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  1. Can we really risk 'giving a run' to a striker who doesn't score many goals, who has been here for 3 years, had plenty of runs and been largely ineffective and the biggest waste on money probably ever. I think a bit of realism is needed, I do agree he looked better than normal yesterday and for me he needs to keep proving this off the bench (and score at least one) for there to be any justification to start him.
  2. Think being proud of him is a bit strange. Personally, I think that putting us in a position where the likelihood is us receiving a substantial points deduction isn't something for us to be proud of him for. Maybe that's just me.
  3. Love how the past is so tarnished by the most recent memory. Yes it ended sour and it was the right time to leave but he did better than any other manager in 20 years. But yeah, he must be a fraud.
  4. My opinion on politics is I can't be arsed. I'll vote but I don't particularly care either way. If I work hard I'll do well regardless who is in charge. If I don't I'll be a bum regardless who is in charge. Often feel there's a lot of people (not everyone) that point fingers at politicians as an excuse for their own shortcomings. Oh, and win the league.
  5. Let's be honest - if we'd lost we'd be absolutely slating him for that performance. Though as some have said - he's a third choice CDM - we can't expect too much. But he should be no where near the first 11 if we can help it.
  6. I think we forget that prior to Chansiri attendances even with cheaper tickets were around 19,000 to 22,000. Since the play off years that's increased to 23,000 to 27,000 with the higher prices. Appreciate we all want cheaper tickets but it's hard to argue that from a business standpoint Chansiri has got it about right. Plus no evidence to support that knocking a tenner off the day to day prices would significantly increase attendances. It's even possible doing so would deter people from purchasing season tickets.
  7. Any pub recommendations where they'll be other Wednesdayites? Thanks in advance
  8. At least you've apologised. Hopefully next time you won't be so lazy.
  9. Borner Me and Borner having so much fun We played some board games and we baked some buns What a feeling..
  10. Tbf our away atmosphere is much worse than it used to be a decade ago.
  11. My first season really getting into football and somehow I knew we'd be top of the table to begin with.
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