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  1. Can't help thinking we've missed out on a couple of lads who are going places. Let's hope Monk can do a job. Move along.
  2. Underwhelmed. The guys got a bit of alleged baggage with a football agent, upsetting three clubs he managed at. Sounds like a One man Doyen Sports. He’s now working with a chairman who also has attracted attention to the club’s finances. Lets hope its worth it.
  3. Shame not to try something new and like the Cowleys rather than the journey men.
  4. We know they have pedigree for turning Lincoln round, but what will they bring to the club in term of style of play, philosophy, etc. BTW, I would be delighted to have the Cowley on board as opposed to the Anti-football of Pulis.
  5. No idea mate? Have you tried switching it off and on?
  6. Fair comment. I just have fond memories of this guy be part of my happiest days of being a Wednesday fan.
  7. Great servant of the club. Stop having a go a Pearson.
  8. It gets put on the internet and is potentially shared with 6 billion people.
  9. That may be the case but how many fans were there to witness?
  10. Are the fans singing the top of the league song? they've got to be?
  11. OMG, how do other clubs cope when there are just a line of stewards keeping fans apart?
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