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  1. Wisey

    Highlight the positives

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and the club aren't helping it - whoops that's not how this thread is supposed to work is it!!
  2. Perhaps it's simply a case of Chansiri pulling up the drawbridge and saying the well is now dry!
  3. Smacks of a Charlton Athletic customer survey?
  4. You're a Cardiff fan now is it!
  5. Watched the game back (Or most if it) and Palmer's positioning wasn't great on a number of occasions which created us issues when he was defending our defensive third. The new formation may have been a contributing factor in terms of having to get used to it but with respect to Liam if we are to push on IMO we need to be strengthening at both fullback positions.
  6. Massive gamble in terms of style of play (if as reported being dour) - a strong start winning majority of games will be palatable but a mixed start will soon see the rumblings start to emerge.
  7. It's an iconic bit of Donny station, been there for many years. Classified as one of the wonders of the world and world heritage sites.
  8. Not read all the pages Mick but a plea really, you have heard of the phrase - 'play the ball not the man'. Perhaps occasionally you could apply this to your calls to FH as when you do you generally make some reasonable points. Too much playing the man (As in other callers) for me and would rather hear calls focussing more on team or club issues. #justsaying
  9. Wisey

    Lee Bullen

    What attributes and or strengths does Bullen bring to the coaching side that would warrant there. Please no he's a legend (he's not) and he's played every position.
  10. Wisey

    Just a rumour...

    Joe Palmer being lined up as CC's replacement - DC impressed with Palmer' s record at S6.
  11. Wisey


    Other than being a very average CH in his playing time and the "he's played every position" 'argument', what other actual attributes would qualify him for the role? I'm yet to see any.
  12. Wisey


    But they will
  13. Spot on. Add a match worn shirt raffle to gameday similar to Steelers games and allow the winner to choose the player's shirt of their choice.
  14. Chansiri and/or Palmer should come out and explain what the strategy is and where it's going from a commercial perspective. Communication with the fan base is appalling and smacks of an attitude of taking the supporters for granted.
  15. Spot on CJ, would be interesting to read the response.