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  1. Just entering the m1 for the trip north to the temple of football
  2. Can’t beat a chunk of meet in your mouth
  3. Has there been a rush of people booking hotels In Wembley since we secured our place in the play offs
  4. Depending on the age of the grandson he could have a hooker too
  5. Seen us lose twice at Wembley seen us win twice one Wembley one Cardiff. Course its not nice but it will be what it will be (if we get there) and I really need a good mini break so I’m doing it and I’m gonna have a fantastic weekend
  6. Each to their own I just can’t face the journey back and also would be tanked up to the eyeballs so couldn’t drive. Plus if we got back the other half would sober up and realise again that I’m fat and old and their goes the
  7. Was gonna ask where you coming from but then figured it out cause I’m smart
  8. Yes I’m fat and bald so definitely assists in the seduction process
  9. Just thinking could have a proper weekend away with the other half. Watch the footie, spend a day in London Town, possibly catch a show and have a nice meal and then get me other half drunk and have me wicked way
  10. As thread says just booked premier inn Ealing for sat / sun in case we get to playoff final. Cost 236.00 inc brekkie but thinking off making a proper weekend out of it. Free cancellation if it all goes wrong or if by some act of god we make autos. Anyone else already booked up?
  11. Great commitment kidda. Fingers crossed it’s worth it!!
  12. Don’t often post on here so go gentle with me. Just wondering if people are excited about going back to Hillsborough and the upcoming season. Me I’m proper looking forward to it. Can’t wait to get back in and get behind the boys. dm is putting together a really nice squad for this league and I really think we are gonna see some exciting football. I hope we can all draw a line under the stuff that’s happened and really support the team. Think this could a special season and something to enjoy
  13. Geoff deffo glanced straight at him and smirked. Read into that what you will
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