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  1. Wish you'd been doing Brexit negotiations.
  2. doubleo

    Why the urgency?

    Bully couldn't do it. Proved that last time. The sooner Brucies men assess the players the better. Wait till Feb and its another month gone. This season is gone. Build for next.
  3. Can't understand it - had a full weeks training and not turned it around ! Get real.
  4. doubleo

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    We've sufferred from this since the beginning of Carlos' 2nd season. First one to exploit it was our old friend Colin when i/c R'ham. When teams press high up the pitch it leaves them short in midfield but we don't have the pace to exploit it, so they can press without fear of being hit on the break.
  5. doubleo

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Short memories. After 1 match we were a shambles when Bully took over last time. He said then he didn't want it, and it showed he was out of his depth.
  6. BOGOF - only if they'll take Abdi as well !
  7. doubleo

    Now the dust has settled...

    I'm not expecting any great changes this January - other than the possible exit of 1 or 2, for a few reasons:- 1. FFP is hanging over us 2. We're mid table and not going anywhere this season 3. Brucie doesn't start, officially, until February, so, I would have thought, will want to assess players and their contracts before making big decisions. I hope I'm wrong and we start building for next season now, but I suspect there won't be alot of visible activity until the summer. It doesn't prevent him lining deals up for the closed season ofcourse.
  8. doubleo


    I think Hutch would be up for this one as well. Plenty of insentive to get past Luton but it won't be easy.
  9. doubleo

    Hooper and Lee

    Thing is about Hoops that when he's been out before, and then started playing regular first team games, it's taken him another 4 or 5 games to get to any sort of form. So judging these 2 over the remaining games is going to be difficult. 2 good players, and I wish them all the best, but you can just see it, renew contract, injured next game, never seen again. We have history of it with Jeffers and Abdi, don't lets add any more.
  10. doubleo

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Wow ! How did you swing that one ? 4 months, lucky bas*ard.
  11. doubleo

    A new signing

    Nice thought, and Palmer has served the club well, BUT
  12. doubleo

    What today shows is .....

    Glad we've got the Goalie sorted. Just 10 to go !!!
  13. Petition to MP's, and Police Commissioner. May be official Supporters Clubs could arrange something.
  14. He's obviously a man of principles and family means alot. Think him and Mr C might well get on. Bodes well for the future.
  15. doubleo

    End of weekend derby's??

    What are they going to do if one of the Sheffield Clubs gets to the Prem ? - Man U, Citee, Scousers, Spurs, Arsenal etc etc. Admitting they are incapable of dealing with a 2nd Division derby match is a sad indictment and quite honestly invites questions as to the senior managements abilities. How embarresing.