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  1. New coach/manager can make world of difference to a player. A word here, a suggestion there. Look no further than Nuihu. No one was a bigger critic than me of him, but look at him now. Let's give them all a chance, including the likes of Fox, Jones and the youngsters, and see how things pan out. We're going through transition. Interesting season ahead but might not be the Glory that we all want, YET.
  2. My only concern is Westwood seemed to have a good relationship with Andy Rhodes. I may be wrong but didn't he have alot to resurrecting Westy's career when he came here ? Not suggesting Westy would follow AR but his relationship with the coach in such a specialised position matters - particularly to senior pros who've been there, done it and got the t shirt.
  3. Maybe Kat deserves a bit of praise as well ! Hope this comes off. Lliked him, thought he had a good understanding with Hoops, but we need a change.
  4. doubleo

    3 strikers

    To be fair, they do have the potential to be strikers.
  5. Can we have 5000 of those dolly birds that always seem to get a ticket for the matches at the World Cup ?
  6. Blunts must be pig sick letting them two slip through their fingers, and now young Brooks as well. Sell to survive.
  7. Never mind Jos not seeing some of the players in action, none of us have seen sick note.
  8. Can't understand why people go on about the £99 price when there's a £59 version. Nice shirt, average price, what's not to like.
  9. doubleo

    Super fit #SWFC players

    Good to see Hoops and Lee there and be nice to start our season when everyone else does - not 10 games in.
  10. Just got to steady the financial ship for a season or two. Get a few young fit lads in, build a squad and push on when the books are clear. Let's see what Jos can do.
  11. doubleo

    Questions regarding Financial Fair Play

    Do you hang doors ?
  12. doubleo

    Out for Season

    It's all b****x, itk, back in a fortnight !
  13. The fans are quite happy to forgive FF for refusing to travel to Norwich - I think Winnall deserves the same chance. New manager, new start. Any funny business then, whoever it is, he's on his way for me. As one of the pundits said the other day (think it was Lee Dixon), you don't have to like ALL your team mates but you do have to respect them as footballers and do what is best for the common cause, the team.
  14. doubleo

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    Things looking up behind the scenes - new kit with stripes and black shorts - more importantly on sale early. Are we at last starting to get our act together ? Wonder if Kat's got anything to do with this efficiency ?
  15. Funnily enough, I agree with you. We've always had it to a certain extent But there's so much time wasting and cheeting nowadays it's beyond a joke and something needs to be done. Out of interest, next time I sit down to watch a full match at this world cup I'm going to use a stop watch and check the time the ball is actually in play. Call me old fashioned, but the thing that's lacking are sportsmen and a lack of respect for others.