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  1. Just hope our fans turn up in noise and volume. Far from a given these days.
  2. nickswfc

    Fans Today

    Didn't go yesterday but I made this point after Birmingham. Our away support used to be known for noise no matter the result or game. Some of the best away days coming in 03/04 and 10/11 - our worst seasons in recent memory. Now whilst numbers are probably better than ever, we're just the same as any other team, noise when we're doing well, flat when we're not. It's a shame as we've lost what made us special. Probably agree the issue is it's the same 2,000 that gets tickets every, i.e. not a variety of fans going for their 3 or 4 away days per season when they're 'on it'. But it's hard to argue that this isn't fair with the smaller away allocations. Was chatting with Tango after Brum too and he was saying the same.
  3. nickswfc

    3 Year Plan

    I'd like us to sign 3 or 4 promising league 1 and 2 players, younger with potential sell on value. Of course they won't all come good but to me that is lower risk than blowing our load on one or two 29 year olds.
  4. nickswfc

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    I laughed at your original post because I thought it was a joke / wind up. Now I'm not too sure
  5. nickswfc

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Lets be realistic I think everyone expected the Friday night or very early on Sat or Sun. Out of two I'd have chosen Friday for the atmosphere. Monday night is a bit of a w**k curveball
  6. nickswfc

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Was hoping it was going to be a Friday
  7. nickswfc

    Sad picture

    He's in a train station having a coffee. In the spectrum of sad things I'd say this is at the lower end.
  8. nickswfc

    Today's line up

    Hmm Pelupessy and Fox I'll take it though, one step at a time
  9. nickswfc

    We’re F*cked

    Answer his question I'm also intrigued to know Educate us
  10. nickswfc

    We’re F*cked

    Seriously mate? Who said owt about the scoreboard and pitch!? So the only positives, in your opinion, since January 2015, is the pitch and the scoreboard? Is this what you're actually saying? Again, Chansiri has put us in a mess financially and is acting on poor advice. I really hope he can sell. But yeah, I've got blinkers on for picking up on Kivo's post being unfairly bias. Not to mention the inaccuracies. "Name the positives".. Signing players like Bannan and Forestieri, best two finishes since PL days, Wembley, best attendances since PL days. Note the word positives, not achievement or successs Actually y'know what the scoreboard and pitch are bigger positives than baking cakeball is a stick to hit Chansiri with. Its a cake
  11. nickswfc

    We’re F*cked

    Just because we didn't go up doesn't mean achieving our best two finishes isn't a positive. Again to reiterate, Chansiri deserves a large portion of the criticism. But to simply pick out any bad stuff just adds weight to Chansiri's point that everything is either really good or really bad with fans. With no middle ground.
  12. nickswfc

    We’re F*cked

    I agree Chansiri deserves a lot of criticism. But to simply pick up on the negatives is unfair.
  13. "Jos is cleaning up Carlos mess" "Tightening up the defense" "Making them more organised" There was a large minority on here in support of Jos a few months back. Though the majority wasn't convinced. I made a comment over the summer that I wasn't convinced in Jos and got slated for it. This isn't a pro Chansiri post to be clear, as this whole "the fans told me" crap is so ridiculously amateurish. It's like a couple of fans say something to him and he takes it as representative of everyone.
  14. nickswfc

    Questions for tomorrows forum

    Jos, yes or no, could you play one or multiple of Westwood, Hutchinson, Boyd, Abdi and Jones if you wanted to? If the answer is yes then the next question is why are you intentionally sabotaging the club?
  15. nickswfc

    Alan Nixon

    Stuart Gray with Semedo as assistant I'm joking but I'd actually take that right now