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  1. No panic - I've sent them a copy of the Forest match
  2. Did you give your balls a good shuffle ?
  3. What's up with yer ? Go for't DOUBLE.
  4. By the sounds of it he was preserving his energy.
  5. Has FF travelled or has he got travel sickness again ?
  6. Well that sums up Carlos - no plan B in a match or a season. Whether his fault or not, spewing millions on like for like players is still hurting us and will for years to come unless this lot can creep over the finish line in what is a pretty poor division.
  7. Yep. I also get the impression that’s there’s a little clique of the longer serving players that could be members of the “awkward squad” if it suited. It didn’t help with Abdi’s situation dragging on for so long, and then when we let FF get away with his antics the club set a precedent. For all his shortcomings I think Jos had a go at addressing this but failed. I agree, if this squad isn’t successful we need a major clear out to change the culture.
  8. I agree and The players seem to rely too much on Bannan. The trouble is I, like most fans, am trying to bring back that 1st Carlos season, and get these players to play attractive winning football. Monk is probably looking at the squad thinking “not good enough” for what he wants to do. He’s inherited some big earners that either refuse to play, not fit enough to play, or not good enough to play and we can’t move on. Oh for the likes of Hoops and FF in their prime.
  9. Well, we’ve had Abdi taking the p for years, FF refusing to travel and now, apparently, Westy’s thrown his toys out the pram. Great team spirit ! I remember an interview with Nigel Worthington, when the chairman asked before signed if he was a bad apple. I think we’ve had, and still got, a few.
  10. I appreciate what you’re saying, and in your connected post. I just feel Bannan is ineffective and almost a passenger playing alongside his centre half, bar the 1 in 100 Hollywood ball that pays off. I remember the intricate 1-2’s round the box but those days seem to be gone, likewise Reach’s screamers. As for Winnal up front I think he’s drawn the short straw. He’s usually on his own playing against 2 CH’s both 6” taller than him, and we hoof it up to him. To be fair he didn’t do bad against Bristol in holding the ball up but it seems a bit desperate to me. All you can say is it isn’t Monks team. Now then, this 10 year season ticket, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.?
  11. As much as I love the guy, KL at the moment is a long way from what he was and what we need. If he can get his fitness and form back great but I’m not holding my breath. I’m not saying Joey is the answer but our midfield isn’t working. On the one hand Teams go straight through us and on the other we create very little. I think we should have Hutch infront of the back 4, Bazza 20 yards infront of him and a.n.other along side Bazza. 2 wingers out of Reach, Harris, Murphy and a striker. Hutch can step up to make mf 4 or back to make a defensive 5. Bazz can go and play whilst his mate covers. A fit KL would work.
  12. Absolutely, but he still plays in front of Bazza ! Why on earth we don’t play a back 4 with Hutch sat infront of them and push Bannan up where he can do some damage I don’t know. We’d have a decent defending 5 infront of Dawson and just get the rest 20 yards up the pitch.
  13. That’s the thing - we could. I’m not a happy clapper but The top 2 are losing games “they should win”, it’s only a couple of weeks since we hammered Forest at theirs and they’re still in the mix. It’s a crazy division. Any team that can gat a few results together will take this league and that’s the frustrating thing.
  14. Winnal on his own upfront, our only playmaker almost playing behind centre halves, with the onus on us at home to attack might have something to do with it.
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