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  1. They were awful. Compare them to Leeds for example.
  2. Half got this going a few times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkhGkRahU6g Steven, Steven Fletcher He is gonna get ya' He will beat you in the air He's a nasty b@stard He will f'n smash ya He will beat you everywhere oooo - Steven Fletcher oooo - he will beat you in the air oooo - Steven Fletcher oooo... repeat
  3. That was a weekend match and Man City weren't what they are now. It'd be the equivalent of playing Everton today.
  4. In all seriousness, even if things stay this way, I don't think anyone will be disappointed too much if we don't make it, considering our points and goal difference, plus the sheer amount of teams competing. But the fact we're looking up going into the end of the season is such a refreshing change!
  5. Think it's fair to say the Play Offs are pretty much guaranteed now.
  6. Did we really sing it back in the 80s? I'd always thought the band created it towards the end of the 2000/01 season. If so there must have been a long gap in between where it wasn't used. Also that Norwich game was 1-0 and in April.
  7. Good song, only ruined when we sing it too fast, same as Wondering Wednesday
  8. Heard he's going on The Apprentice
  9. This Arrive in London in 30 mins but not sure where best to head
  10. Just hope our fans turn up in noise and volume. Far from a given these days.
  11. Didn't go yesterday but I made this point after Birmingham. Our away support used to be known for noise no matter the result or game. Some of the best away days coming in 03/04 and 10/11 - our worst seasons in recent memory. Now whilst numbers are probably better than ever, we're just the same as any other team, noise when we're doing well, flat when we're not. It's a shame as we've lost what made us special. Probably agree the issue is it's the same 2,000 that gets tickets every, i.e. not a variety of fans going for their 3 or 4 away days per season when they're 'on it'. But it's hard to argue that this isn't fair with the smaller away allocations. Was chatting with Tango after Brum too and he was saying the same.
  12. I'd like us to sign 3 or 4 promising league 1 and 2 players, younger with potential sell on value. Of course they won't all come good but to me that is lower risk than blowing our load on one or two 29 year olds.
  13. I laughed at your original post because I thought it was a joke / wind up. Now I'm not too sure
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