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  1. Exactly. We’ve been in charge of games at half time on more than one occasion but when the opposites turn up the heat we melt away, like a chocolate fireguard. The players have made it hard for themselves because this is what they’re going to face every match now. The thing is, we’re not unlucky. Funny things sometimes happen in football. Weird results, odd performances. But we are where we are because we deserve to be as a club. Off field and on field, it’s a shambles.
  2. Team talk by every opposing manager consists of two words - “ Bully Them” .
  3. Well I’ve borrowed DC’s abacus and everything’s fine.
  4. No need, things are going to plan, we just can’t see it yet.
  5. We’ve blown too many chances to get out of this mess. Today was just another example.
  6. Front foot Wednesday, take it to them PLEASE ! Thanks Snoots, again.
  7. Well I went for a 4-0 win against Brentford, so I’m using reverse psychology this time, a 4-0 thrashing. Don’t worry I’ve not got one right yet - but you know what that means. Wednesday, you’re doing my head in !
  8. He can’t say anything else. The only people who can change this are him and the players. The owner won’t and the fans can’t. Over to you .................
  9. We never win when I do so, NO, but I’ll be wearing my pants outside my shirt - I’ll try anything for a win!
  10. The man has lost millions but surely even he would rather get a couple of million back for a quick sale rather than allow the club to wind up ? He could have payments based on future success etc etc. There are ways for him to repair some of the damage to his bank balance, and keep face. The way he’s going at the moment he is becoming a laughing stock - and he won’t like that.
  11. You’re dead right and I’m wrong, but I still don’t think we’ve enough in the tank mate. Typical Wednesday, every time we get a chance to make a positive move forward we take a step back.
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