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  1. 100% this I can't rationally see why anyone would want to move from Hillsborough to near the airport, or any other large empty industrial type site At best it offers better parking and road links to the motorway. But you'd lose public transport links, pubs, cafes, Hillsborough Park and close proximity to town, not to mention the history aspect
  2. Million years... I'll take that bet
  3. Again, an oversight on Bannan, but I was literally just listing free transfers mate, so can we just focus on that and the point. I'm all for signing young players, developing them and selling on for a profit - it sounds great on paper - but you're competing fee wise with other clubs and to unearth a gem for a modest fee is very, very difficult. So with that comes the risk of wasted ££. I much prefer the idea of picking up released academy players and developing them, as the risk is lower if they don't materialise into a saleable asset. Also, the idea that 'every club would be doing it' isn't realistic, demanding fans and a desire from owners for instant success will mean fees are always paid. For us, given a) we have felt huge pain from overspending and b) DM showed last season you can get very good players for frees - we're in a unique position in that I think our fans would be more understanding of the strategy. Evidenced by most fans being very positive on the business we've done so far this summer.
  4. Given it's a thread about players we've signed on a free - I don't think you need to be a mindreader to know I meant the time we signed him on a free. I hadn't realised we'd paid a fee for Bannan though. and no I don't like lower league football, which is why my whole point is I think we can sustainably succeed without paying fees.
  5. They're not all old, plenty of our free transfer have been for younger players. In terms of paying low, developing and selling on, it sounds great on paper. But my point would still apply, you still have the financial risk of a wasted fee. You can look at the realised Prem academy players, develop them and sell on.
  6. I was referencing signing him last season. But irrespective, rather than picking holes in my list, my point is we've done great business via the free transfer market over the years and I don't think this can be denied.
  7. Given the calibre of players available for nothing, I'd argue whilst we're out of the Premier League, it isn't neccessary to pay transfer fees. A big money signing is exciting, but the fees we've spent over the last 6 years have played a huge part in putting us in the position we're in. Abdi, Rhodes, Reach, Van Aken..over £20mill spent for very little in return. Bannan, Wallace, Westwood, Fletcher, Hunt, Johnson, Gregory (to name a few) all on frees. Yes, there have been duds, but the risk is significantly mitigated by not paying upfront. We've been accused on social media for enticing Smith away with a rumoured £14k a week. For arguments sake lets say this is true. If we'd paid £500k for Smith (modest in today's market), and gave him say £8k a week, this represents a greater financial outlay, but no one bats an eyelid and we're not accused of splashing the cash. and of course you also have the prospect of selling to gain straight profit on players. It might just be the most sensible way to finally becoming self sustaining.
  8. You probably did the right thing asking us for directions If you asked the Pigs they'd probably direct you to the town hall as they like to pretend their ground is in the Heart of the City, as opposed to the dump of an area it is, outside of the ring road
  9. To be fair, most posters have referenced us/we as being too passive So I'd take that the mean a bit of self criticism too
  10. I do agree we are far too passive as a fanbase The fact that stupid Chansiri flag is still at the back of the Kop proves this However, (from top of my head) in the last 22 years we've had 7 different chairmen and 17 different managers. Change does happen, so I don't really see what us protesting more would have really impacted
  11. Take anything Carlton says with a pinch of salt He thinks John Terry was playing for Chelsea in 1991
  12. Clutching at straws... for what exactly? No claims were made, stats were just posted Are we not allowed to talk about away support?
  13. We took similar numbers in 17/18 and 18/19 in the championship 2372 and 2470
  14. In 2005 we had a full cover, front and back on the News of the World So just think, this is Sunderland's equivalent A promotion for us now wouldn't be as interesting to other fans given we've already done it twice
  15. Such a stupid table It hugely benefits the lower supported clubs given the away allocations No doubt if allocations were unlimited the respective %s would be a lot closer
  16. He was then yeah, but don't forget when someone joins the Blades they're instructed to do 200 hours of self hypnosis - with affirmations such as "you are humble" and "you are a victim" on repeat, so not really his fault
  17. Difficult one this Our pitch invasion v Wycombe is fondly remembered, it was televised and the club have sold photos displaying it. A lot of other clubs have similar occasions. I've got the Pete McKee Llera photo in my office for example. There's an unwritten rule that it's tolerated for promotion and huge one off events, but not for lesser events and certainly not during play or for goals. Problem is, a large minority of football fans are idiots, who don't have the emotional intelligence to determine when it is or isn't appropriate. Unfortunately to actually stop it at unneccessary times, you have to ban it full stop, which would involve not allowing clubs or media to romanticise them in any way, any grey area means things like last night will always happen every now and again.
  18. Not been keeping up today, they found a way to sue Forest yet and get the game replayed?
  19. Didn't think they were throwing punches? Just a d1ckhead fan chasing him and trying to punch him in back of his head
  20. To be fair , the majority of them are talking sense on that thread
  21. They talk so much nonsense Look at the twitter comments under the Simon Jordan "Wednesday are bigger" talksport tweet About 50 of them have made the last averaged 30,000 point, as though its the only statistic that matters. Meanwhile ignoring or trying to discredit the countless statistics that suggest Simon Jordan is right. And they call us deluded
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