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  1. Morons and idiots! You need to take a look in the mirror Mick. You seem incapable of calling in without targeting supporters in your normal condescending manner. If you can't take it as you clearly can't, either stop giving it or stop phoning in.
  2. Is he being honest though in saying he doesn't know if there is an embargo? - if so then start worrying and big time
  3. Click bait title- put simply you've no clue have you and that's being polite.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Oh sorry I've done it wrong haven't I
  5. If Palmer is the standard of player we're looking to resign then I'd be seriously worried at the club's and indeed chairman's aspirations for the coming season. Mid table at best with few injuries and a fair wind with this squad!
  6. Retail/commercial which equals much needed income is still a complete mess.
  7. I suffer from depression and anxiety and the club aren't helping it - whoops that's not how this thread is supposed to work is it!!
  8. Perhaps it's simply a case of Chansiri pulling up the drawbridge and saying the well is now dry!
  9. Smacks of a Charlton Athletic customer survey?
  10. Watched the game back (Or most if it) and Palmer's positioning wasn't great on a number of occasions which created us issues when he was defending our defensive third. The new formation may have been a contributing factor in terms of having to get used to it but with respect to Liam if we are to push on IMO we need to be strengthening at both fullback positions.
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