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  1. Next 4 are all against teams below us - Pompey, Crewe, Accrington and Burton. A real chance to cement our position in the top 6. If we don’t take advantage then We don’t deserve to be there. So it’s 10 points from 12 for me, starting with a draw tomorrow.
  2. Relying on Morcambe being knackered sums it up.
  3. And not for very long. Are we really that strapped for cash ? If they’d have put them on sale now, but allowed deferred payment or 0% finance ov 6 months, , they may have had some bought as Xmas presents, but the manner in which this has been marketed is shambolic.
  4. Not in December - decision will be based purely on what is likely to be happening on the pitch next season and made later. Even if we are still in this crappy division, but finish well and are playing well then yes, but if we are mid table serving up rubbish then no. I’ll pay on the gate and choose my matches.
  5. Well-that’s made the decision about taking up the “Early Bird” an easy one.
  6. I was the same when I was playing - I didn’t “watch” the ball I tried to work out where it was going next by having a timely look at the oppositions positions. Anticipation. The ref and his assistants should be up to that even on Sunday mornings. As for booking the captain, I know it can’t be done at present, but that’s my point, make a rule change. Can you imagine having to look Roy Keane in the eye and explain why he’s picked up a booking for you wasting time at a throw in ? It’d cut it out overnight.
  7. I take it players can still be offside when the keeper kicks the ball out of his hands because several times they had 2 or 3 stood a couple of yards offside when he kicked it, and despite them even winning the header, the offside was never given. As for time wasting - some of these teams have got it off to a fine art - last 10 minutes I suppose you can expect it but after 20 minutes of the kick off it's not on. Easy solution - the captains in charge on the pitch, give him a warning and then next time one of his team do it book the captain.
  8. Yesterday I noticed regularly as their keeper kicked it out of his hands there would be 2, sometimes 3 of their forwards a good couple of yards offside. As the ball was in the air our back line dropped back, behind their forwards. Even though on occasions their forwards won the header they were never given offside.
  9. Oh, they’d both already got up so we’d got the bed just to ourselves, and the dog of course !
  10. You can’t expect Theo to turn it on every match and when he came on I thought he was ineffective. Maybe DM saw something in training that we’re unaware of. In fairness I thought Shodipo had his best game for us. A couple of really well waited balls down the line and a decent cross or two, plus a goal. He’s an option, and it’s good to mix it up. As for the chanting - morons - like booing your own players in a game. Achieves absolutely nothing.
  11. I was reminiscing in bed only the other day with the brother-in-law and we could remember going to school in short trousers, having got out of bed when there was ice on the INSIDE of the window frames.
  12. Been impressed with his straight forward simple defending. But today noticed he had the confidence to carry the ball and take on players - (Luongo stepped back to cover his position ). So looking a real asset.
  13. This division is horrible. I hear comments about “good teams”, I’ve yet to see one (except the Super Owls of course), “Effective teams” and “Effective tactics” yes, but good football teams - no.I’m fed up of the time waisting , spoiling tactics that hides the inability of the waste of spaces that describe themselves as professional footballers.
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