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  1. If any kind soul would be prepared to let an unused ID go for Rotherham, preferably with enough points for today or tomorrow I would be very grateful. Not for me it’s for my old man, whether that makes a difference or not :-) Thanks
  2. As per title, my cousin is out there and was just wondering if anybody knew of any watering holes that may be showing this?
  3. Times must be hard if you're looking to make £20 off a ticket.
  4. My Dad is the Chiropodist who butchered his feet.
  5. Absolutely not a prayer of Burnley beating Wolves...they look woeful at the minute.
  6. Spare a thought for my old man.Die-hard Wednesdayite since he was a nipper but Physio with an Evo-Stick League team so can only get to Hillsborough when they're not playing. Gave my mum the go-ahead just before the Derby to book a holiday for when their season finishes but to be back for the playoffs Got two texts after the Pigs match Saturday 1: "Fookin' get in!" .... 2:"Fookin' hell I'm not here Saturday !?" Fail.
  7. Didn't want to watch it but had to .......made my one year old daughter scream the house down when they went 2 down when I shrieked in delight. Soon as they equalised I turned it off and me and the other half went to bath the daughter because are nerves were quite frankly, shot to flippingpoo poo after that and listening to us. Came back and checked my phone. I feel like I've been through the mill.
  8. We've already got JJ who fits that mould.
  9. The same Stoke that are playing in Europe at the minute? That Stoke? Must be doing something right then.
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