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  1. doubleo

    Ferguson out....

    He needs time, yes, but after nearly a year I don't see a style or pattern developing, let alone a starting 11. The defence being the prime example.
  2. doubleo

    An Ode To Gary Megson

    Why don't you look further back, And get in old Big Jack, Another who can get things done Our old friend, Big Ron !
  3. On the plus side - hang in there. Mr C is still with us and when we get the FFP sorted we'll see if he invests again. I think he will, or by then will have moved on.
  4. United did the best they could - and it wasn't good enough. We can do alot better.
  5. doubleo

    Luhukay's Credentials

    I backed him initially but if we haven't even got the defence worked out yet .....? Players changed every week, systems changed all the time and a total lack of attacking nounce. Trying to think of the last well worked goal. Can't rely on Worldies from Reach every week.
  6. I hope so but what happened in the four games before that ? The changing of the defensive unit week after week baffles me. He's been here long enough to work out what defensive system is best with the players he has. Tinker with the attacking part of the team but the defence should more or less pick itself.
  7. I agree completely. We all understand that we are rebuilding and that many of our best players are injured or not available, I would love to see fast flowing attacking football but am prepared to watch a more workmanlike style providing it was effective. The trouble is, after all this time I don't see any pattern/style developing. If we were defending like we did at the Lane every match and then he started working on the midfield and attack I could live with it. I don't expect him to turn it around in one season but I do expect to see improvement. Sadly, it's lacking.
  8. doubleo

    The City Is Theirs

    You are disappointed in us getting a point away from home, in a hostile environment, against the second placed team ? The difference is WE KNOW WE CAN DO BETTER THEY DID THEIR BEST AND IT STILL WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH TO BEAT US.
  9. doubleo


    What do you want ? Lost 4 on the trot, last one 4-0 at home. Away from home to 2nd in the league. The requirement was to stop the rot. 0-0 was a great result. Apart from the penalty blunts did very little in last 3rd. Jos out thought Wilder. The players worked hard. And Fox ought to have that one in the first few minutes.
  10. doubleo

    Fernando and Marco

    Get them both on the coachj and one of them on the bench - enough to confuse Wilder.
  11. doubleo

    Get Up For It

    That says it all. It's who is up for it and with the criticism after last week still ringing in their ears our lot should be.
  12. doubleo

    Get Up For It

    Speaking to a Blunt this morning and he's not confident. On paper, yes, but they're not playing well apparently. He was saying he felt the same as he did last season with similar circumstances - they should win but....................................
  13. doubleo

    Reasons to be fearful

    Jos just needs to pin that up on the dressing room wall - Team Talk done.
  14. Win - win for us. They should win handsomely. Anything less would be a dissapointment for them. If we get hammerred then what with the last 4 results Jos would have to go. And then ofcourse, we might just bounce back after the Norwich debacle.