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  1. nickswfc

    The elephant in the room

    Agree with most of this thread, its sickening to see them doing so well with much less resources compared to us. This definitely increases our expectations and makes us less tolerant to our own shortcomings. But, its still early in the season and they haven't achieved anything yet - they were in a similar position last year and fell away. We just need to focus on getting our own house in order.
  2. nickswfc

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    If there's any evidence needed that Leeds isn't a derby see the hugely subdued goal celebrations after the 3-0 win last year (week after losing to the pigs). Each goal felt like a consolation goal celebration when you're 5-0 down. No one gave a crap and it felt the general feeling was annoyance that we'd not played the same way a week prior.
  3. Far too good for that level
  4. nickswfc

    My epic story

    That's the prequel sorted
  5. Think it's more 4000 on top, 2000 bottom, 1500 corner. 4600 will probably end up being a 3000/1600 split top/bottom
  6. Bojan Djordjic, hit the bar from a free kick against Millwall y'know
  7. Hear a lot of stories about the days out in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Also many a good stories after 2003 - our travels in the doldrums of Division 2 / League 1 (both times) and I'd say our current away support is as good now as its ever been. But 93-02 seems to be gap and you don't really hear much about this period. Did our away support dwindle? Maybe a hangover from the relative 'glory' period of the early nineties. This period covered our only spell in the Premiership so maybe the rise of TV matches / commercialisation somewhat temporarily affected this. Maybe I'm wrong but would be interested to hear.
  8. Had this Wilder debate with a piggy mate the other week. They all seem to think Wilder has worked miracles at their place when in reality all he's done is a decent job. Promotion from a crap league and a good finish in the championship. Woop de do.
  9. It wasn't exactly a tantrum but I take your point. It's fine margins, had Millwall got the equaliser they were pushing for the OPs post would probably have paled into insignificance to the uproar on here - thankfully they didn't. Still got huge reservations over the manager and the fact he's playing 4-5 youngsters every game though. Anyway great win and hopefully it pushes us on for the rest of the season.
  10. Could never forget that debate, it lasted days!
  11. Good performance tonight but let's be honest, the line up was, and still is very questionable to say the least. ...and let's be honest no one has got egg on their face after one flipping game.. 4 points from 4 games kinda proves this. I still don't want Jos as our manager and I can't see him succeeding here in the long run, would love to be proven wrong at the end of the season. Bannan was immense tonight and the youngsters played really well. Definitely a lot of positives to take. @Sonny Hope you landed a massive -EV BTTS acca with our game in.
  12. nickswfc


    I don't think £240 is that bad really. It's a one off cost and something the kids will remember forever. My daughter is going to be a mascot on Saturday and she's really looking forward to it.
  13. nickswfc

    Phone call from ticket office

    For what it's worth I didn't have a clue what the OP was on about. My best guess was seating was an auto correct for season. Hence we'd sold too many season tickets and the club were offering him a house as compensation.
  14. nickswfc


    Think miracles is a huge exaggeration. I'd say he's done okay, nothing more, nothing less, jury still out.