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  1. Borner Me and Borner having so much fun We played some board games and we baked some buns What a feeling..
  2. Tbf our away atmosphere is much worse than it used to be a decade ago.
  3. My first season really getting into football and somehow I knew we'd be top of the table to begin with.
  4. What a stupid post. Derby knew Lampard was leaving way before we knew Bruce was. Bullen isn't our permanent manager yet. Cocu hasn't achieved anything yet at Derby. Rooney is a rumour.
  5. I can see what's happening Dan and Ruddy had a clue They knew the truth all along Brucey's a fat poo
  6. Dear Steve Hurry up and pi$$ off. Best,
  7. I don't doubt you're right but for those of us that don't have the originals a remake seems a better option than nothing at all!
  8. After OITP had an urge to purchase a couple of the retro shirts. Nothing in the shop and can't see anything online. Have we stopped selling them? Before I grumble could anyone kindly point me in the right direction please.
  9. If you'd worn this and played football or gone to the gym, or sweat for any other reason, this was stuck to you for days. It was actually a genius marketing strategy by Dave Allen to increase visibility.
  10. Seriously what the hell has happened to our away support the last three years? Numbers as good as ever but we're a lot, lot quieter than we used to be. Except for half time when we get an influx of 16 year olds acting like this. I've made this point quite a few times but I just can't fathom what or where this change came from.
  11. I see what you did there. That's really funny.
  12. Wind me up these threads. OP asks a sensible question, a question most of us are interested in. Then have to scroll through tens of unfunny sarcy replies to see if anyone has given an answer.
  13. They were awful. Compare them to Leeds for example.
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