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  1. No idea mate? Have you tried switching it off and on?
  2. Fair comment. I just have fond memories of this guy be part of my happiest days of being a Wednesday fan.
  3. Great servant of the club. Stop having a go a Pearson.
  4. It gets put on the internet and is potentially shared with 6 billion people.
  5. That may be the case but how many fans were there to witness?
  6. Are the fans singing the top of the league song? they've got to be?
  7. OMG, how do other clubs cope when there are just a line of stewards keeping fans apart?
  8. Massimo to the Massive I’ll get mi Coat.
  9. Not sure if our club knows. It’s on the Blackburns website, one of John’s formers club.
  10. Not sure if this has been up yet, but one of our past players, John Lowey has passed away. Too young to go at 61 years. Around during Big Jacks time. RIP John.
  11. Hi Grim, do you recommend a IPTV provider? I’m thinking of getting one.
  12. Didn’t take you long to appear on a Nixon thread
  13. The English Football League has made it policy that clubs must interview at least one black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) candidate when searching for a new first-team manager.
  14. Dennis Bergkamp at 50s. Shorter odds than Keane, Allerdice. Where do they pull these names from?
  15. I really really, really think it’s a shame that Richard Keys gets a thread on Owlstalk.
  16. Me. I thought he did wonders at Sunderland, considering.
  17. What are you talking about? I suggest you swatch the Netflix series, Sunderland till I die, and see the impact he had before you judge Coleman.
  18. I’ve read comments from loads of fans from other clubs, (except quite a few blades) and pound to a man, his reputation has been destroyed. Its important to accept that his reputation with the fans is damaged beyond repair but surely he will have lost the respect of the players and backroom staff.
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