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  1. Realistically, they need to win 10 of the remaining 21 games to stay up.
  2. How about needing a takeover for years and finally getting it, just after FFP starts
  3. We've a fairly big fanbase - we're obviously going to get our fair share of idiots - we're not a collective No different to any other social media community Two things that should be on Chansiri's mind 1. I should be reporting these mindless fools to the police 2. I should maybe question allowing my 12 year old public exposure on social media, during a highly emotive time But nope the approach our chairman takes is to whine about the few, to the many, on a public platform, making us all look like we're collectively attacki
  4. To put £millions into a football club to see it in it’s current state, with no light at the end of the tunnel, with everyone pointing the blame at you, must be incredibly upsetting and frustrating. I do sympathise with him re this. I believe Chansiri’s intentions are good, although this isn’t praise, why wouldn’t they be. If anyone is kicking off or whining about their season ticket refund – just wait like most are, you’re obviously going to get it. Fans vent on social media when things are bad, they go over the top when things are good, this is no different
  5. Before forming any opinions on Pulis, just remember it's one side of the argument and considering we're stuck with Chansiri it's in our interest to take his side.
  6. Not saying this is the right suggestion, but I do wish we'd experiment with these sorts of things a bit more Still a sore point Reda was never tried out up front given his ridiculous scoring record
  7. Looking like a fairly solid prediction so far, let's see what happens
  8. Yeah, I think he's kinda got you here @owlstalk, it's the same on any thread mentioning Carlos too
  9. Why are you so offended at the suggestion Westwood is still a potential number 1?
  10. Just turned 36. Keeper. Just past prime. Hardly going to be impossible getting him match fit is it.
  11. My point stands, could be wrong, but think I'll be right
  12. Is this true? If so you've killed my thread in one sentence !
  13. Will be first team keeper before the end of the year
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