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  1. Not sure what people expected - an uninspiring 3rd round draw, first of 3 home games in a week, veryw few away fans. I was surprised as many as 15k turned up. More than (or similar) attendances at likes of Forest, Birmingham, Leeds who had similarly 'attractive' fixtures
  2. Just read back about Leicester takeover. Looks like that took 2 months to get ratified, possibly because it was first time the FL test was used and sounds like LCFC were slow in sending all necessary information. And of course MM was the seller then. Hopefully he's more au fait with requirements now and it'll be quicker for us. But shows 3 weeks might have been optimistic and not time to panic (yet!).
  3. Which is precisely why I don't go to pre-season matches. Fair play to those that do go, but they should know what to expect from them nowadays.
  4. Just seen goals on SSN - can't tell for sure who got the second goal but I don't think Lita got any where near it! I'd say it was Oli, if not Buxton direct from corner.
  5. Am I right in thinking had we lost to Norwich in 2008 we'd have been down then? I'm surprised I can't remember being particularly nervous for that game.
  6. There's been a lot of recollections in the last couple of days of last day disasters - Forest in 1990 and obviously Palace the other season - but I'm trying to be positive and recall some good endings. Last season, obviously, though we went into that game as huge favourites and on a high so even we couldn't f**k that up. But have we stopped up by winning on last day before? We beat Norwich last game in about 2006 when, as it transpired, we'd have been down had we lost - IIRC they hit the post that would've put them 2 up. I can't remember feeling half as nervous or pessimistic going into that match as I am this week! Anyone got recollections of the run up to that game or the game itself? Or any other last games that we did the business in?! Give us some cause for optimism!!
  7. Either way, it'd great to do the job ourselves but I'm not overly confident, I think we might be relying on Hudds. But my point, though terribly made(!), is that its a pretty big ask for Dingles to win there. To confuse matters for Barnsley, a draw would be enough for them if Peterborough lose (or we get spanked) so an all out attack approach might not be wise for them.
  8. Sorry, I'm talking rubbish... I blame it on these early mornings So Hudds will DEFINATELY be up for it!
  9. Indeed, but they would be if Millwall get a midweek point hence why I said IF
  10. Some on here seem to think that Huddersfield won't be up for the Barnsley match if they're already safe. Make no mistake Huddersfield will up for it and would love to send the Dingles down. They're one of their main local rivals and don't forget that Robins left Oakwell under a bit of a cloud so will also be up for it. And they're now in top form. It's a tough ask for Dingles to win there. I do fear it will all boil down to that match though, I'm not confident of us doing the job on our own!
  11. Indeed. I first thought that he'd fit in as left back with a first choice back four of Buxton - Morrison - Johnson - Reynolds but if he is better as a CB perhaps not. The best thing about these signings is that, unless we're really really unlucky, at least one or two of them will only increase in value over the next year or two.
  12. Thought I'd add to the glowing references from Motherwell fans re 'Marky' Reynolds. This is from a 'Well supporting workmate who watches them regularly... "£150k for Mark Reynolds! Thats a steal, we knocked back £1million from Rangers for him a couple of years ago. He's definitely got what it takes for league 1, Im very surprised he's not off to the championship. Reynolds will play left back no problem, but he's essentially played the majority of his games for us at centre half. Would expect however with his pace, he could be a real asset at left back. He's not a big no nonsense lump of a defender that takes the ball and man etc like John Terry, instead he's actually a football player. Very fast, reads the game well and is left footed. Never gets injured or booked either, not many 23 year olds who have 200+ first team appearances. Remember he's played at Ibrox and Celtic park countless times and has been an ever present in our Uefa games the last three seasons, so thats probably 12 european matches. Great deal for 150k. I hope theres a sell on clause." I just hope the bit about not getting injured isn't tempting fate!!
  13. Thats a bit of a pain! Cheers for replying though.
  14. I have 30 quids worth of points on my season ticket card; does anyone know if I can redeem these when ordering a kit or training wear online?
  15. I've emailed the ticket office, I'll let you know if I get a response about it. Cheers
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