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  1. What gets said to the media and what gets said behind closed doors might be two different things don't you think....
  2. Post Keeley and she gets removed, yet "Owain" stays....?
  3. As posted previously, Chansiri can do as he pleases with 100% ownership of the club. Not a jot us fans can do....the current situation being a model example. What you can do is enjoy your meal, the drama will still be here tomorrow.
  4. Drivel... as per a previous post earlier today Chansiri can say and do what he wants as he has 100% ownership. Maybe things from his perspective are somewhat different to yours? Why not try to contact him and have an open forum to discuss your points directly with him? Should the next manager appointed be one that the average fan is excited about and transfer backing is given to said new manager, will all be suddenly forgiven? I for one do not think Chansiri is perfect and certainly believe mistakes have been made but thinking back to previous regimes, maybe things aren't as bad as is being made out? We forget where we were only a few seasons ago when mid table in the championship was a great acheivement.... Cheer up and enjoy Xmas
  5. 100% drivel....if Chansiri decides to not spend a penny more, run us into the ground and down the league ladder who stops him? The fans with 0% ownership? He can do as he chooses. He doesn't serve the fans, he runs the club how he wants....better with fans onside but you and the rest of us fans are ultimately just spectators.
  6. No, just prefer consistency in posters who pretend to be itk... instead of breaking different (often contradictory) news every other week. P.S. I have only ever had one log-in user name - its the same one I used when you were PM'ing me that Geoff Sheard was nailed on for taking us over....
  7. But the takeovers happening tomorrow isn't it Owlsman......
  8. Don't post much these days and neither a happy clapper or do i excessively moan about the club. But for me today is the day Mr Jones has to go after this start to the season. We should be turning over teams like Yeovil, Millwall and Birmingham. Unacceptable and time for a change.
  9. Completely agree with your post above, difference is you love to spread the rubbish tho don't you? And add your own twists, drama, and intimate you're in the know.... all a bit sad.
  10. Basically Kivo; Bills is an attention seeker who tries to disrupt any potential investment deal. He comes across as a very educated and well spoken kind of geezer but his seemingly factual, shocking revelations that he 'just happens' to be privy to always turn out to be bs and his stories soon fall apart (then he gets blog on). Oh, yeah Bills is also 3 people and has mates working in all of the largest financial institutions in the world. And i mean all of 'em.
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