks ago. No thought whatsoever about the consequences of their actions. If the players choose to play, then thats their decision and they take the risk. That doesn't give them the right to be a threat to the wider population. And don't get me started about fans behaving themselves and not turning up at grounds.
  7. I get what you're saying. I'm just an ordinary fan that's pumped alot of money into Wednesday over the last 40 years (correction 50 years - I'm an old bu**er !) with Season Tickets, taking two sons for years etc etc and I don't mind parting with my hard earned cash to do that. But it really gets me when there is so much money about that the people who run the game take advantage of the tribal instincts of the football fan. As regards FFP, or P&S, I think there will be alot of exceptions and allowances made for this season. I can't think of anything else where you would pay £500 for something,not get it, and not expect a refund. I don't want to see any club at any level crash, least of all Wednesday, but the English game needs to take a good look at itself and maybe this is a good time to do it.
  8. The argument is though, that there are millions of £££’s sloshing about in the English game. The fact that it’s concentrated, by a “corrupt” system, to the benefit of a favoured minority is hardly the fault of the ordinary fan. So beggars the question - why should the ordinary fan support such a system, a system which is in fact loaded against clubs such as ours. There’s enough money in the game for it to stand on it’s own two feet.
  9. Thanks, that's interesting. I guess I'm just a nosey bu**er. Well done for sticking with them - there's not been much to shout about in the last 10 years. Stick with it - we will be back. Stay safe.
  10. Out of interest - when did you choose Wednesday and how did you decide ?
  11. KL as well - Says it all about our midfield.
  12. Is that Ginger nutters ? He gets everywhere.
  13. The contrast is alarming. He talks about a black hole of £200m for the whole of the EFL come the end of September and clubs on the brink. Wage bills for this season Man Utd £332 m Liverpool £264m Man City £260m Chelsea £244 Arsenal £223m
  14. I also thought they were talking about no relegations, but I could be wrong. You come back to the problem of deciding who gets promoted and relegated.
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