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  1. Really ? Games coming thick and fast with hardly any time on the training pitch. 3 games in and 1 of those with 10 men for 75 minutes ! I don’t know what you’re expecting but I think you’re going to be very disappointed. I’ll just be satisfied to be playing Championship football next season mate. As for Rhodes - we all wanted him to succeed but it’s not worked and we can argue as to why. He’s had the arm around him, maybe he needs to be shown the reality of the situation. If he can’t score then he’s got to contribute in some other way. Even when Fletcher was having a poor game he made a nuisan
  2. That result last night made my day. Love it, just love it.
  3. I think we're at a crossroads as a club. Like his style or not I think TP is one of the few experienced managers who would come to us, a bit like Bruce, and (hopefully) get us out of the s**t. He doesn't seem like the type of guy to stand by and be humiliated. If he doesn't like what's happening I expect him to leave, and that's what GM should have done if he didn't like what was happening. If TP walks I think we are in deep poo.
  4. If this vaccine works I reckon we might be back in time for the playoffs !
  5. Looking at his goals he doesn't seem to roll it into the net does he ? None of this namby, pamby, tippy, tappy crap. Just puts his foot through it. He'll do for me.
  6. Can’t see much in this for us. Finishing with 11 on the pitch and them not scoring would be an improvement.
  7. TBH every single professional footballer on that pitch, including the keepers, should be able to kick a dead ball 25 mtrs into the danger area from a corner. The lads I played with all could have done that and our level was "kick everything above the grass " ! If Bannan can't do that then he's running out of usefulness - it only leaves him as a penalty taker ! As for Windass - I might be a bit old fashioned but I thought it was a bit harsh. I know his foot was high but there was no force behind the challenge, he sort of stuck his leg out to get to a loose ball rather than go in a hard tackl
  8. Might as well give him a run in the team through to Xmas - I don’t see us bristling with strikers that are actually going to score.
  9. Bannan offers little other than his passing and dead balls and he’s just not doing it. Corners are atrocious.
  10. That's what happens when you eat a heavy meal late at night !
  11. Rhodes - so much potential and he can do it. I watched Teddy Sheringham as he was ending his career - never the fastest but clever. His movement in the box sent defenders scattering. If TP can get service to Rhodes and he can take advantage then it could be like a new signing. Last chance saloon for JR.
  12. I'd switched off after Luton, Toytown and Wycombe but I'm up for it. Chucking another £10 at i follow.
  13. You can put whatever badge on someone you want. Brian Clough had Peter Taylor as his Assistant Manager but Taylor did all the hunting for players. Maybe TP wants to get someone in whose judgement he trusts rather than relying on the existing scouting system (I'm assuming we have one !)
  14. There are more in hospital with it now than during the 1st wave, nearly 600 DEATHS - A DAY ! Crazy, just crazy. Ignore it at your peril.
  15. Yes, I was just thinking, our back 3 / 4 / 5 will be getting bollockings from Westy and Bazza now !
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