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  1. Dog track £5 - but you can be an hour getting out
  2. One of many strange signings that didn't do much wrong but were no better than we'd already got, didn't address our shortcomings, and didn't improve the team. Not their fault that the recruitment was poor.
  3. Great to see him back yesterday and will probably get a game next week. Is that long enough for SB to assess his fitness ? I don't know, but there must be a reason for him being included. He could have been left out, never played for us again, and no one would have been surprised. So they must be thinking of offering him a contract. Let's face it, if he was a free agent, what sort of cintract would he get elsewhere ?
  4. A bit picky - meal, live entertainment and a bit of romance after - what does she want !
  5. Well done M'Lord. Keep it up to the end - as her Ladyship says !
  6. We, and the Blunts, missed a golden chance many years ago. I know alot won't like it but we should have built a new ground somewhere down the 'cliffe or just off The Parkway and shared it, as do the Milan teams. Big car park, near the M1, could have had major events there out of season.
  7. All he would have to say, or the Club with his permission, is that he had a long term condition and it is unlikely he will play again. That would cover a multitude of circumstances. The fans would read between the lines and I'm sure he'd get the sympathy he would deserve.
  8. Having thought about it, maybe, hopefully, we've got SB at the right time for him. He had such a sh*tty year whilst at Villa, losing both his parents etc, it's got to take something out of you. So he's come to us, rested, refreshed and ready for the challenge.
  9. Brucie wasn't available at the beginning of the season in anycase. Just a shame we couldn't get him a couple of years ago when we had plenty of cash. What a difference this man has made.
  10. I've got me fingers crossed, our lass has got her legs crossed.
  11. It's the old Man U way. Back in the day when football was played on Saturday afternoon - Man U were at their most dangerous when DEFENDING a corner.
  12. Injuries happen. We seem to get more than our fair share but it's the recovery rate that baffles me. Lee you can understand, but what's happened to Hoops and Abdi ?
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