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  1. Fattybear, can you just summarise all your ITK post about Carlos in one thread? Or direct us to one you've already done? Educate rather than make these remarks each time anything remotely positive about Carlos is brought up
  2. Would love to know what has actually gone off. Clearly still our best keeper.
  3. We should open pop up stores, or even just a cart in every other local shopping centre from Crystal Peaks to Frenchgate - they'd be forced to waste loads of money purchasing larger stores.
  4. This is bang on. Hope for the best, best possible start, but don't allow yourselves to get carried away. Last season and the aftermath hurt just as much as any relegation, Monk and the team have so much to prove in my eyes and today is a step on a very long staircase. Anyway, great result, UTO..
  5. If we had fans there my response would be "yes, for 90 minutes " However as we don't make the blind bit of difference tomorrow my response is no, the chairman shouldn't get off that easy.
  6. Let's be honest - we're in a complete mess with a worse squad now than we had for the second half of last season
  7. The pathetic performance in the second half of last season still leaves a very sour taste and I've not seen anything from Monk to suggest he is up to the task. However, some positive signs, and if it turns out having his own team is what he needs to turn things around, I'll happily admit to being wrong. But I don't think we can get carried away until we see the performances on the pitch.
  8. Much happier with the back room staff than the signings Think the squad is still inferior to the team we had during that awful second half of the season So no, in short, I'm not confident in Monk, but I'd like to be proven wrong
  9. Final straw for me I'm catching the bus down to Hillsborough as we speak to protest Expect thousands to be there and a chorus of Sack the Pig to be echoing under the south stand
  10. Writing him off completely is probably just as stupid as those that went overboard praising him as the next big thing after his debut. The reality is always in the middle. Could still go either way for him imo.
  11. But he was replaced at the end of his first 'brilliant season', never really had a true run of games after that to judge fairly.
  12. Would love JJ back in our team I'm not talking JJ of old, I'm talking now Get on the phone, I'd rather watch a 40 year old JJ than most of our team.
  13. The constant "move on FFS" attitude winds me up We've a team which hugely underperformed in the second half of the season, partly of which was down to poor performances from Dawson and towards the end Wildsmith. Meanwhile we've one of the best championship keepers of the last few seasons out the team, for reasons unknown. But we shouldn't demand to know why
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