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  1. Give GM a chance to shape his team. We can't wait for the EFL to make a decision. They're actually coming under alot of scrutiny at the moment. If they really hammer us that could bring them some more bad publicity (Bolton and Bury) and they wouldn't like that.
  2. There are plenty of clubs in the Championship that are a far better commercial prospect than your Brightons and Bournemouths. L**ds, West Brom, Forest, Derby, Us, would all have more following etc etc. Everyone knows what the problem is - the differential in financial clout. Until that is addressed English football will continue to decline. We're going towards the Scottish model where acouple of clubs dominate and everyone else makes up the numbers.
  3. Rhodes did ok, better than he has been for sometime. Ithink GM is giving him the chance to stake a claim,plus it puts him in the shop window. Lets face it without Fletch we.ve nothing up top. Don't even let me get started on Nuhui !
  4. The first job of a defender is to defend. I'm sorry but I think his positioning lets him down and then he tries to make up for it - that's what cost us the pen. You may say it was a soft one but if you "fall" into a player in the box preventing him having a shot it's got to be a pen, surely ? He was lucky not to have received a second yellow at that point leaving us short for even longer.
  5. Well done M’lud. I think we’re in with a chance tonight. Couple of mates of mine are ST holders at Derby and they’re not happy at all. Coco sounds a bit like Jos, changes team and formation every match without logic, players don’t know what they’re doing, plays 1 up front at home etc etc. They really think we’ll do it. C’mon Wednesday !
  6. For me when we play the 2 big lads up top I can understand bringing them back to defend the high ball. But I’d leave Harris on the centre spot, get our smallest and best passer of the ball ( Bazza ) to mark the player nearest the “D” so he has the best chance of picking up a loose ball and go from there. For the first time in years we have some genuine pace so why not use it.
  7. OK, I'm happy with the start made by GM and he speaks alot of common sense etc etc, but when defending corners why can't we please leave somebody with a bit of pace up towards the halfway line? For me the ideal candidate would be Harris. Not a great defender of a high ball, but, fast, capable of beating a man, and got a good shot on him. At times against Brentford there was every player on the pitch less than 25 yards from our goal line with the exception of their keeper who was stood just inside his own half ! That means they virtually had 9 men in a goal scoring position, being marked by 10 + Dawson. Leave Harris up, their keeper drops back to his goal, they bring 2 men back to mark him and that leaves us marking 7 with 9 + Dawson. Defensively the odds are better; when the ball comes out we have someone challenging for it which at the very least buys or defence time to get organised before it comes back in, and there's always the chance of a breakaway goal. I know alot of teams defend a corner with 11 but I just can't see the advantage - but that's probably why I'm sat in the North rather than in the dugout,
  8. Fill the place with attacking successful football -it’ll rock
  9. Hutch was immense but I thought he was gone in the first 5 minutes with that tackle on the edge of the box. Fletch was great, and 2 Goals, but I went for Fox. I think he’s going to be a solid 7 or 8 out of 10 player and end up being a crowd favourite. Just like Buxton, an iffy start to his time here but in the end reliable.
  10. Leave Uncle Jez alone. Boy would he be in breach of the P&S rules if he ran a Football Club. Wonder if he uses the same Accountants as DC ?
  11. Fessi did win where it mattered - in court - the fact that the football authorities took matters into their own hands and handed out a punishment "in house" - did not over ride the court decision. This is is different. The EFL are acting as "Complainant", claiming their rules have been broken, "Investigators, and if we pleaded guilty "Judge". If it goes to court the owness is on them to PROVE to an independant party (Judge and/or jury) that we did wrong. High stakes, If we have the evidence they are in trouble, I can't believe DC is bluffing them.
  12. I might be - I'll just check the dictionary.
  13. DC’s company sells the ground back to Wednesday for a quid - jobs a goodun.
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