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  1. I really really, really think it’s a shame that Richard Keys gets a thread on Owlstalk.
  2. Me. I thought he did wonders at Sunderland, considering.
  3. What are you talking about? I suggest you swatch the Netflix series, Sunderland till I die, and see the impact he had before you judge Coleman.
  4. I’ve read comments from loads of fans from other clubs, (except quite a few blades) and pound to a man, his reputation has been destroyed. Its important to accept that his reputation with the fans is damaged beyond repair but surely he will have lost the respect of the players and backroom staff.
  5. Whoa, we’re discussing some crazy shît on this thread. Ashley just given us £4 million and somebody’s brought up Adkins. That’s about 4 levels down from Zola in the ridicules pyramid scale.
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