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  1. Me plus 3, Manchester by 10:30, probably find a pub near Piccadilly then head to Oldham about 2
  2. Probably down to the fact that no one could be arsed.
  3. What? My point was I'd expect Carlos to be saying something all the lines of 'good to get back on track, let's focus now on next game', not be acting as though all's right with world again. Did well on Sunday but I still it's time for a change and our squad is too one dimensional.
  4. Anyone else slightly annoyed at how happy Carlos appears? Yes it was a good result / performance but it hardly makes up for the derby.
  5. Can anyone else just not be arsed with Sunday. Got visions of a load of Leeds fans shouting abuse and give it large to be met by Wednesday fans aimlessly wandering, staring into the sky and wondering what's for tea.
  6. Grow up...

    Agree with what's being said, certainly not seen any abuse on here. I think Carlos is a good manager and I think he's done a very good job and no doubt will elsewhere in future. He's given it a great shot but now it's clear we are becoming stagnant and for that reason I want a change.
  7. The issue is so simple to me. We have no pace, power or athleticism or an alternate dimension to stretch teams and run at defenders. Its hard to blame any individual player as they're all fairly good at what they do. The problem is what they do is too similar. Find me one successful team, ever, that has managed without a pacey and powerful option, it's utterly ludicrous that this wasn't addressed in the transfer window.
  8. Completely disagree. Games with Leeds bear no more significance than most other games. There's never a derby day feel and rarely a bumper attendance. The main redemption is beating them at Lane, probably more so than finishing above them or promotion really.
  9. West Stand concourse at half time

    This is actually a really good point. Why on earth didn't they sell all the north tickets before considering opening the lower Lepp.
  10. the bouncing day massacre

    As daft as it sounds I stayed til the end just hoping to god they didn't catch us on the break and make it 5, I think that would have been considered a hammering. At least 4-2 is a relatively normal score. Same as 2-0 goal difference wise and 2-1 pro-rated down. Don't get me wrong Sunday hurt like he'll but for blades to think this somehow auto corrects the past is crap. Heard some of em start using the mind the gap reference again which makes no flipping sense in the slightest. Still we've got to accept the stick as we'd have given it out. At least there's another derby this season to claw back some bragging rights.
  11. Rawson at 9 for breakfast. Probably end up with cans on street when the queues in pubs get silly. Hopefully as good an atmosphere as 2012. What are people's plans?
  12. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Madines To have celebrations like that and the Antonio goal vs Carlisle in one season was pretty special.
  13. Rawson will be open from 9am won't it?
  14. Hillsborough Capacity

    Thats my point - the rules are stupid.
  15. Hillsborough Capacity

    So flipping stupid. Cordon the corner sections of low Lep off - 700 seats. Assume the corner is quarantined - 1800 seats. Restricted seats - 2500. Sell 37000 seats. Done