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  1. They talk so much nonsense Look at the twitter comments under the Simon Jordan "Wednesday are bigger" talksport tweet About 50 of them have made the last averaged 30,000 point, as though its the only statistic that matters. Meanwhile ignoring or trying to discredit the countless statistics that suggest Simon Jordan is right. And they call us deluded
  2. Seen quite a few contradictory statements over the last week, some suggesting due to losses we'll be costing cutting further, some suggesting that we'll be spending again. I'm not clued up in this area, so I'd be interested to know the expectations of those who take a keen interest in our finances.
  3. Given the average age of our squad its an easy stick to bash the team with after such a disappointing day. "We need younger players" is too simplistic a suggestion in my opinion, and comes with too many variables I'm all for signing younger players and using them in the first team, but absolutely not at the expense of dropping an older player who has more ability
  4. Is the social media a culture issue with Wednesday fans or just a culture/education issue in general? Every community has a vocal minority of bells on social media
  5. Band, can take them or leave them, but kids tend to like them so personally I'm happy for them to stay Phone lights - agree, should only ever be done when we're cruising to a big win Songs - think you're talking rubbish - loudest songs last night were on our way, silverlining and the Gregory song, none reference the pigs. Maybe the bounce song is 'about' them but that was only done once and half hearted. Other than that I heard no anti pig songs all night.
  6. Teams are allowed an off day, Friday could just have been that, occasion could have got to them, who f*kng knows. It doesn't always have to be a systemic issue I've seen enough this season to say I fully anticipate and expect better tomorrow
  7. I completely understand your point mate but I laughed out loud at you calling us "warriors"
  8. Tonight, I saw 2,000 Wednesday fans with 3,000+ empty seats around them On Monday we'll see 2,000 Sunderland fans in an upper tier that holds 4,000 Sometimes, as humans, we overcomplicate things I think it's fair to say this is f*%King ridiculous
  9. They have the upper hand They were odds against to win, and they won But thankfully it's not huge margins
  10. I don't think Sunderland fans were anything remarkable, just a very well supported club being supported well.
  11. Walkabout in town, always been great for big matches before
  12. Yes the ground does look shabby, hence why I've emphasised redeveloping it. The ownership point is a completely different conversation. As for Euro/World Cup - unfortunately that's pie in the sky thinking probably 50+ years away. A lot of that comes down to the appeal of Sheffield anyway (or lack of).
  13. I make these same points every time this topic crops up Transport links are excellent for a football ground, a major duel carriageway next to the ground providing direct access to town and the motorway. Plus it's on the tram route and plenty of bus services. Hillsborough area itself is like a small town, ample pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. And only 10/15 minutes from the city centre anyway. Hillsborough Park is a cracking facility next door Parking isn't amazing but certainly no worse than most other grounds. People forget that a lot of the more modern stadiums are the hardest to get away from. Hillsborough needs redeveloping, that's it I've not seen a single viable suggestion for an alternative location that's ticks anywhere near as many boxes as what we have.
  14. How the hell did you get the username "Owl" when you only joined last year
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