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  1. You probably know more about it than me but, if that’s the case, what’s the point of anyone having a contract ?
  2. Like every club outside the PL, and half of them in it, we’re here to make the numbers up mate.
  3. Well, here’s one fan that hasn’t. FF should never have worn the stripes again. Call me old fashioned, because I am.
  4. Only if 1. He agreed to work for us for 2 years free of charge 2. He paid £5 mill to the club for each season he failed to win promotion Oh and and he stood bo**ock naked in Burtons window. Why wasn't I doing the Brexit negotiations ?
  5. Yes Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew No Cuthbert Dibble Grubb
  6. Nice to see you back M'lord. I reckon leave or stay - he's got till Christmas. If he goes, bad results and the Toon Army will have him out, and he's just blown any slack that Owls fans would have given him. I hope he stays and does the job, but if he wants to go DC should play hardball - maybe Bruce was right when he took this job "this could be my last managerial post" - only it ended a couple of years earlier than he thought !
  7. Don't bother - he'll be out of a job before then !
  8. Win, win for Bruce. Chance to manage his boyhood club and become a hero, or, be out of job by Xmas and live happily ever after thankyou. One bonus for the Owls - at least we should get some compensation to help the FFP. It would be nice though, just once, to have someone with some morals to turn round and say "NO" - I will honour my contract - dreaming I know.
  9. We all hope Lee is fully fit, but only time will tell. I go with SB's judgement. Not every signing will work out but if he's free what's the harm.
  10. Wage Robber ? Bit harsh. Mysterious fan pleasing signing who wasn’t played in a system that suited by a manager who didn’t have a Plan B. (Infact didn’t have a Plan A) Let’s see what a new regime can do.
  11. Thanks Mirodo. Great. Surprised I managed to get this to work without help of the 6 year old.
  12. Dog track £5 - but you can be an hour getting out
  13. One of many strange signings that didn't do much wrong but were no better than we'd already got, didn't address our shortcomings, and didn't improve the team. Not their fault that the recruitment was poor.
  14. Great to see him back yesterday and will probably get a game next week. Is that long enough for SB to assess his fitness ? I don't know, but there must be a reason for him being included. He could have been left out, never played for us again, and no one would have been surprised. So they must be thinking of offering him a contract. Let's face it, if he was a free agent, what sort of cintract would he get elsewhere ?
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