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  1. Don't think I can stomach it. It felt like a stepping stone to bigger things at the time. Now it's more likely to be a 30-40 year peak.
  2. A lot of the excuses being made for Monk are similar to the ones being made for Jos. Bruce proved this squad is capable of a lot, lot more and losing him was a massive blow. There's a lot of factors as to why we're so poor and it's certainly not all down to Monk. But his man management, demeanor and baffling team selections are certainly large factors in my opinion and he has to take a portion of the blame.
  3. Yep awful outcome, but the atmosphere pre match and first half was electric.
  4. Best Fulham 2014 - bouncing at 0-4 Leicester 2013 Derby 2012 - Reda equaliser Brentford 2012 Cardiff 2010 All of them in 03/04 Worst Anything 2017 and after - atmosphere away is crap these days and too focused on a few coked up 18 year olds saving themselves for half time flares and videos.
  5. Yeah he did okay, was decent from the bench. I'm not saying he was Beswetherick, get a grip.
  6. Calm down everyone He wasn't that good
  7. Hard not to get nostalgic looking back, great player and great times. How I wish there was such a thing as a time machine.
  8. I'd take him back to replace Pelupessy and Chansiri.
  9. Such a stupid article. Forgetting whether post codes existed.. so we were originally an S2 club, is that supposed to be a criticism? Have we ever hidden the fact we used to play at Olive Grove. I don't really understand the point he's trying to make.
  10. It's a weird one this. If league attendances were at at a low, but then we'd sold out tonight against the champions, we would be slated. Instead league attendances are steady and we've sold very little in a big glamour tie. So fans not going can hardly be criticised. As others have said the Arsenal game was a lesser game but sold out. Absolutely no question to me that this is a statement against Chansiri and his running of the club. Even if tickets were cheaper I don't think it would make a significant difference.
  11. Yep this. It would be a sell out in most situations.
  12. Why are our players such cowards. In any other walk of life in this situation you'd stand up for yourself / your mates. Instead ours do nowt and Palmer just rolls around a bit.
  13. Reminds me of how Antonio was playing before we sold him. That turned out well. Imo just another one of our players who a better manager would get a lot more out of.
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