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  1. You might be right but in my opinion he hasn’t had time. You talk about a manager getting the best results with what he’s got. Well he inherited a bag of s**t. The club was full of injury prone high earners, with a lack of discipline. He came in without a pre season and without any assistants. Plus the off field circus. In short, he hasn’t had time or the tools to turn this around, and as there’s no one better knocking on DC’s door, I’ll keep with him.
  2. The reason I quoted Colin was that people on here were banging on about cv’s etc etc, at the same time knocking Monk. The point I was making was that, whatever you think of him, he is probably, in my opinion, the best manager in the division, for a club in our position, and has been for years, but, despite this many Owls fans wouldn’t have him anywhere near. So, even if you got the best man for the job, half the fans wouldn’t be happy. It just wouldn’t work. I’m not suggesting Colin, just saying you can’t use cv’s as an argument when you don’t accept the obvious purely through tribal loyalties.
  3. Yep, same situation, same players. Same outcome for the manager ? Common denominator-players. As I’ve said elsewhere, Jos tackled them head on and lost. Are we, as fans, going to do the same again ? And what about the next manager? Are we going to get him sacked as well ? Most on here would love Pearson back, despite him repeatedly saying he wouldn’t come. Some of our snowflakes would be out on strike in a fortnight, and the fans would turn on him. So it goes on. Monk has been here before. He knows the requirements. He knows the squad. We have to hit next season running, we can’t afford the new man to take 10 games to know the players.
  4. He did. A good half season. Then he probably started to tell some of the big hitters a few home truths. We had/have some players who have taken this club for a ride. Jos tried, failed.
  5. This isn’t Monks team tho. As far as I’m concerned the jury is out on Monk. He came into a bag of s**t situation, on his own, no preseason. Big earners who weren’t pulling their weight, and poison in the dressing room. We all know it needs sorting. I can’t judge his ability on this season, not with the mess he inherited.
  6. Bruce been gone done a runner. Jokanovic, dream on, Hughton “wrong club wrong time”, Pearson “won’t manage a Sheffield club as he lives here. When you talk of cv’s “Colin” is the best man in this division but there’d be civil war on the Kop, if we ever get back.
  7. I was also going to say “no tools”, but we’ve plenty of those. Still, trying to repair a Cortina and make it look like a F1 car’s even harder.
  8. And sometimes it just needs the John Cleese treatment - a good thrashing with a pointed stick
  9. I think you’ve got to be able to get rid of a manager as and when it’s right for the club. That’s a judgement thing on behalf of the Chairman. As for players. I’d like to see a system similar to the NFL whereby you name a squad of, say, 25 players for the season. They can not play for any other club and you can’t add to your squad. The exception being if one of the 25 suffers a serious injury then you can add a replacement, but the injured player, no matter how he recovers, can’t play again that season.
  10. Imagine trying to repair a F1 car without Any replacement parts Money to buy any Pit crew to help and the clock ticking. Plus you start the next race a lap behind everyone else.
  11. I agree. There’s been so many times you think “surely this time the penny must drop”. The difference this time, I HOPE, is that it’s out there in the public domain that he’s co**ed up. He, as the one and only decision maker, is shown to be a failure. He’s tried to swerve the regulations and even failed at that. Maybe, just maybe, his pride has taken an almighty knock. It makes you wonder why all those professionals like KM left.
  12. Surely now he must realise he needs to surround himself with the right people or sell up. Honour is important to him and I think and hope this has been a massive knock to him.
  13. We’ve bottomed mate. Just need to inflate the tanks to get HMS Pisstheleague up and floating again. ”Same again bartender” Hic !
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