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  1. The staff have always been great when I've had dealings with them. Changing seats, additional tickets for family etc etc. They can only do one thing at once remember - unless they 're female ofcourse. And before all you woke b******s jump on the bandwagon - that's a compliment !
  2. “Average player “ - shows the level of quality of our squad and we are now a 3rd rate, 3rd division club. Sums it up.
  3. They seem ready to fall over - need to watch that. Mind you, that tackle above the knee by the Swedish player last night made me wince a bit !
  4. It’s not just the money, it’s the top 3 or 4 clubs just sucking up every bit of talent. How long before Kane joins him ?
  5. Absolutely no. Last season could be our saviour. It was a nightmare and highlighted the incompetence of the Chairman - thrashing around like a drowning man in a plug hole. All his mistakes over the years came home to roost in one tsunami that sunk the ship - terrible recruitment of overpaid crocks, lack of development of the commercial side, unable to balance the books, unable to keep within the rules regarding accountancy resulting in the 6 point deduction, 4 managers in a season, and holing us below the water line - not paying the players on time. If the man hasn’t learned his lesson then nothing will.
  6. Serious question - I might have missed something as I get depressed wading through all the c**p that’s coming out of Hillsborough. I have a ST from last season for the North and believed they were carrying them over for this coming season, and giving us some credit for the Shop. Do I need to do anything to activate this or is it done automatically ? Thanks to anyone who knows.
  7. Boring Premiership football. Glad we don’t have to watch that for a couple of years !
  8. Well I’ll be surprised if we sign anyone with as much potential this side of Christmas.
  9. Slightly off subject but a sign of the times - picked up my 5 year old grandson from school the other day, took him home and whilst waiting for his mother to return from work had the usual game of footy on the back garden. As usual, I was Wednesday and he is usually Man City (!). Usually I let him win, after all they are a great side. But this time he wanted to be, yep you’ve guessed it, dem blades. Dilemma ! Do I let the blunts beat Wednesday or do I upset the 5 year old ? Now this has become a regular fixture. Where it’s come from I don’t know. WAW in our family. Obviously getting it from school, so another generation going down the pan.
  10. 20000 reasons, but none of them owned by SWFC. Merge, no, but a new shared stadium and training facilities is something we should have done years ago.
  11. Learnt his trade from Carlos and, apparently, always been a Wolves fan !
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