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  1. Would love JJ back in our team I'm not talking JJ of old, I'm talking now Get on the phone, I'd rather watch a 40 year old JJ than most of our team.
  2. The constant "move on FFS" attitude winds me up We've a team which hugely underperformed in the second half of the season, partly of which was down to poor performances from Dawson and towards the end Wildsmith. Meanwhile we've one of the best championship keepers of the last few seasons out the team, for reasons unknown. But we shouldn't demand to know why
  3. So we spend really, really big now, sign the best possible players we can and offer the best possible contracts we can. We stay up next year or maybe sneak a play-off place Promotion would be almost guaranteed the year after with Vardy, Steve Howard and Ronaldo in their retirement years. So either a) We're in the Prem with an amazeballs squad or b) We don't go up and the club goes into oblivion - but at least we don't have to witness a league one / champ yo-yo club anymore win-win
  4. As has been said, you really need to be 30+ to remember us in the Prem, nearly 40+ to have any real memory of us actually being decent. It wasn't so bad dwelling and living in the past in the early to mid noughties but we're now two more decades on and having the same conversations. It's depressing.
  5. I didn't realise that. RIP Derek "Mary loves d**k"
  6. What on earth are you banging on about? Majority of this thread is us begrudgingly praising them.
  7. Absolutely rubbish Bannan is our best player by a country mile He just falls into the 'live long enough to see yourself become the villain ' category Barry Batman
  8. Performed well - Iorfa, Bannan, Fletcher Performance adequately - Borner Rest have been a disgrace
  9. How? What changed after? Will we ever know?
  10. So England would only have two teams in the Europa? (If Arsenal don't win the cup and Wolves win the Europa)
  11. Can someone explain how they can't make Europe mathmatically Because everything I've seen so far suggests they still can, albeit a very long shot.
  12. Wolves go into the champions league if they win the Europa.
  13. So if Wolves win Europa and Chelsea win the FA Cup, the EPL will only put two teams into the Europa League?
  14. So think it requires all the following for them to get Europe now. Neither Arsenal or Burnley overtake them in the league Arsenal not to win FA Cup Wolves to win Europa (or Man Utd if they finish outside top 4)
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