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  1. Rawson at 9 for breakfast. Probably end up with cans on street when the queues in pubs get silly. Hopefully as good an atmosphere as 2012. What are people's plans?
  2. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Madines To have celebrations like that and the Antonio goal vs Carlisle in one season was pretty special.
  3. Rawson will be open from 9am won't it?
  4. Hillsborough Capacity

    Thats my point - the rules are stupid.
  5. Hillsborough Capacity

    So flipping stupid. Cordon the corner sections of low Lep off - 700 seats. Assume the corner is quarantined - 1800 seats. Restricted seats - 2500. Sell 37000 seats. Done
  6. Joost van Aken

    This Okay debut. At fault for their goal but pretty solid for rest of the game. 5.5/10
  7. Forestieri not in the squad

    Genuinely can't believe there's such a large portion of you that want our best player in 17 years to leave. Our best player who has been our talisman in our two best seasons in 17 years. Absolute stupidity.
  8. Third division away days

    That's not true though is it. Nor is the comparison to third division away days. Yes if it was a league or cup game and we gave a team the north and allowed them our boozers ie. where our fans would be out in usual numbers, they'd be a comparison. But it wasn't. It was a meaningless friendly match where the result didn't matter and most of our fans saw it for what it was, a preseason warm-up. Rangers numbers and noise was very good yes, I'm not disputing that. But personally I find it much more weird than impressive that they'd choose to put on such a cup final show for a fixture such as this. Videos of them in a pub singing about Lee Rigby, this Union Bear stuff, the banner in 2012 congratulating William and Kate on their baby, running on a pitch for a friendly goal - I just find it all very odd. Anyway my point is unless they join the EFL or we somehow meet in Europe a comparison between the two fans can't be done
  9. Rare Photo, Tango with his shirt on

    I drove past the ground during the match and he was walking down Penistone Road away from the stadium. So he had some reason to leave.
  10. Supporters put to shame.

    Can someone rationally explain to me why Rangers were so 'up' for a preseason game? I genuinely don't get why they'd be so bothered about a game that doesn't matter.
  11. I'm sure we've had 'record breaking sales' for the last 15 years. We probably have if the measuring stick changes each year. Maybe this year the record is 'most sold for a season that finishes in a world cup year' or summat. Can't really fault the club for trying to drum up news / interest though.
  12. Radio piggie Sheffield

    Anybody that thinks Radio Sheffield are bias are one of life's victims.
  13. Your figures are a season out
  14. Wolfmanjack

    Incredibly sad. RIP
  15. https://youtu.be/MUEzbBY5gNw